Top 75 Names Meaning Gold for Boys and Girls

75 Names That Mean Gold For Boys And Girls

A naming ceremony is an important non-religious practice that officially assigns a name to a newborn baby. Irrespective of the cultures, religions, or nationalities, this joyous occasion is designed to celebrate the chosen name of your child and welcome them into the family. This not only marks your responsibility as parents, but also acknowledges the significance of your relatives and friends in your child’s life. Hence, we should think very carefully before selecting a name considering its origin, variants, and meaning as a good name will positively impact our children’s personality as they grow up. Names are more powerful than an individual and represent every transaction we make. Colours can be an inspiration for baby names, as seen in recent times. Whether it is derived from nature, related to material or objects, or even shades of our emotions, colour names have a fabulous diversity and subtle associations to objects in our daily life. One can trace names related to “gold” back to ancient times as the term ‘gold’ comes from Old English and Germanic origins. Gold has been used as primitive money well before the first gold coins appeared in Egypt around 3400 BC. Drawing inspiration from elements of nature that are yellow or gold, this colour is linked to masculine energy and the sun’s power. Gold represents the colour of the winner, which in its physical state denotes wealth, prestige, and grandeur in almost all countries and cultures of the world. Mostly associated with royalty, this precious metal is the most valuable and an easily traded commodity that draws anyones immediate attention! The symbol of gold is a tribute to the Latin word aurum, loosely translated as “glowing dawn.” This warm colour can be shiny with its natural brilliance and traditional with its deeper, warm, and intense shades. Nevertheless, names that mean golden inspire knowledge, spirituality, and a deep understanding of the self and the soul. They symbolize purity, goodness, innocence, ‘good as gold’ or generosity as in names that mean the heart of gold.’ Crafted into religious items, jewellery,and embedded into many artistic items, names that mean gold would never lose their value just as the yellow metal itself. Here is a curated list of the best baby names that mean gold for both boys and girls to help you choose one for your child before their naming ceremony.

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Girls Names That Mean Gold With Meanings

This following compilation of names with gold as their meaning will surely help your little angel to ‘shine out in the crowd.’

1. Aurelia

Derived from the Latin name Aurelius, this ancient Roman surname comes from the word aureus, meaning “golden,” It is referred to a gold coin used in Ancient Rome or for ‘someone with golden hair.’

2. Blaine

This unisex name of Irish and Gaelic origin is pronounced as Blayne. A diminutive of “blá,” it means “yellow.”

3. Baojin

This Chinese name means ‘precious gold.’

4. Carmela

Carmela has a Latin, Hebrew, and Spanish and Italian origin and means ‘golden’ in Hebrew.

5. Chrysanthemum

This girl’s name with a Greek origin means ‘golden flower.’

6. D’Or

This French name means ‘golden.’

7. Eldora

This Spanish name means ‘covered with gold.’

8. Eurwen

Eurwen is a unique name of Welsh origin which means ‘fair and gold’.

9. Flavia

Derived from the Romans, Flavia comes from the Latin word flavus, meaning ‘yellow’ or even ‘golden.’

10. Goldie

This retro name is an Anglicized form of Yiddish Golde or Golda, which means ‘made of gold.’

11. Hema

Hema is a pleasant girl’s name of Sanskrit origin which means ‘golden’.

12. Jin

This Chinese name means ‘gold”, ‘bright’ or beautiful.’

13. Kim

Kim in Vietnamese and Korean means ‘gold’.

14. Laurelin

Laurelin means ‘Song of Gold’ and is of English origin.

15. Melora

Melora means ‘golden apple’ in Greek.

16. Nubia

This Egyptian name has our hearts stolen. Nurbia means ‘gold’.

17. Nurit

This name of Hebrew origin means “a plant with yellow or red flowers.”

18. Orabelle

Orabelle is a suave girl’s name of French origin. It means ‘golden’ and ‘beautiful’.

19. Orla

This Irish name means ‘golden princess.’

20. Paziah

This name of Hebrew origin means ‘the gold of the Lord our God.

21. Rosaura

This Spanish name means ‘golden rose.’

22. Saffron

This English name is also a colour and a food spice that comes from the yellow saffron flower.

23. Sona

Sona is a colloquial Hindi name referring to ‘gold’.

24. Topaz

This sophisticated Greek name refers to a golden gem with healing and energizing properties along with bringing good luck.

25. Urrea

Urrea is a Baque word for the feminine version of Urre. It means ‘gold’.

26. Vosgedzam

If your little one is blessed with blonde, beautiful hair, you could try this name. Vosgedzam is an Armenian word for ‘golden hair’.

27. Worknesh

Worknesh is a pretty rare name among girls. It has African Amharic roots and means ‘you are like gold’.

28. Xanthe

This Greek name means ‘yellow’ or ‘blonde.’

