60 Beautiful Latin Baby Names for Girls

Latin Baby Girl Names With Meanings

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Choosing the right name for your new bundle of joy can be a tedious and exhausting job! But we’ve got your back, parents – here’s a list of some beautiful Latin names for your baby girl! Latin names have always been a popular choice with parents, and we have a complete compilation of lovely Latina names for you to choose from.

Latin Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Let’s have a look at some lovely Latin name options for your little one:

Name Meanings
Adrianna Adrianna is a popular Latin name, and it means ‘one who is from the city of Adria’.
Alba This name has the meaning ‘one who is fair or white’.
Amelia This name has a straightforward meaning ‘being industrious, striving or hard-working’.
April It means ‘one who is open’.
Arabella Arabella is an alternative to Isabella. It means ‘yielding to prayer’.
Aurora This name means ‘dawn’.
Bea Short for Beatrice, it means ‘one who brings happiness’.
Beitris This Latin-origin name is derived from Scottish culture, and it means ‘being a voyager’.
Camilla This beautiful name name means ‘being of unblemished character’.
Cara This short and sweet name means ‘beloved’.
Celeste This name is a derivative of the Latin name Caelestis. It means ‘heavenly’ or ‘divine’.
Celine This name comes from Celeste, and also means ‘heavenly’.
Claude The name Claude comes from the Latin Claudius and means ‘limping’ or ‘stuttering’.
Diana Diana means ‘divine’.
Emily This name of Latin origin has the meaning ‘industrious’, ‘hard working’, or ‘eager’.
Emma This cute name means ‘whole’ or ‘universal’.
Estelle The name means ‘one who is like a star’.
Felicia This name means ‘very fortunate one’.
Felicity The name Felicity means ‘happy’ or ‘good fortune’.
Frances This name means ‘from France’ or ‘free one’.
Frankie The name also means ‘one who is from France’.
Gillian This name is derived from the Latin name Julian that means ‘youth’.
Gloria As the name sounds, it means ‘woman of glory’.
Graciela Derived from the Latin word gratia, the name Graciela means ‘pleasantness’.
Helena This name has a mighty meaning of ‘light’, ‘torch’ or ‘sun ray’.
Hillary This means ‘one who is very cheerful or humorous’.
Ivory This name means ‘one who is pure’.
Jillian This name has a perfect meaning to it, ‘youthful’.
Joy As the name sounds, it means ‘joy’ or ‘joyful’.
Klaudie The name comes from a Latin origin and is a derivative of the word Claudius that means ‘lame’.
Laura The name Laura means the ‘bay laurel plant’.
Levian This pretty name means ‘a flash of lightning’.
Lucia The name Lucia originates from the Latin word Lux which means ‘light’.
Luna The name Luna means ‘the moon’
Marisa This Latin name means ‘the sea’.
Miranda This name means ‘one who is worthy of admiration’.
Natalie It means ‘the one who is born on Christmas day’.
Neonella The name Neonella ‘beautiful’ or ‘cute girl’.
Nora The name Nora means ‘honour’ and ‘light’.
Olethea The name simply means ‘one who is very truthful’.
Olivia This sweet name means ‘an olive tree’.
Plena The name means ‘abundant or complete’.
Regina The name means ‘one who is a queen’.
Sabrina It has a straightforward meaning of ‘boundary line’.
Sage The name Sage means ‘the wise one’.
Serena This name comes from the Latin word serenus meaning ‘calm’.
Stella The name Stella means ‘being a star’.
Tacita This name has the meaning of ‘being one who does not like to speak’ or ‘is very silent’.
Tarsicia The name means ‘one who is born in the Turkish city Tarso’. It can also mean ‘valiant’.
Tiffany This name means ‘the trinity’.
Tish The name Tish is short for Tisha, that means ‘joy’.
Tracy This name means ‘fearless warrior’.
Umbelina The name is as unique as it sounds. It means ‘she who gives protective shade’.
Valeria The name means ‘strength and health’.
Vera The name Vera means ‘truth’.
Violet This lovely name has a Latin origin, and means the colour violet.
Vivienne The name means ‘lively’.
Xema This name means ‘precious’.
Zea Zea is a rare name of Latin origins, and means ‘a grain’.
Zerlina This beautiful name means ‘gorgeous dawn’.

Let this list help you choose the right name for your little one, as she has to carry this name through her life! Choose wisely, parents!

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