Top 100 German Girl Names & Their Meanings

100 German Girl Names & Their Meanings

Old German girl names may not be the fashion globally and are hard to pronounce. But, many of the traditional names have been so adapted for long periods of time and we often consider them French, English, Slavic or Nordic when they actually have just been altered to suit various cultures. Names like Sabine are even in use in India as Sabina, Sabeena and so on. A lot of Indian names like Mina, Meena, Hari, Mira, Meera and such can also be found to have German meanings. Normally they use a name after a trait or a saint and then a middle name for a describing name followed by the family name which also has a meaning, like Schumacher or maker of shoes, Sonnemann or man from the sun.

100 Unique German Baby Girl Names

Does your little one need a name from among the pretty names in Germany? Take a look at some of the names listed and make your own improvisations if you will. After all, one of the first questions you ask a person is their name! And this is the main rule followed in Germany. Often you can tell the profession of the family from the surname. And the first name means you can also guess the kind of person she is. Here are some names that we bet you did not know were German names for a little girl. Clotilda means famous in battle, Angela, Angelika, Angelica all meaning angel-like, Cleta meaning the renowned woman, Georgia or the feminine form of George meaning farmer, Giselle or Gisella meaning a pledge, Bern or bear-spawning names like Bernadette, Bernadine, Harriet or the ruler of the home, Hilde or Hilda the noble one, Clay or mortal, Geneva or of the female race with names spelt Genevieve, Genny, Jenny, Ava or a beautiful bird, Annamarie or of bitter grace, Alison and Ethel meaning ‘of noble character’, Eryka or Erica the powerful and everlasting in battles, Emily and Amelia the eager ones, or Alysha the noblewoman also spelt Alicia, and Alisha.

