Top 206 Medieval Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

Top 206 Medieval Names for Boys & Girls

The medieval period, or the Middle Ages, took place after the fall of the Roman Empire and lasted until the Renaissance. This time of change and turmoil saw the rise of the grand castles, royal courts, chivalrous knights and the church dominating Europe as a strong member of the guilds. Upon the advent of writing, civil records began to be maintained, formal histories composed and personal names tended to become fixed. Even so, naming practices were highly variable and cannot be generalised. These names come from a variety of sources including historic events, books, important places, novels, and religion that throw light on life in medieval times.

Since vernacular languages were spoken in Europe, the same names with different spellings were found in various regions. French ending names like –et, -on, -in arrived with the Normans. After the invasion of 1066, Frankish names became common in the middle ages. Later, English forms and suffixes like ‘–kin’, ‘-cock’, along with Latin names ending with suffixes like ‘–us’, took over. Foreign names that arrived due to invasion or marriages got anglicised and began being used in modern forms. However, in the later middle ages, it became necessary to distinguish individuals having the same proper name by some kind of additional non-hereditary informal name or byname. Moreover, a study of the medieval baby names reveals the common values, beliefs, cultural norms, and how society transformed during the medieval period.

Extending from the 5th-century to the 15th-century, this epic medieval era creates a rich source of inspiration for medieval times names. Though this amazing era of history ended, Europe managed to retain the medieval village names that have their own charm, and flair.  Those who wish to name their babies such that they can trace their ancestry must consider the names recommended in this article.

Popular Medieval Baby Boy Names

This well-researched inventory of cool medieval baby boy names will come to your rescue when you’re brainstorming for a suitable name for your son.

1. Alexander

This Greek name of medieval English, Slavic Swedish, and German origins means ‘defender of mankind’.

2. Alaric

This Gothic name means ‘ruler of all’.

3. August

August is the German form of the Latin name Augustus, meaning ‘magnificent’.

4. Alan

This Old Breton word means ‘deer’.

5. Blazh

Derived from Slavic ‘blagu’, the name means ‘good, happy, and blessed’.

6. Borko

Derived from the Slavic element ‘borti’, Borko means ‘battle’ or ‘fight’.

 7. Basil

This Greek name comes from ‘Basileios’, derived from ‘basileus’ meaning ‘king’.

8. Col

This name is a short form of Nicholas, which means ‘victory of men’.

9. Cyriac

Cyriac is an English form of the Greek name Kyriakos. It means ‘lord’ or ‘of the lord’.

10. Crispin

This old Latin name means ‘curly-haired’.

11. Drew

Drew comes from the Frankish drogo or the Old Saxon (gi) drog, which means ‘phantom’ or ‘ghost’.

12. Dunsten

This English name means ‘dark stone’.

13. Dobroslav

This Slavic name is composed of ‘dobru’, meaning ‘good’ and ‘slava’, meaning ‘glory’.

14. Dragan

The name, in Latin, means means ‘precious and mighty’.

15. David

David is a Hebrew name that originates from Isreal, and it means ‘beloved’.

16. Desislava

Desislava means ‘to seek glory’ and is of Bulgarian origin.

17. Elmer

This name of Germanic British origin means ‘noble’ or ‘famous’.

18. Ethelred

It has an Anglo-Saxon origin. It means ‘noble counsel’.

19. Emeric

This French form of German ‘Emmerich’, this name means ‘power’.

20. Everwyn

A variant of Everwin, this name is derived from Germanic elements, meaning ‘boar’ and ‘friend’.

21. Faust

Coming from the Latin name Faustus, Faust means ‘lucky’.

22. Finnian

Derived from the Irish word ‘fionn’, Finnian means ‘fair’ or ‘white’.

23. Francis

Derived from the Latin name Franciscus, Francis means ‘Frenchman’.

24. Gabriel

This Aramaic name is derived from Hebrew, and it means ‘God is my strength’.

25. Gregory

This name of Greek origin means ‘watchful’.

26. Hawk

This Old English name means ‘falcon, bird of prey’.

27. Harold

Coming from the Old English name Hereweald, Harold is derived from the Germanic elements ‘here’, meaning ‘army’ and ‘weald’, meaning ‘power, brightness’.

28. Iver

The Danish variation of Ivar means ‘yew wood’. It has French, Scandinavian, and Old Norse origin.

29. Jerome

Jerome has Greek origins, and it means ‘holy name’.

30. Justus

Of German, Latin, Dutch origin, Justus comes from a Latin word that means ‘fair’.

31. Kazimir

This name of Slavic origin means ‘destroyer of peace’.

