130 Unique Biblical Boy Names With Meanings

130 Unique Biblical Boy Names & Their Meanings

You might be reading this post because you are looking for Holy Bible names for your little prince! Undeniably, this is one of the most excellent sources for names that can mean so much and are filled with blessings. Bible names don’t have to be traditional and old all the time. There are so many Biblical names with a modern touch that you can choose. Let’s check our list of the best Biblical baby boy names.


Modern Biblical Baby Boy Names

 Here are the top 130 modern and unique Biblical baby names for your baby boy.

1. Aaron

The list of modern Biblical names for your little prince begins with Aaron. The name means mountain of strength. Certainly, this is one of the widely used Christian names of all time.

2. Abagtha

Are you looking for an uncommon Biblical name for your boy? If yes, choose Abagtha, which also means a fortunate one.

3. Abana

A lot of people confuse this name for a girl. Well, this is a beautiful name for baby boys. And, the name means building or made of stone.

4. Abdiel

If you are an ardent follower of the bible, you would have come across this beautiful name. It means servant of God.

5. Aquila

This is a renowned name from the New Testament. And, it means eagle.

6. Abel

This name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘breath’ or ‘vapour’.

7. Abraham

This popular biblical name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘father of many’.

8. Absalom

This unique name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘father of peace’.

9. Adam

This is the name of the first man God ever created. The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘son of the red Earth’.

10. Alpheus

The name stems from Greek but is of Hebrew origin. It means ‘successor’.

11. Asa

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘healer’ or ‘physician’.

12. Barak

This name is of Arabic origin and means ‘blessed’.

13. Baruch

Baruch which means blessed is one of the uncommon Biblical names for boys. 

14. Benjamin

The youngest and most loved son of Jacob is Benjamin. He plays a short, but mighty role in the Old Testament. And, Benjamin means Son of the right hand.

15. Bartholomew

Are you ready to give a lengthy name to your newborn son? If yes, choose this one. And, the name translates to Son of Talmai.

16. Bethuel

For many years, the name Bethuel was forgotten and never used by parents. Well, now would be a great time to change this trend. Bethuel means Dweller in God.

17. Caleb

There are several occasions where the name Caleb appears in the bible. And, this name means the Devotion of the faithful.

18. Cain

No one can forget the name Cain in the list of Holy Bible names. The name translates to possessed or acquisition.

19. Cornelius

You will hear the name Cornelius in the New Testament. The name means ‘beam in the sun’. He was the first gentile to follow Christ.

20. Claudius

Most parents think twice before naming their baby boy Claudius. After all, the name means crippled.

21. Cyrus

The name is of Persian origin and represents the mighty Sun.

22. Darius

The name is primarily of Persian origin but also has its origins in Latin. It represents the upholder of the good.

23. Demetrius

The name is of Greek origin and means ‘Goddess of the Grain’.

24. Daniel

Looking for modern Biblical names? Are you tired of hearing traditional names from the Bible, if yes Daniel would please you? Daniel means God is my judge.

25. David

This is another common, and widely used name in the whole world. And, there couldn’t be a better name for your brave prince. The name David translates to beloved.

26. Dishon

Now, let’s get introduced to another uncommon name from the Holy scriptures. Dishon means leaping.

27. Dalphon

Once again, this is a rarely used name for baby boys. Who knows, your baby’s name might be called out as Dolphin! Nevertheless, Dalphon means the house of caves.

28. Ebenezer

The name Ebenezer means rock of help.

29. Edrei

If you have read the Book of Numbers in the Bible, you would have heard about Edrei. The name Edrei means a very great mass.

30. Eliakim

God planned to bless you with a baby boy. Tell it out to the world with the name Eliakim, which means God is setting up.

31. Elead

Another name that portrays God’s great blessing for you would be Elead. The name Elead means God continues.

32. Elijah

Elijah is a powerful name for your baby boy. It means my God is Yahweh.

33. Ezekiel

Ezekiel is a prophet in the Bible. He is the central figure of the Book of Ezekiel. And, these names mean God is strong.

34. Ethan

Want a modern bible name for your baby boy? Choose Ethan. This is a beautiful name that means ancient.

35. Esua

Let’s conclude our names beginning with “E” with Esua. This means rough or hairy. Esau is a famous character in the bible. He is the eldest brother of Jacob, who became the father of Benjamin.

36. Elon

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘oak tree’. It is also a popular Jewish surname.

37. Emmanuel

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘God is with us’.

38. Enoch

Enoch is of Hebrew origin and means ‘disciplined’, ‘dedicated’, and ‘trained’.

39. Ephraim

The name is of Hebrew and Aramaic origin. It means ‘fruitful’, ‘fertile’, and ‘productive’.

40. Ephron

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘doubly fruitful’.

41. Felix

Are you wondering if the name Felix originated from the Bible? Certainly yes! You will find this name in the Book of Acts and it means prosperous.

42. Gideon

Gideon was a mighty soldier in the Old Testament. And, the name means great warrior.

43. Gaius

You might have guessed the meaning of this name. Well, it translates to I am glad.