Name  Meaning
Ada Meaning ‘the noble one’ is a very happy, pretty and short name that is popular world over.
Aalis/ Alice The name means noble. The Estonians use Aadelheide, Hebrews Adabelle and the Africans use it to name the oldest girl baby.
Adalaide/ Adelaide There are many variations of the term noble. Adahila adds a flowers name to it while Adalee is a noble wood and Adaleigh means full of honour. Try Della, Adalia, Adali, Adalina, Adalicia , Adalie, Adalyn and such spellings.
Adolfa The feminine version of the name Adolf the noble wolf. Variation is Adolpha or Adolphina. Also, popular names on strength are Aebba, and Aelf the mystical nymph.
Adriane  Meaning in Latin ‘a dark woman from Hadria’ near the Adriatic Sea. Popular is also Agatha the Greek name for good and benevolent.
Adela/ Adele These names are again typically German variations and sound different and stylish too. Think of Adele the legendary singer. Try variations like Adette, Adeline, or even Aderyn the kind and lovely noble bird.
Alviria The name has variations like Ria, Vera, Ally and means ‘the fair one’.
Aloisia The name means ‘famous fighter’.
Amalia The name means ‘God’s labour’ in Hebrew.
Andrea The name means ‘strong’ and ‘brave’.
Astrid The name Astrid means ‘divinely beautiful’.
Bernadette It means ‘brave bear’ or ‘strong’.
Bertha It means ‘bright one’.
Birgit Bright and glorious.
Bettie/Betty This name means consecrated to the Lord and has many variations like Bettina, Beth, Betsy, Bessy and Bethany. Also used as a nickname for Elizabeth or the one who brings satisfaction and glory who can also be called Lissie, Lisbeth and Lisa in Germany.
Berta Meaning a glorious noble ruler. Bertha, Berti, Bertina, Alberta are alliterations of the name.
Billie/ Billy The unisex name for ‘justice’, ‘protection’, and ‘will power’.
Bindy A shortened version of Belinda, this name means ‘a pretty snake’.
Bluma In German, you mean ‘a flower bloom’.
Bruna The brown-haired one or brunette.
Calia The name means ‘most fair and beautiful’.
Cara Used as an endearment for a dear one or beloved.
Carie/ Caree/Cary Means ‘born free-willed’. Germans also use Carlotta who has a man’s strength, Carleigh for the free-spirited, Caro to denote the strength of will.
Carolyn Meaning based on a hymn has variations like Carry, Carrie, Carol and Caroline.
Clarissa Meaning ‘bright and smart’, the name can also be shortened to Clara.
Carla We don’t know which version came earlier but the German spelling makes for a gorgeous beauty bound for free-spirited success and fame. Charla/ Carla/ Karla can also be used.
Chay Meaning ‘a fairytale’. Sounds exotic and different too!
Chloris The name of the Spring Goddess.
Chole The name brings victory and achievement in all conquests.
Cheryl From the cherry fruit.
Carol Joyful song
Caroline Free woman
Catrin Pure and Clear
Charlotte Free man
Christina Follower of Christ
Claudia Enclosure
Dorothea God’s gift
Dew/ Due ‘Wolf power’, ‘morning dew’ can be the two meanings for this name.
Eagle The unisex name denotes nobility, strength, foresight and is among the names used for the educated girl. A variant is Edelmar or Edelmann.
Elsa The name means ‘pledged to God’ and is the name of the Disney Princess in the film Frozen.
Evi/ Eve  The mother figure Eve has this interesting German variation and means full of life. Mila and Isla too are trending with the same simplicity and meaning.
Eda The name bestows wealth and happiness on one so named and is stylishly unique.
Emilia The name is for one who excels above all and makes a worthy rival.
Emma Meaning ‘universal’ or ‘to make whole’; the name is traditional and yet fashionable.
Ellsa The name means ‘the exalted one on whom God has shown favour’.
Elma  If your princess is as cherubic as the apple then this name is for her.
Edith ‘Prosperous in war’ is the meaning behind the name. Edie or Editha can also be used.
Eevonne Named after the coniferous tree with red fruits and also spelt Yvonne.
Edeltraud The Germanic name means ‘noble strength’.
Elisabeth My God is an oath.
Elke Of noble birth.
Ella Beautiful or Goddess
Emery Power
Emmeline Hardworking and industrious
Eva Life
Freya Rooted in Nordic culture, this name means ‘a noble woman’.
Frieda Peace
Florentia Means ‘to bloom’. Variants are Florentina, Florentine, Florence and so on.
Fenja/ Fenya The name means peace, calmness, safety and protection to the bearer. Firuz is also a good name for the unvanquished goddess of your life.
Gracia/ Gratia Meaning ‘full of grace’ adds a biblical touch to the name. Grace in English versions also means the same.
Greta/ Margarete/ Gretchen The name was inspired by and means ‘pearl’. Remember the legendary Greta Garbo?
Gertrud Spear or strength
Gisela Pledge
Hanna Grace
Hannelore God is gracious
Helga Holy
Helen/Ellen Means ‘the bright star’ and has variations like Elina, Ailina, Eleonore or Elena.
Hannah This name is meant to signify finding God’s grace and favour in plenty.
Haydn/ Hayden This name is modern and yet has been used for ages as a unisex name suitable and tweak-able to suit all cultures and languages in Europe and the West.
Heidi Typically traditional and popular in the Alpine regions it means the one with noble birth. Like Heidi Klum who is never out of style!
Ilina The name translates into a predominantly Christian and Jewish name meaning ‘My Lord is Yahweh’. Not to be mixed with Ellina which means the shining one or the Universe, Elli who is devout and kind, or Ellie the light of guidance.
Irmgard This is the name of the Germanian Goddess of War.
Irma The name has a connection with the term for complete and universal. It is also the name Irmine or Ermine, the German Goddess of War.
Ivana/ Ivara This choice is elegant and exotic while being a typical name in Germany, the combined Russia of older times and Europe in general.
Juliane/ Juliana/ Julie The name means ‘youthful’ in German and is the youthful month of July too when the flowers are in full bloom.
Katja Go with this name if you want something as gorgeous as Kate with an unusual ring to it. Katyusha and Katya put a Russian spin on it.
Lorelei This name is for the temptress full of grace and allure and is very popular even with the alliteration of Lorelai making it sound quaint, Chinese and exotic.
Louisa/ Luisa In olden times women too were great warriors and the name is for one who wins renown in the battles of life.
Leni/ Lenora/ Lenny/ Lenore Another gender-neutral name that was used to name Heidi Klum’s daughter. The exotic name can also be shortened to Nora, Nori and has been adopted as a baby name by the svelte Kim Kardashian!
Maxi Go gender-neutral with the short name of Maximilian a name used by Popes, Kings and noblemen.
Millicent/ Millie This spin on the old is never out of fashion and the nickname comes in a neat package.
Maude Traditional, strong and old-fashioned it is for one unique baby girl you bless with might in battles and war.
Maria The name is taken from Mary or the wished-for and long-awaited child. Miriam and Marie are variations of this.
Mia The one who is dear to all.
Nadine The bearer forms relationships based on trust.
Nadia The meaning of this name is one who will not give up or remains unvanquished.
Nyx Lord Krishna or a person who is full of charm and grace.
Nina The name means ‘gift of God’ and can also be spelt Neena.
Susaane The name is from the lily flower. Susan, Suzzanne, Suzzana etc can also be derived from it.
Stark The German word for ‘strong’. The unisexual name can also be used for a boy.
Stella Meaning ‘the star of the sea’.
Steffi The name means ‘the crowned one’. Stefanie, Stefani or such modifications can be made.
Sigfrieda Protector of victory; can also be spelt Freeda, Frieda and Sigfreida.
Sophie/ Sophia Also spelt Sofiya, this name means that ‘great wisdom and knowledge is yours’.
Tilly Perhaps a twist on shortening Matilda it signifies might in the battles of life. You can even use Matty or Tilda if you wish.
Tamina The twin of another; can also be spelt Tehmina.
Tanya The fairy princess is named Tanya.
Theresa Stemming from the word harvester can also be spelt Therese.
Thea The name means ‘a gift of God’.
Tiegra The name for a tigress.
Terry The name means ‘born in late summer’.
Winola This means a friend who is both witty and charming to the core.
Zoe The name means ‘full of life’. Also spelt Zoey.

Following the very Australian and Anglo Saxon way of naming babies, German names generally have a first name, middle name and the family name given at the time of birth or baptism in a church. Need a name with mythological or historical Germanic roots like Elizabeth, Waldtraut and Manuela? We hope you found your beautiful baby girl’s name here. We have tried to cover the most popular, pretty, traditional and old ones too. Your baby deserves the best and most often old is gold, especially in German girl names. Enjoy searching your favourite name from our list!

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