32. Lefuuinus

This name of Medieval English and Latin origin comes from the Old English ‘leof’ meaning ‘dear’ or ‘beloved’.

33. Lefwinus

Derived from Middle English, Lefwinus means ‘a beloved joyful person.’

34. Merek

This Teutonic name means ‘strong ruler’.

35. Micheal

Micheal is a French name of Hebrew origin. It means ‘who is like god’ or ‘gift from God’.

36. Nigel

Derived from Normandy and England, Nigel means ‘champion’ or ‘cloud’.

37. Nicol

Derived from the Greek Nikolaos, Nicol means ‘People’s victory’.

38. Oliver

Oliver comes from Olivier, an Old French form of the Germanic name Alfhar, which means ‘elf army/warrior’.

39. Peregrine

Derived from the Latin name Peregrinus, Peregrine means ‘traveller from abroad’ or ‘pilgrim’.

40. Roland

This German name means ‘famous throughout the land’.

41. Rogue

42. Sigrid

This Norse name means ‘fair victory’.

43. Thorsten

This Old Norse name means ‘Thor’s Stone’.

44. Titan

Derived from Tyciano in Italy and Latin Titianus, Titan means ‘defender’.

45. Velasco

It is derived from the Basque ‘bela’, meaning ‘raven’ or ‘crow’ and the diminutive suffix -sco. The name has a Spanish origin.

46. Wilkie

This name of Scottish origin means ‘resolute protection’.

47. Wilmot

A diminutive of ‘Wilhelm’, this German name means ‘resolute spirit’.

48. Yarognev

This medieval Slavic name is composed of elements ‘yaru’, meaning ‘fierce, energetic’ and ‘gnyevu’ meaning ‘anger’.

49. Yaromil

Yaromil is composed of Slavic elements ‘yaru’, meaning ‘fierce, energetic’ and ‘milu’, meaning ‘gracious, dear’.

50. Zemislav

This Slavic name means ‘family glory’.

Unique Medieval Boy Names

1. Alban

Alban is a name with England roots. It is derived from the ancient English name Albin, which means ‘white’.

2. Aldo

Aldo is a boy’s name of Italian origin which means ‘old and wise’.

3. Ambrose

Ambrose is a name derived from Greek ambrosios, which means ‘immortal’ and ‘god-like’.

4. Archibald

Composed of Germanic elements, Archibald means ‘genuine’ or ‘precious’, while bald means ‘bold’.

5. Baldwin

Baldwin is an Old Germanic and Anglo-Saxon name. It was either derived from Bealdwine or the Old German language. It means ‘brave, bold friend’.

6. Balthasar

Balthasar is a name of Hebrew origin which means ‘God protect the King’.

7. Barnabas

A popular Greek boy’s name, Barnabas means ‘son of encouragement’. With a strong Biblical connection, Barnabus was renowned for his support and guidance.

8. Bartholomew

Bartholomew is a popular name in the USA, which means ‘rich in land’.

9. Benedict

Benedict is a name of Latin origin, which means ‘blessed’ and ‘well spoken’.

10. Cassian

Cassian is an old Latin name which means ‘hollow’ and ‘vain’.

11. Castellan

Castellan means ‘a governor’ or ‘warden of a castle or fort’.

12. Chapman

Chapman is derived from the Old English occupational name ‘ceapmann’ which means ‘marketman, monger, merchant’.

13. Cyprian

Cyprian is a popular Latin name which means ‘wise ruler’.

14. Declan

Declan is a name with Irish roots which means ‘man of prayer’ and ‘full of goodness’.

15. Dunstan

Dunstan is a boy’s name of English origin which means ‘dark stone’.

16. Edmund

Derived from Old English elements which means ‘prosperity’ and ‘protector’.

17. Everard

Everard is a classic name with German roots, which means ‘wild boar’, ‘brave’ and ‘hardy’.

18. Ferdinand

Ferdinand is a name of German origin which means ‘bold’ and ‘peace’.

19. Frost

The name Frost is rooted in old Anglo-Saxon culture, and has grown popular over time. It means ‘freezing’ and ‘strength’.

20. Gavin

Gavin is name said to be originated from Scotland. It means ‘God sent’ or ‘white hawk’.

21. Giles

Giles is a name of Greek origin which means ‘young goat’.

22. Godfrey

Godfrey is a name with French roots which is composed of various elements. The first elements mean ‘god’ which means ‘good’ and the second being fred, which means ‘peace’.

23. Godric

Godric is a name of British origin, which means ‘God-ruler’.

24. Hugh

A name with English, German and Irish origin which means ‘mind and intellect’.