44. Gaddiel

This is a strong Biblical boy’s name. And, it means the Lord is my happiness.

45. Gamaliel

Once again, you have encountered a rare Biblical name for baby boys. Gamaliel means my reward is God. And, doesn’t this suit your precious little one?

46. Gabriel

The name is associated with the archangel Gabriel and is a very popular name. It means ‘God is my strength’.

47. Hezekiah

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘God strengthens’.

48. Haziel

Many might argue that this is a name for a baby girl. Well, you can give it to a boy too! And, it means God is seeing.

49. Helek

Rare Biblical names for boys are always topped by Helek. It is not heard very often. And, it means smoothness or portion.

50. Hebron

For generations, the name Hebron was used by thousands and thousands of parents. And, it means company or union. Look around, you might find a Hebron in your midst too.

51. Hiram

Hiram is famous in the Bible and a dozen television shows! Well, the name translates to exalted brother.

52. Issac

The talk about Biblical names for boys will be incomplete without Issac. And, the name means laughter.

53. Isaiah

Once again, you are about to name your baby boy after a famous prophet who spoke about Christ in the Old Testament. Isaiah means Salvation is of the Lord.

54. Israel

Do you want to name your child after a mighty nation? Well, there is no harm in picking a great name. Israel translates to ruling with God or He striveth with God or God contends.

55. Ishuah

A rare name indeed! And, it means self-satisfied.

56. Ira

The name appears both in the Bible and the Torah. It means ‘watchful’.

57. Isaak

This is a version of the name Isaac. It means ‘one who laughs’.

58. Jacob

Jacob is a famous name that means how who follows after. It would be a perfect choice for your second son.

59. Jada

Don’t confuse this with the names you hear in Star Wars! Jada means knowing or wise.

60. Jakim

Have you read the Book of Chronicles? If yes, you would have come to cross the beautiful Jakim. This name translates to he raises.

61. James

James has always been recognized as one of the best modern Biblical names. James translates to supplanter.

62. Joshua

For hundreds of years, parents have named their sons Joshua. Maybe, because the name sounds trendy and cool. Joshua translates to Jehovah is salvation.

63. Jordan

Sometimes, you might want a name that feels like a blessing all the time. Jordan is a river and it means to descend or to flow down. This might be one of the humblest names of all time.

64. John

If you are talking to a group of Christians, you will come across a John. The names mean Mercy of the Lord.

65. Korah

Sometimes, you might be unaware of this Biblical name for baby boys. You will find Korah in the Book of Genesis. It means baldness.

66. Lazarus

Lazarus plays a very important role in the Bible. He was risen from the dead by Christ. And, the name means God has helped.

67. Levi

Levi identifies a priestly class in the Bible. It means joined.

68. Luke

Throughout the New Testament, you will hear the words of Luke. He has written many letters and the well-known Gospel. Luke means luminous.

69. Lucius

If you are willing to give your baby boy a princely name, pick Lucius. It means white or luminous.

70. Mark

Another Gospel in the bible would be Mark! The name means a large hammer or shinning. Many believe that the name Mark is derived from Marcus.

71. Micah

The name Micah translates to One who is like God. And, you will find this name repeated in the Book of Judges.

72. Michael

The sound of Michael is certainly modern and trendy. Well, Michael is a powerful and famous angel in the Holy Bible. It means One who is like God.

73. Mishael

Let’s forget the name Moses and pick something rare like Mishael. This name means Who is like God.

74. Malachi

The name is of a prophet in the Old Testament of the Bible. It means ‘messenger of God’.

75. Marcus

This is a popular name meaning ‘shining’ or ‘polite’.

76. Matthew

This, too, is a popular given name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘Gift of Yahweh’.

77. Matthias

This unique name means ‘gift of the Lord’.

78. Nathaniel

This is a popular given name of Hebrew origin. It means ‘God has given’.

79. Noah

In the Old Testament’s book of Genesis, Noah was chosen by God as the only righteous man of his time. Today, the name is quite popular and means ‘rest’.

80. Nahalal

Is your boy a blessing from the Heavens? Certainly yes! Then name him Nahalal which means bright or praised.

81. Nadab

Who is Nadab in the Bible? He is the son of Aaron. Or, to be more precise he is the nephew of Moses. Nadab means liberal or of one’s free will.

82. Nahum

Nahum might not be famous in this modern world. But, he is a person who spoke of God in the Old Testament. And, Nahum means full of comfort.

83. Nathan

Another modern Biblical name for boys would be Nathan from the Book of Chronicles. The name means rewarded.

84. Neco

In the quest for uncommon names, you will land up with ones like Neco in the Bible. This is the name of a pharaoh in the Old Testament. And, it means one who was beaten.

85. Nekoda

Found in the Book of Ezra, the name Nekoda means distinguished or herdsman.

86. Nereus

You will find this beautiful baby boy name in the Book of Romans. It means water.

87. Nicodemus

The name Nicodemus might ring bells if you have read the Book of John. It means victor over the people.

88. Ophel

The name Ophel means help.

