Noelle Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Noelle Name Meaning and Origin

Noelle is classified as the feminine variation of the masculine given name Noël. Noelle has evolved from the old French word Noël or Nael, which comes from the Latin phrase “Natalis dies Domini,” meaning “the Lord’s birthday.” ‘Noel’ in French means “Christmas.” Being traditionally closely associated with Christmas, Noel and Noelle make an adorable choice for children born around Christmastime, particularly in the Middle Ages. Being a popular Christian name that is easy to pronounce, it is commonly used in most English-speaking countries.

What Does Noelle Mean?

Noel is a Biblical name that refers to ‘Christmas,’ and it’s an English and German version of Natalie. The meaning of Noelle in Latin is ‘the Lord’s birthday,’ which means this name is most suitable for babies born in December. The meaning of Noelle is commonly referred to as the birth of Christ, the Christmas festival derived from Latin “natalis,” meaning “birthday,” and the French “noël,” meaning Christmas. This name is present in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. The French use ‘Joyeux Noel’ to wish each other ‘Merry Christmas.’ Noel means ‘pleasantness’ in the Hebrew culture. Similarly, Noelle means “the period extending from December” in Arabic.


Derived from Latin, Noel is an English form of the French name Noël. In Germany, it is used as a gender-neutral name for boys and girls. In an early version of Kanuckstian, Noel was the Eternal Sun God, with several forms. As per common belief, the Eternal Sun God primarily resides in the Sun Prophet Form. Just like any other subtle Christmas-connected name, Noel will never go out of style.




  • no-el
  • NOH-el
  • Nohl
  • No-EHL


2 syllables


6 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Just as the meaning of the name “Noelle” has variants or alternatives derived from several languages, countries, and cultures worldwide. Here are some of the Noelle name variations and other spellings for Noelle that can be considered for your baby girl:

Name Origin
Noelle Dutch
Noella French
Noela Galician
Noelia Spanish
Noelene English
Nowell Latin
Noele French
Noeleen French
Noeliz French
Nowell French
Noelynn French
Noelia French

How Popular Is the Name Noelle?

Despite being a classical name, Noelle retains its trendy appeal appearing on top baby name lists since the mid-1960s. However, Noelle has never attained a prominent position on the charts, as many believe the name is only reserved for December babies. As per the latest statistical data of 2020 and the Noelle popularity index, about 1,359 baby girls were named Noelle, and nine baby boys were named Noelle, which ranks the baby name to 210th position in the charts. Among the selection of baby names inspired by the festive celebrations of December from across the globe, Noelle seems to be a worthy contender as a baby name for girls.

Interest in Noelle – Worldwide

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Search trends for the name Noelle have registered a consistent search value of over 20 reaching 100 in December 2019 over the last ten years. The minimum interest value was recorded at just 24 in March 2012 and May 2012, respectively.

Interest in Noelle – US

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Search trends reflect a consistent interest for Noelle, recording a search value of over 15, reaching 100 in December 2019. Interest dipped to the lowest value of 17 in April 2011, March 2012, and May 2012.

The Popularity of the name Noelle


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Noelle – Worldwide

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Search trends for the name Noelle mirror maximum interest in France in the last ten years. Ireland, the Philippines, United States, and Canada compete in the list of countries that occupy the first five positions in the chart. With Noelle being an elegant forename for girls since medieval times and the French increasingly looking to the Old Testament for inspiration, the name has always been a favorite in France.

Search trends of Noelle – US

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Among the sub-regions of the US, the name Noelle has been searched most in Connecticut over the last ten years. Following close behind are Tennessee, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New Jersey that make it to the top 5 sub-regions of the US, recording the highest search trends value for Noelle.

Middle Names That Go With Noelle

Middle names are primarily chosen as a commemoration to honor a family. Although many cultures don’t have middle names at all, some use multiple middle names. For parents on the hunt for a middle name for their little angel can look up this list of double names with Noelle that may pair perfectly together:

Jade Gray
Sabine Dawn
Selene Claire
Lenora Marie
Kathleen Bethany
Olivia Charlotte
Abigail Blair
Emily Felicity
Jasmine Isabella
Kate Iris

Famous People Named Noelle

Parents often choose celebrity names for their children, hoping for them to attain similar fame and success. Some famous people called Noelle that can give your child celebrity status:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Noelle Beck American Actress
Noelle Cordier French Singer
Noelle Quinn American Basketball Player
Noelle Scaggs American Singer
Noelle Stevenson American Cartoonist
Noelle Van Lottum Dutch Tennis Player
Noelle Bassi American Swimmer
Noelle Kocot American Poet
Noelle Middleton Irish Actress
Noelle Murray Irish Footballer
Noelle Sabbe French Racing Cyclist
Noelle Vial Irish Poet

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby names like Noelle have an equally gentle sound and appeal. Family names for Noelle need to be sufficiently suitable to enhance the beauty of the name. Here are some of the other names for Noelle that are a perfect mix of the classic and the contemporary.

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Winter Stevenson
Natalie Murray
Annabelle Reno
Belle Freeman
Holly Kennedy
Sienne Norman
Nova Freeman
Naomi Quinn
Rosalie Silva
Noella Lenoir

Names That Sound Like Noelle

Names rhyming with Noelle have a matching tone and style. A classic name like Noelle can impart the essence of Christmas and uphold the holiday spirit. Here are some names that sound like Noelle:

Noelia Noelani
Noeliz Noemi
Noela Noeline
Noelleen Noella
Joelle Janelle
Brielle Ambrille
Anabel Mirabel
Maribel Estelle
Janelle Arielle
Giselle Jonelle

Sibling Names Related to Noelle

Sibling names should be well-coordinated enough to feel cohesive as a part of a group. Here are some of the most suitable sibling names that go with Noelle that may help to enhance the bond of love between them:

Sister Names for Noelle Brother Names for Noelle
Stella Ben
Penelope Noah
Valentine Owen
Melody Seth
Faith Vivien
Elijah Lauren
Paige Daniel
Sophie Timothy
Jolie William
Bianca Robert

Nicknames for Noelle

Nicknames are the sweetest terms of endearment that can highlight the relationship that you share with your child. Here are some of the best nicknames for the name Noelle that you can choose based on the qualities that define your child:

Noa Elle
Ella Elles
Noell Welly
Noella Nowhale
Noelene Noey
No-No Nelly
Nells Noe
Elle Belle Noeny
Noellephant Elliebug

A Christian name reflects your family’s faith in God and the fact that your baby is one of life’s miracles. Thus, a festive name like Noelle with a joyous meaning makes an attractive choice for girls even after the constant rise and fall in its popularity in the last few decades.


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