25. Ivar

Ivar is a name of Scandinavian origin which means ‘archer’ or ‘bow warrior’.

26. Ivo

Ivo is name with German, Irish and Dutch roots which means ‘archer’.

27. Leopold

Leopold is a modern version of the German name Luitbald. It means ‘brave’ and ‘courageous.

28. Lucian

Lucian is a word with Latin roots which means ‘light’.

29. Maxim

Maxim is a name of Latin origin, which means ‘the greatest’.

30. Milo

Milo is an endearing name which means ‘beloved’ and ‘merciful’.

31. Neville

Neville has French roots which means ‘new town or settlement’.

32. Otto

Otto is a name of German origin, which means ‘wealth’ and ‘prosperity’.

33. Rudolf

Rudolf means ‘fame-wolf’ or ‘glory-wolf’.

34. Sebastian

Sebastion is a name of Latin origin, which means ‘venerable’ or ‘revered’.

35. Severin

Severin is a name with Latin roots which means ‘severe’, ‘strict’ and ‘serious’.

36. Tobias

Tobias is a name derived from Hebrew, which means ‘God is good’.

Popular Medieval Baby Girl Names

This curated list of common medieval baby girl names with appropriate meanings will help to pick the most suitable one for your little angel.

1. Amabel

This English name has Latin origin and means ‘lovable’.

2. Anora

This Latin name derived from Annora means ‘ honour’.

3. Agatha

Derived from Greek origin, Agatha means ‘good, honourable’.

4. Avila

This German name means ‘desired, island, or water’.

5. Bogdana

This Polish and Slavic name means ‘God’s gift’.

6. Bozhena

This Polish and Slavic name is derived from the word ‘Bóg’, meaning ‘God’.

7. Clarimond

Of Latin origin, the name means ‘clear or bright’.

8. Celestina

This name of Latin and Spanish origins means ‘heavenly’.

9. Colette

This French name means ‘people of victory’.

10. Diamond

Derived from the Greekadamas, this English name means ‘of high value or brilliant’.

11. Desislava

This Bulgarian and Medieval Slavic name means ‘Search for glory’ or ‘finding glory’.

12. Emma

Derived from the Germanic word ‘ermen’, Emma means ‘universal whole.’

13. Elizabeth

This Biblical name of Hebrew origin means ‘one who provides satisfaction and fullness’.

14. Florie

This adorable name of Latin origin means ‘blooming’ or ‘flowering’. Flora was the goddess of flowers and the season of springs in Roman Mythology.

15. Felize

This name is the Old French form of the Latin name Felicia. It was a stylish name meaning ‘fortunate’.

16. Grace

Derived from Latin ‘Gratia’, this virtue name means ‘gracious’.

17. Greta

It is the short form of the Greek name Margaret, meaning ‘pearl’. It is an exotic German name.

18. Gisella

Of Old German origin, Gisella means ‘pledge’ or ‘hostage’.

19. Hildeth

This medieval English means ‘she who gives good battle counsel’.

20. Hismena

Hismena comes from the Latin ‘Aestimatus’, which means ‘esteemed’.

21. Helen

Derived from the Greek word ‘Selena’, Helen means ‘shining light’ or ‘the bright one’.

21. Isabeau

This Hebrew name means ‘God’s promise’. It is the medieval French form of Isabel.

22. Jocosa

Derived from the Medieval English form of Joyce, Jocosa means ‘joy’.

23. Johanne

Derived from Latin Johanna, Johanne in Hebrew means ‘God is gracious’.

24. Katherine

Katherine comes from the Greek word ‘katharos’, meaning ‘pure’.

25. Loretta

This name of Italian or Latin origin means ‘laurel’ or ‘crowned with laurel’.

26. Milia

Milia means ‘of the Aemilius family’ and ‘rival’ coming from Latin ‘aemulus’.

27. Matty

Matty means ‘gift of Yahweh’ from Hebrew ‘mattath’.

28. Mirabel

Stemming from the Latin word ‘mirabilis’, Mirabel means ‘wondrous’ or ‘of wondrous beauty’.

29. Martha

This Aramaic name means ‘lady or mistress of the house’.

30. Nahara

Nahara in Aramaic means ‘light’.

31. Nicole

Derived from Greek Nicholas, Nicole means ‘victory of the people’.

32. Odelgarde

This Germanic name combines the words modern German ‘edel’, meaning ‘noble’, and ‘gard’, meaning ‘guard’.

33. Petronella

Petronella is an Italian diminutive of Petronia, which is derived from the Roman Petronius. Petronella also comes from Greek Petra meaning ‘rock’.

