60 Armenian Names for Boys and Girls

Naming a child is a special moment for every parent. Selecting the perfect name is one of the biggest milestones in a parents’ life, and it also defines a child’s identity. In Armenia, the traditional names of babies represent family lineage, or they are associated with courageous historical figures. Thus, Armenian baby names are a reminder of the ancient nation whose vigour and strength overcame the tyranny, terror, and Stalin’s Great Purge. Some of these names have been borrowed from other cultures, civilisations, nature, or have been influenced by the Bible. Modern Armenians names may be derived from various professions, noble rank, personal characteristics, and locations. Here is a comprehensive list of names for both Armenian boys and girls that help us to understand the culture of naming babies in Armenia.

Armenian Girl Names With Meanings

Most commonly, Armenian baby girl names highlight the wonderful qualities of Armenian women. Here are some examples of unique Armenian girl names with their meanings that are charming and popular among parents.

1. Ani

Ani has various meanings including, ‘beautiful angelic girl’, ‘grace’, ‘favour’, and ‘fighter’. This name is of a Slavic origin and was also the name of the medieval capital of Armenia. Presently this city is out of Armenian borders.

2. Akabe

Akabe is a traditional Armenian name for girls, and it means ‘jewel of the sea’. It is variant of the popular Welsh name Cordelia.

3. Berjanoush

Berjanoush is an Armenian name that means ‘elegantly sweet’ or ‘sweet-tempered’. Berji, Berj, or Berjees can be the ideal nicknames for this Armenian name.

4. Berjouhi

This unusual name of Armenian origin means ‘elegantly sweet’ or ‘elegant lady’.

5. Cohar

This Armenian name means ‘jewel’ or ‘gem’.

6. Dalita

This Armenian name for girls means ‘virgin’ or ‘pure’.

7. Dikranouhi

This popular name means ‘queen’. It could be the feminine version of the name Dikran, which was the name of a fighter with an arrow and the name of an Armenian emperor.

8. Eva

Eva means ‘life’ or ‘living one’. The English variant of this name is Eve, which is derived from the Hebrew name Yeva from the Bible.

9. Elmas

Derived from the Arabic name Almas, this stylish name has a Turkish origin, and it means ‘uncut diamond’ or ‘brilliant’. It is used to express the beauty of a woman.

10. Franziska

This Armenian name of Latin origin means ‘free’. Franzi is a great nickname for this name.

11. Gadar

This name of Armenian origin means ‘peak’ or ‘summit’.

12. Gayane

This ancient Armenian name for girls refers to a saint named Gayane, who was martyred in the current Etchmiadzin city. The church of Gayane is dedicated to her.

13. Hasmik

A derivative of the Persian name Yasmin, this Armenian name means ‘jasmine’. Jasmine is a tropical plant that bears fragrant and colourful flowers that are used in perfumes and teas.

14. Jemma

This name with an Armenian origin means’ little dove’, ‘precious stone’ or ‘a dove’. Its Italian variation is Gemma, and Gemma means ‘gem’ or ‘jewel’.

15. Keghouhi

Originating from Armenia, Keghouhi is a name for girls that means ‘fair’.

16. Kinevart

This Armenian name for girls means ‘wine-coloured rose’ referring to the beauty of a lady.

17. Lala

This name of Persian-Iranian origin is a Slavic word that means ‘tulip’ or ‘doll’.

18. Maral

This name of Turkish origin means ‘female deer’, ‘doe’, or ‘Caspian red deer’. This name also means ‘pretty’ or ‘beautiful’ in Iran.

19. Nar

Nar is a Christian name with Armenian origin. Originating from the word War, it means ‘fire’ or ‘pomegranate’.

20. Ohanna

This name of Hebrew or Armenian origin means ‘God’s gracious gift’. 

21. Palasan

This commonly used name means ‘balsam’ in the Armenian language.

22. Saeda

This name of Arabic origin means ‘spirit of the forest’, ‘happy’, or ‘good fortune’.

23. Shoushanik

Popularly used in Armenian mythology and poetry, this name is a variant of Shushan, and refers to ‘the name of a flower.’

24. Taguhi

In the Armenian language, this name means ‘wife of a king’ or ‘queen of beauty’.

25. Tangakin

Tangakin is an Armenian girl name that means ‘precious’.

26. Vartanoush

Vart means ‘rose’ and anoush means ‘sweet’ in Armenian. Hence, Vartanoush means ‘sweet as a rose’ or ‘rose maiden’.

27. Vosgedzam

This name of Armenian origin means ‘golden hair’.  

28. Yeter

This Armenian name for girls means ‘ether’.