89. Omar

If you are affluent with the Hebrew Language, you might be aware of this common name. Omar translates to He that speaks or mountaineer.

90. Obadiah

Those who are looking for a name that proves their loyalty to God will find Obadiah useful. Of course, you might have guessed the meaning of this name. Obadiah means worshipper of Jehovah or servant.

91. Othniel

For many years, people had forgotten this name around the world. Today, it has become an uncommon name for baby boys. Found in the Book of Judges, Othniel means Lion of God.

92. Paul

In the New Testament, Paul plays a vital role. The name means little.

93. Perez

Found in the Book of Genesis, this name translates to distinction or divided.

94. Peter

An outstanding character in the Holy Book and a famous name in this world would be Peter. It means stone or rock.

95. Philemon

The name Philemon means Affectionate or friendly.

96. Philip

Now, other strong Biblical boy names are repeated over and over again. One such name would be Philip. The name means lover of horses or warrior. Philip was one of Christ’s twelve apostles. You will come across this name in the Book of Matthew.

97. Phineas

The name Phineas translates to the mouth of a serpent or face of trust. Now, this is a tricky name for any parent to pick!

98. Reuben

Was seeing your baby boy for the first time a vision of God? Well, you must name him after this emotion. Reuben means the vision of the son.

99. Rosh

There is no harm in naming a prince a “Prince”. The name Rosh means prince or chief.

100. Rufus

A strange name found in the Book of Mark would be Rufus. It translates to “Red”.

101. Rumah

Want to give your little boy a simple, meaningful name? Found in the Book of Kings (2), the name Rumah means sublime or exalted.

102. Raphael

The name is of Hebrew origin and means “God has healed”.

103. Samson

Everyone feels humbled and inspired by the story of Samson. The name means his sun, strong or distinguished.

104. Samuel

Sometimes, you will feel motivated to follow a trend and name your child Samuel (or Sam in short). This name translates to asked of God or heard.

105. Saul

Saul was the actual name of “Paul” in the Bible. You will find the name change happening in the Book of Acts. Saul means demanded or asked fo.

106. Sergius

Let us skip the usual Biblical names for boys, and look for the uncommon ones. Well, Sergius tops this list of uncommon names and it means to guard.

107. Seth

The name Seth can be seen in the Book of Genesis. It is a famous Christian name, which means appointed or compensation.

108. Silas

There is no harm in giving your baby boy a name that means lover of words. Don’t think twice to name him Silas, which is found in the Book of Acts.

109. Simon

There are so many variants of this name. Some write it as “Simeon” too! And, it means hearing with acceptance.

110. Tarsus

In the Book of Acts, you will find the name Tarsus repeating several times. It means feathered or winged.

111. Thomas

One of Christ’s twelve apostles is called Thomas. The name means twin.

112. Timon

Once again, this is a name found in the book of Acts. Many people confuse this name with “Timothy”. Well, Timon means worthy or honorable.

113. Timothy

The name Timothy translates to honor God or worshipping God.

114. Titus

This is also a famous Biblical name in the Christian community. For every ten Catholic Christians, you will find a Titus. The name means Honorable.

115. Thaddeus

In Biblical names, Thaddeus represents someone that praises or confesses.

116. Theophilus

This Biblical name means ‘friend’.

117. Uri

It would be difficult to consider this as a Christian name. But, it is quite famous amongst Hebrews. The name means enlightened or light of Jehovah.

118. Urias

Another impressive name that translates to Jehovah is light would be Urias.

119. Uel

Sometimes, you should look beyond the conventional books in the Bible for uncommon baby boy names. And, you will find Uel in the Book of Ezra. The name translates to the will of God.

120. Uriel

This is a variation of the name Urias. Uriel means God is my Light. You will find this name in the Book of Chronicles.

121. Vaniah

Have you heard of the name Vaniah? Have you read it in the Book of Ezra? If not, you must rush to the book now! The name Vaniah means distress or God is praise.

122. Zohar

So, are you ready to recognize your son at this tender age? The best way to appreciate him would be through a great name that means distinction or shining. You will find the name Zohar in the Book of Genesis.

123. Zuriel

The name Zuriel translates to God is a rock.

124. Zephaniah

For most parents, the name Zephaniah is too long and irrelevant. But, if you want strong Biblical boy names, choose Zephaniah. It means God hides.

125. Zemira

There are multiple variants of the name Zemira. It means a song or a melody.

126. Zebadiah

Another fascinating name from the Book of Chronicles would be Zebadiah. It means The Lord is my Portion.

127. Zachariah

Have you read the Book of Kings, after reading one of our previous names? If yes, you’d be familiar with Zachariah which means Jehovah has remembered.

128. Zoheth

The name Zoheth means strong or corpulent.

129. Zachary

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘God remembers’.

130. Zebediah

This name, too, is of Hebrew origin and means ‘Gift of Jehovah’.

Here ends the list of top hundred Biblical names for your baby boy. There are many more such names, but these are our top picks. We hope our list helped you in zeroing down to the one name that you would like to keep for your little prince.

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