34. Precious

Derived from the Latin ‘pretiōsus’, this cute name means ‘dear’.

35. Poppy

Derived from Old English, the name is borrowed from the Latin root word ‘pap’ meaning ‘to swell’.

36. Razia

Razia in Aramaic means ‘The Lord’s secret’.

37. Rene

Renée is the French form of the Roman name Renatus, and it means ‘reborn’ or ‘born again.’

38. Sensa

This Spanish name means ‘thought’ or ‘teachings’.

39. Sidonie

A common name in the Tudor period of England, this name of French and Latin origins means ‘of Sidon’.

40. Sunnifa

This name of Norman origin means ‘Sun’s Gift’. It derives from the Old English Anglo-Saxon name Sunngifu composed of the elements ‘sunne’, meaning ‘sun’ and ‘giefan’, meaning ‘gift’.

41. Sabina

Sabina comes from the Latin word ‘Sabinus’. In Latin, this Roman cognomen means ‘a Sabine’ (group of people living in central Italy).

42. Stace

This name of Greek and English origins means ‘resurrection’.

43. Taki

This is an Old Danish form of Tage, and it means ‘to capture’.

44. Thomasina

This name of Aramaic origin means ‘twin’. It is a feminine form of Thomas.

45. Ursula

Derived from a diminutive of the Latin ‘ursa’, Ursula means ‘bear’.

46. Violet

This Christian name of Latin origin means ‘purple’.

47. Victoria

Victoria is a Latin word for ‘victory’.

48. Waverly

This name of English origin means ‘meadow of quivering aspens’.

49. Willow

Derived from the Old English word ‘welig’, Willow means ‘willow tree’ and ‘freedom’.

50. Zara

Zara, in Arabic, means ‘white’, in Swahili, it means ‘flowers’, and in Hebrew, it means ‘princess’ or ‘lady’.

Common Medieval Names for Girls

1. Adelaide

Adelaide is the English version of a popular Germanic name which means ‘noble natured’.

2. Amelia

Amelia is a name with German roots which means ‘work’ and ‘dedication’.

3. Beatriz

Beatriz which has Latin roots which means ‘blessings’ and ‘bringer of joy’.

4. Ella

Ella is a name of Hebrew origin, which means ‘God is my light’.

5. Erika

Erika is a name of Norse origin, which means ‘forever powerful’ and ‘sole ruler’.

6. Genevieve

Genevieve is a name of Germanic or Celtic origin. It means ‘God’s blessing’.

7. Olive

Olive is a name with Latin roots which means ‘peace’, ‘dignity’, ‘fruitfulness’ and ‘beauty’.

8. Petra

Petra is a name derived from ‘Peter’, which has Greek roots. It means ‘stone’ or ‘rock’.

9. Regina

Regina is a name of Latin origin which means ‘queen’.

10. Winifred

Winifred is name of Welsh and English origin, which means ‘holy, blessed reconciliation’ or ‘joy and peace’.

Unique Medieval Girl Names

1. Annora

Amnora means ‘destiny’, ‘desire’ and ‘personality’.

2. Eira

Elra is a name of Welsh origin, which means ‘snow’ and ‘beauty’.

3. Emmalina

Emmalina is a name of German origin which means ‘whole’ and ‘universal’.

4. Euphemia

Euphemia is an Ancient Greek name which means ‘positive’ and ‘well-spoken’.

5. Gregoria

Gregoria means ‘to be awake’ and ‘watchful’.

6. Honora

Honora is a name of Italian and Latin origin. It means ‘woman of honor’.

7. Jacquette

Jacquette is a name with French roots which means ‘protected by God’.

8. Papa

A name with Italian roots, Papa is a nickname derived from ‘father cleric pope’. It means ‘goodness’ and ‘holy’.

9. Philomena

Philomena means ‘a nature fanatic’. Specifically, it means ‘lover of fruit’ or ‘lover of animals’.

10. Sigrid

Sigrid means ‘victory’ and ‘beautiful’.

Medieval Names for Girls Related to God and Battle

1. Anika

Anika means ‘graceful’, ‘brilliant’ or ‘sweet-faced’.

2. Dorothy

With Greek roots, Dorothy means ‘God’s gift’.

3. Elisaria

Elisaria is a name of French origin, which means ‘God is my oath’.

4. Eydis

Eydis is a name of Scandinavian origin which means ‘island godess’.

5. Godiva

An Old English name, Godiva means ‘gift of God’.

6. Gyda

Gyda is a name with Scandinavian roots, which means ‘gods’.

