70 Sophisticated Boy Names & Their Meanings

Elegant Baby Boy Names With Meanings

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Names carry a very high value in the life of a human being. It is an identity of one’s existence and an image is often associated with the name. Baby names can be inspired from anything – famous people, cars, perfume, gadgets, and much more. Short, spunky names sound trendy and chic. But classy names have a sophistication and elegance to them. The very sound of such a name resonates pride, dignity, and class. There is also another advantage to elegant names for male children or female. They pair well with last names and can also be shortened to form some cool nicknames. So, the benefit is two-fold- an elegant name and a cool nickname. Your child could benefit from both.

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Boys with elegant names find themselves commanding a lot of respect with their full name and they may also make a lot of friends, thanks to their cool nicknames. A lot of parents are now showing a keen interest in naming their boys with noble or elegant names. Classy names for boys are in demand and it is catching up. Your little one will grow up with a sense of pride with the name that will make them stand out from their peers. When you look for a name, you want it to have a deep meaning, easy sound, a simple pronunciation, and a classic feel and vibe.

Elegant Baby Boy Names with Meanings

With their ability to pair well with last names, elegant names for baby boys pair and sound well with their consistency of syllables. Names with an elegant and regal appeal will never go out of style. People with such names are always synonymous with the very sound of their names. Most elegant names have a deep meaning or origin to it. Most names are derived from popular cultures and languages. So if you need a baby name with elegance, panache, and style then choose from this list of sophisticated boy names that are incredibly contemporary, classy, and cool. If you pick one of these names, you are sure to have that perfect name for your baby boy which has a meaning, lovely sound, and a regal appeal.





The Scottish sound of Alexander, the name means “defender of mankind”.


A great name for a baby boy, the name means majestic or grandeur in Latin and German.


Names beginning with “A” are always popular and this one in particular means “old ruler“ in German. It has a lovely sound to it and will suit well for your baby boy.


The name is a tribute to Amadeus Mozart, the legendary composer and means “beloved of God”.


Sounds poised and dignified, this name has an ethereal feel to it. It means “ bold and genuine”.


Meaning “happy and blessed” in Hebrew the name has an evergreen feel to it.


Originating from the Latin name “Benedictus” that is derived from benediction which means a blessing, the name sounds elegant and classy. The great Hollywood actor Benedict Cumberbatch commanded quiet an amount of respect with this name.


With a fine lilt to its sound, the name means origin or popularity.


Actually a surname, the name is a great first name and means “living near a boar’s den”.


The name comes from the German personnel in England and means “bright or famous”.


The name means constant and is a fleeting reminder of the fact that everything in this world is temporary. The mention of the name gives a comforting feel and solace.


In Celtic, Cameron means the name of a highland chief with a crooked nose. The name has a Scottish feel to it and the sound commands pride and respect.


Meaning the “Lord”, the name evokes a sense of resurgence and adds a class.


A soft and enduring sound, the name means “sky”. It is a favorite with Italian parents and sound wonderful with any last name.


Another moniker for the word “origin” and “popularity”, it is a favourite with parents. It also means “sons of the seas” in Welsh.


A French name, it means from the “elder tree grove”. The name also has an Irish connection and in Irish it means the child competitor from the river Selaney.


Another regal and majestic sounding name, Dario means “possessor of God”.


A Latin name that means “belonging to the Lord”, Dominic has been in use since medieval times and is used very commonly by the English.


Several kings have been christened by this name and it certainly is fit for royalty. The name means “wealthy protector“ and sounds rate too.


The names means “bright edge” and the sound is simple classy and stylish.


Meaning firm and resolute, the name became popular with Tom Cruise adopting the name in his famous movie series “Mission Impossible”.


The name means “rich friend” and your little boy is sure to be on the top with this name.


The name has a charisma to it and means “Son of Emery”.


A short but grand sounding name, it means help.