29. Yari

Belonging to Spanish and Hebrew origins, Yari is a crisp and short name for ‘gold’.

30. Zarina

Zarina is an elegant girl’s name coming from Malay, Kazakh, and Urdu origins. It means ‘golden’.

Boy Names That Mean Gold With Meanings

This handpicked list of names that mean gold, is sure to help you to find the right one for your little son.

1. Abrik

This wonderful-sounding boy’s name means ‘as precious as gold’.

2. Abriz

If you’re looking for a golden Arabic option, this one could be it. Abriz means ‘pure gold’.

3. Afwerki

Afwerki has Eritrean and Ethiopian roots and means ‘mouth of gold’.

4. Amarillo

This Spanish name means ‘yellow.’

5. Ardit

This name of Albanian origin means ‘golden day.’

6. Aureliano

This name has Spanish roots, and yes, it means ‘gold’.

7. Aurelius

Aurelius is a pleasant-sounding name of Latin origin. The meaning of this name is ‘the golden one’.

8. Auryn

This Celtic name means ‘gold’. The name certainly has a modern appeal and could be suitable for your little boy.

9. Bowie

Derived from the Gaelic nickname buidhe, Bowie means “yellow,” “fair-haired.”

10. Chryses

This name of Greek mythological origin means ‘golden.’

11. Chrysanthos

Chrysanthos is a sophisticated name of Greek origin and means ‘golden flower’. The name has been graced by several priests, generals, and artists of the past.

12. Eurig

This Welsh name means ‘golden.’

13. Flavius

This name of ancient Roman origin means ‘golden.’

14. Golding

This boy’s name of English origin means ‘little golden one.’

15. Ladon

Ladon was the Greek mythological god of the Ladon River who was also the guardian of the golden apples of immortality.

16. Okropir

From Gerogian origins, Okropir means ‘gold mouth’.

17. Orel

This name of Latin origin means ‘golden.’

18. Oriol

This sweet and simple Catalan name means ‘golden’.

19. Orlando

Orlando is a well-known male name meaning ‘land of gold’.

20. Orville

Orville has an Old French origin meaning ‘gold town.’

21. Pazel

This Hebrew name means ‘God’s gold’ and ‘peace’ in Spanish.

22. Paco

American origin means ‘golden eagle.’

23. Rezart

This Albanian name means ‘golden ray.’

24. Taji

This Japanese name means “silver and yellow colour.”

25. Savyon

This name of Hebrew origin refers to a plant name yellow weed.

26. Urre

This boy’s name of Basque origin means ‘gold.’

27. Workneh

This name of East African origin means ‘you are gold.’

28. Yukon

Famous for the Klondike gold rush of the later 1890s, this Canadian territory’s name comes from the word “Yu-kun-ah”, meaning ‘Great River.’

29. Zahavi

This Hebrew name means ‘gold.’

30. Zarathustra

This name of Old Iranian origin means ‘golden camel.’

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Gold With Meanings

We hope you find a suitable name among these unisex golden child names.

1. Aurum

Aurum is a spectacular word of Latin origin meaning ‘gold’ and ‘golden dawn’.

2. Jin

Jin is an elegant gender-neutral name of Chinese origin. It means ‘gold’ and ‘bright’.

3. Jinhua

Jinhua is a Chinese name with a fresh appeal to it. The meaning of the name is ‘brilliance of gold’.

4. Jinyu

Another name of Chinese origin, Jinyu means ‘precious gold’.

5. Kanok

From Thai origins, Kanok means ‘gold’.

6. Kulta

This lovely Finnish name means ‘gold’.

7. Lipaz

Lipaz is a Hebrew name meaning ‘my gold’.

8. Olaedo

From Igbo origins, Olaedo means ‘precious’ and ‘gold’.

9. Paz

This two-syllable unisex name has great meanings. Apart from meaning ‘gold’, it also denotes ‘peace’.

10. Souvankham

This Lao name has a traditional attitude and means ‘precious gold’.

11. Souvanna

Another one from Lao’s oigins, Souvanna means ‘gold’.

12. Swarna

Swarna is a beautiful Sanskrit name for ‘golden colour’.

13. Vanna

Similar to Swarna, Vanna comes from Cambodia. The name means ‘golden’.

14. Voski

This simple and elegant Armenian name means ‘gold’.

15. Yari

This name could be used as a nickname as well. Yari, as your guessed correct, means ‘gold’.

Choosing the perfect baby’s name that your child would love for a lifetime can be a stressful, but yet an enlightening and educational experience. A fun theme for a name or its desired meaning helps to reflect a parent’s desire for their child to embody the essence of the color. So, get started on your name hunting journey and choose a suitable name that would bear the promise of a ‘golden’ future for your little one.

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