7. Jehanne

Jehanne is a French medieval name, which means ‘God is gracious’.

8. Joan

Joan is a name of English origin which means ‘God is gracious’.

9. Raphaelle

Raphaelle is a name with Hebrew and French roots. It means ‘God heals’.

10. Tiffany

Tiffany is a name of Greek origin, which means ‘manifestation of God’.

11. Avice

Avice is a popular name which means ‘refuge in battle’.

12. Berenice

Berenice is an ancient Macedonian Greek name, which means ‘bearer of victory’.

13. Bodil

Bodil is a common Norse baby name which means ‘leader’.

14. Brenna

Brenna is a name from Welsh, which means ‘raven’. If we consider the Norse origin, it means ‘flaming sword’.

15. Brunhilda

Brunhilda is a name said to have been originated from Norse mythology. It means ‘protected by the shield’.

16. Clotilda

Clotilda means ‘famous in battle’.

17. Edme

Edme is a name of Scottish origin, a variation of Esme and Edmund. It means ‘protector’.

18. Gunnora

Gunnora has been derived from the Old Norse name Gunnvor. It means ‘battle protection’.

19. Hawise

Hawise is a Medieval English name, which means ‘battle wide’ or ‘battle wood’.

20. Hildegund

Hildegund is a name of German origin which means ‘battle’ or ‘war’.

21. Luthera

Luthera is a popular name of English origin which means ‘army of the people’.

22. Martine

Martine is usually used to reference the god as ‘of mars’.

23. Mathilda

Mathilda is an English version of the German name Mahthildis. It means ‘might’, ‘strength’ and ‘battle’.

24. Maude

Maude is an Old German name; it is a variant of the name Matilda. It means ‘powerful battler’.

25. Zelda

Zelda is a nickname of Griselda. It means ‘strong woman’ or ‘grey fighting maiden’.

Medieval Baby Girls Names Relating To Renaissance 

1. Anastasia

Anastasia is a name of Greek origin, which means ‘resurrection’.

2. Catalina

Catalina is a name of Irish origin and it means ‘pure’.

3. Cicilia

Cicilia is a beautiful Welsh name which means ‘blind in love’.

4. Filippa

Flippa means ‘lover of nature’ or ‘lover of horses’.

5. Fiora

Flora is a name of Latin origin, which means ‘flower’.

6. Francesca

Francesca is a name derived from Medieval Latin. It means ‘belonging to the people’.

7. Ginevra

Ginevra is an Italian variation of Guinevere, which means ‘white’ and ‘smooth’.

8. Isabetta

Isabetta is a unique variation of the Italian form of Elizabeth. It means ‘pledged to God’.

9. Lavinia

Lavinia is a name with Latin roots, which means ‘legendary mother of the Roman people’.

10. Madalena

Madalena is a name with Hebrew and Portugese roots. It means ‘who always stands for justice’.

11. Nezetta

Nezetta is a name of Latin origin which means ‘just’, ‘peaceful’ and ‘calm’.

12. Serena

Serena means ‘peaceful’ and ‘quiet’.

Medieval Baby Girls Names Related to Vikings

1. Astrid

Astrid is an old Scandinavian name, it means ‘divinely beautiful’.

2. Frida

Frida means ‘peace’.

3. Helga

Helga is a beautiful name in Old Norse, which means ‘holy’ and ‘blessed’.

4. Inga

Inga is a name of Scandinavian origin, and it means ‘peace’ and ‘prosperity’.

5. Randi

With Latin origins, Randi means ‘shield-wolf’.

6. Revna

A popular Old Norse name which means ‘raven’, Revna is a variation of Ravnur.

7. Sif

A goddess in Norse mythology, Sif is known to be the wife of the thunder god Thor. It means ‘bride’ and ‘prosperity’.

8. Tove

Tove is a name with Swedish and Norwegian roots, it means ‘beautiful’.

9. Ulfhild

Ulfhild is popular Viking name which means ‘wolf’ and ‘battle’.

10. Yrsa

A popular Scandinavian name, Yrsa means ‘she-bear’.

Gender-Neutral Medieval Baby Names

1. Asmi

Asmi is a name of Indian origin, and it means ‘a strong and rock-bound person’.

2. Clement

Clement is a person of Latin and French origins, it means ‘merciful’ and ‘mild’.

3. Quentin

Quentin is a French variation of the Roman name Quintinus, which means ‘fifth’.

Depending on the background, you may want to explore several regions in the Middle Ages for cool medieval names from Old Norse, Old Roman, Old Old Celtic, and Old English cultures. From medieval names male to female names medieval, this list has gotten it all, so happy choosing.

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