Although a popular surname, the name can really sound wonderful as a first name. It means “belonging to the forest” or “forest keeper” and is great for parents who enjoy outdoors.


A name of Roman origin, it means “bean seller” and sounds regal.


A Spanish word, the name means “ruler with the spear” and has an originality to it.


A shortened version of the famous house of Gryffindor in the Harry Potter book series, the word means “strong Lord”.


The sound of this Teutonic name itself commands a royal response. Meaning “staff of the Goths”, the name is highly popular in Germany and Sweden.


You want to name your boy John but think it sounds too common. Try the Italian version, ”Giovanni” instead. It means “Jehovah has been gracious”.


The name has a history to it and has often been used by many. But it still soars in popularity and means “watchful and alert”.


Again another common last name the word means “son of Hans” and is a fancy first name for a baby boy.


If you are a stickler for time, then this name is the one for you. It means “time keeper”.


A fancy take on the name Hugh, it means “heart or mind”.


Meaning “fire”, the name has class, style and pizazz.


Meaning “supplanter”, the name can be shortened as Jami. The name is more commonly an English and American name.


The name is a star one and means “youthful or downy”. The choice is an elegant and handsome choice for your little boy.


Straight from the woods or meadow, the name pairs well with any last name.


A variant of Lawrence, Laurent is great name that has a two syllable sound to it.


A simple name, derived from a surname, it means “son of Lawrence”.


The name means bold in English and German and has an imperial feel to it.


A popular choice as it can be shortened to Max which is a popular name itself, the name has a lofty meaning. It means “Greatest”.


Again, if you don’t want Matthew, go for the Italian version “Matteo”. It means “Gift from God’.


The name means “mountain” and is a Norman-French word in origin. Montgomery Clift, the popular actor is a famous namesake.


A classy yet stylish name, Mungo means “gentle” in Welsh.


Meaning “gracious”, the sound of the name is itself nothing but just that.


A French word for “pointed mountain”, it spews solidarity and elegance with its sound.


A name of Biblical origin, it means “my messenger or my angel”. The name also has a Hebrew origin to it


The name is of Hebrew and Greek origin and means “Gift of God”. It is also popular as it can be shortened to Nate or Nathan


The name in Greek means victory and is also popular in Poland


The origin of the word is imperial and it means “eight”


Meaning “famous land”, Orlando Bloom the character from “Lord of the Rings” comes to your mind


“Bear cub” is what it means and it certainly has a great sound to it


A French word,  it means “one who pierces the valley” and sound royal


The name means “dwelling of the Priest” and is of English origin


Meaning “rock”, the name ranks high in France and is popular with French parents.


The name is English and the name means “from the Queen’s estate”.


The name means “Strong Warrior” and is a variant of Randolf.


The name has a historical credential to it and means a “powerful ruler”.


If your baby has ginger hair, then Rufus is the perfect pick as it means “red-haired”. It also has a sound of a name of an integral part of a king’s army.


Try the German variant of Robert and go for Rupert. It means bright and will go well with any second name.


Meaning “famous all over the land”, the name commands dignity.


The name of a town in Asia, the name originates from Sebaste and means “venerable”.


A variant of Alexander, the name is unusual and sounds posh. Since it is a form of Alexander, it means “defender of mankind”.


Pay homage to your Norman roots and pick Tancred. It means “thought” and the name is pretty intense.


Tennyson means “son of Dennis“ and is a name with a very superior reputation and glory.


Another name that means ‘gift from God’, it is a refined English name.


Vincent is another popular name and the most popular namesake is the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. It means “conquering” and if you want your boy to rule and conquer then you should pick this.


An enduring sound, the name William means “resolute protection”.


Ever guessed the name means “new house” and has Spanish and Basque roots. Well Xavier is a popular name but still continues to rule in the elegant list of names.

Different cultures from around the world have names that have unique meanings. By choosing a unique and elegant name for your son, you will give him an advantage as this name will be his identity. We hope that this list will help you choose a great name for your baby boy.

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