29. Yranig

This unique name of Armenian origin means ‘blessed’. It is quite a rare name, and can be perfect for your little princess!

30. Zepour

This Armenian name means ‘breeze’.

Armenian Boy Names with Meanings

Armenian baby boy names often embody the courageous, brave, and powerful qualities of Armenian men. Modern Armenian boy names inspire the spirit of fearlessness that is reminiscent of the famous Armenian kings and heroes.

1. Abaven

This name has an Armenian origin, and it means ‘protector’.

2. Alex

This unisex name has roots in Armenian, Greek, and Russian cultures, and it means ‘protector of mankind’. 

3. Arpiar

Parents looking for a name that falls represent or are related to the weather can select this name. Arpiar means’ sunny’. 

4. Barkev

This name has an Armenian origin, and it means ‘gift’.  

5. Boghos

Derived from the Latin name Paulus, Boghos means ‘small’, ‘humble’, and ‘scarce’. It’s also a variant of the famous name Paul.

6. Carnig

Carnig is derived from the distinguished name Carnegie, which has a Scottish origin, and refers to a ‘small lamb’.

7. Daron

This name has an Armenian origin, and Daron means ‘great’. Its Persian or Kurdish meaning is ‘feelings of the heart’.

8. Emin

This name is quite popular in Armenia, Turkey, and many other countries. In Arabic, this name means ‘trustworthy,’ and in Turkish, it means ‘honest’.

9. Eshkhan

This Armenian name means ‘prince’.

10. Farukh

Originating from Persia, this name is popular in Armenia, Iran, and Pakistan. It means ‘happy’ or ‘fortunate’.

11. Garabed

A variant of the names Garbis and Garo, this Armenian name means ‘forerunner’.

12. Garen

This common name has an Armenian and French origin. It means ‘guardian’ and is a shortened version of the name Garegin.

13. Hovan

Hovan means ‘God’s gift’ or ‘Form of John,’ and it is a name of Armenian origin.

14. Hayk

This name of Armenian origin is popular because it was the name of the founder of Armenia, who was famously known as “Hayk the Great”. It is believed that he was the great-grandson of Noah. 

15. Izmirlian

This Armenian name means ‘someone from Izmir’. Izmir is a city in Turkey, and its name comes from the ancient Greek city of Smyrna.

16. Kachig

A variant of the names Kachik, Khatchig, Kachig, it is an Armenian name that means ‘brave’.

17. Kaloosh

Popular among Christians, Kaloosh is a unique name that refers to the ‘Pentecost’ or ‘a blessed event’.

18. Levon

Pronounced as Lee-vawn, Levon is a common name in Armenia. It means ‘lion’ and a wonderful nickname for this name could be Levi.

19. Lernig

It is derived from the Armenian language, and the name Lernig means ‘small mountain’.

20. Manough

A variant of the names Manon, Manoah, and Mano, this Armenian name means ‘infant’ or ‘child’.

21. Mihr

Mihr is the name of an Armenian diety of the light of heaven. According to ancient Armenian mythology, Mihr is also the name of the Sun god.

22. Nishan

This name for boys has an Armenian origin, and it means ‘a sign’,’cross,’ or ‘mark’.

23. Nayiri

Nayiri is a unisex name that has Armenian roots. It means ‘land of canyons and rivers’. It was also the alternative name of the ancient kingdom of Urartu.

24. Oshin

This name of Armenian and Irish origin means ‘little fawn or deer’, Oshin is an anglicised version of the Irish word Oisin. According to Irish legend, Oisin was the name of a legendary poet and warrior.

25. Panos

This rare Armenian name means’ rock’. Its Greek form is derived from the names Panayiotis or Panagia meaning ‘all-holy’.

26. Razmik

This rare Armenian name means ‘fighter,’ ‘defender,’ or ‘warrior’.

27. Sevag

This common name of Armenian origin means ‘black eye’. It is made up of two words, sev meaning ‘black,’ and ag meaning ‘eye’.

28. Takvor

This name of Armenian origin is common among Christians. It means ‘one who is destined to wear the crown’.

29. Vahe

This Armenian name means ‘strong’, ‘best’ or ‘shield’.

30. Yervant

A variant of Yervante, this Armenian name comes from the word Vahan and has a Persian origin. It refers to ‘a king’ or ‘a ruler’.

Armenian names may have been modernised to simplify them for everyone. The names given here are unique and have interesting meanings. The purpose of making a list like the one given above is to make a parent’s job easier in finding the right name for their little one. We hope this comprehensive list gave you a few possible names to choose from!

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