150 Elegant And Popular Victorian Baby Names for Girls And Boys

Victorian Baby Boy & Girl Names

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Something unusual about choosing that perfect name for your little one. Parenting is a huge responsibility and comes with a lot of tasks to handle. One of them is finding the best name for your baby as the name stays with a person forever. When it comes to the names, the old names have their beauty and elegance. The names from the Victorian era continue to be popular in the present time as well. We present to you the top and most popular Victorian names for boys and girls from which you can choose the most appealing name for your kid.

Victorian Baby Girl Names with Meanings

If you talk about grace and elegance, nothing can beat the Victorian girl names. The names from that period were meaningful and elaborate. If you are looking for an inspiration for gifting your baby girl with a name from the Victorian era, we give you 75 unique and famous names to choose from. Find the name that suits the best to your little princess from the list given below.

Name Meaning
Ada This well-known name is short and sweet, and its meaning is ‘adornment’. The famous namesake of Ada is the daughter of Lord Byron named Ada Lovelace.
Adelaide It is one of the trendy Victorian-era names. It is rarely used name these days. Its meaning is ‘noble’.
Adelia This name is a mixture of Adele and Adelaide. It means ‘noble’.
Agatha This is a Victorian name that means ‘good woman’. This name became famous after the award-winning writer Agatha Christie, who won millions of hearts around the globe through her books.
Allegro This name is derived from the word ‘allegro’, which means ‘quickly or lively tempo’.
Alexandra It is a royal baby girl name that was very popular during the 19th century. Per the reports, it is believed that there was at least one girl or princess named Alexandra in every royal family. The meaning of this name is ‘defender’.
Alice This name became famous through ‘Alice in a Wonderland’. Alice means ‘nobility’ and this name has been in the top ten Victorian names in the past.
Alma This name has different meanings per the different languages. In Swedish, Alma means ‘loving’, while in Persian, it means ‘apple’. In Celtic, Alma means ‘good’.
Anne This name has many variations all over the world. It is often called Anna or Annie, or Ann. Anne’s meaning is ‘grace’. It is a commonly taken first name in England.
Arabella This Royal name has been derived from the Latin language word ‘Orabilis’. The meaning of this word is ‘yielding to prayer’.
Audrey It is a unique name for a baby girl and its meaning is ‘strength and nobility’.
Bertha This name originated in the German language. Its meaning is ‘bright’.
Beryl It is the name of a gemstone.
Blanche It is a rare name from the Victorian era. This name was initially associated with the pale women. However, later on, this name became a symbol of purity and sanity.
Briar This name gained popularity from the name of the princess in the famous folklore ‘The Sleeping Beauty’. The name of the little princess in this folklore was Briar Rose. The literal meaning of this word is ‘thorny shrub’.
Catherine This is an exquisite name that was popular in the Victorian era. It continues to be popular in the modern world as well. It is used in a lot of variations like Katherine or Kathryn. Its meaning is ‘pure’.
Clara Clara means “bright and clear”. This name has the essence and elegance of the Victorian era in it and is associated with a bright and sharp mind.
Clementine This means ‘mild and merciful’. This name represents kindness and compassion of the beholder. Its vibes are very positive, and it is a perfect frilly name for your little princess.
Cora This name means ‘maiden’. It became famous after the novel ‘Last of the Mohicans’, written by the eminent American writer James Fennimore. This name also holds a close association with Lady Cora Grantham in ‘Downtown Abbey’.
Dahlia This is the name of a beautiful flower. It was used occasionally in Britain for baby names.
Della It is a cute and short name, which means ‘noble’.
Dorothea This is a Greek word, which means ‘gift of God’. This name is more like a blessing for your little one.
Ebba The meaning of Ebba is ‘strong’. It was the name of a famous saint of Germany.
Edith Edith means ‘prosperous in war’. It was also the name of a female character in the famous ‘Downtown Abbey’.
Effie The meaning of Effie is ‘well-spoken’. It is a shortened version of Euphemia, which was a famous name during the Victorian era. It became famous after the series ‘Hunger Games’.
Eleanor This name has a beauty and elegance in it. It is one of the prettiest baby girl names from the Victorian era. Its meaning is ‘bright’.
Eliza This is a short form for the famous name “Elizabeth”. Its meaning is ‘pledged to God’. It is the least used short form of Elizabeth, thus making it rare and unique for your baby girl.
Elizabeth It is genuine and the most royal name right now with Queen Elizabeth being its famous namesake. This name is the most popular Victorian name for a baby girl, and its meaning is ‘pledged to God’.
Eloise Eloise means ‘rival’. It is the female version of the Latin male name, Emil.
Elsie It is a cute and short Victorian name for a baby girl that was very popular in the late 19th century. Its meaning is ‘my God is bountiful’.
Emily This name was undoubtedly a favorite name for the authors as many novels have Emily as a female character name in them. Its meaning is ‘industrious’.
Emma It was a trendy name amongst the wealthy Victorian families. This name was considered very classy and sophisticated. Its meaning is ‘universal’.
Esther The meaning of Esther is ‘star’. It is a word derived from the Holy Bible and holds a beautiful essence of brightness and shine.
Evie It is a nickname to the most famous Victorian name ‘Evelyn’. It has been one of the most used names in England until the 19th century. Its meaning is ‘life’ or ‘lively’.
Fannie This name ending with an ‘e’ is a typical representation of the trend of spelling the name in the Victorian era. The meaning of Fannie is ‘free’. It symbolizes a free-spirited woman.
Flora It is the name of the Goddess of the spring in Roman mythology. Its literal meaning is ‘flower’.
Florence This artsy Victorian name means ‘a flower’.
Frances The meaning of Frances is ‘a woman from France’.
Hariet This name is often shortened and called ‘Hattie’. It refers to an estate ruler.
Hazel The name ‘Hazel’ has been derived from the name of the hazelnut tree.
Henrietta The meaning of this name is ‘home ruler’. This name was trendy earlier due to its elegance and charm.
Ida It is a German name that means ‘hardworking’.
Isabella This popular Victorian name means ‘devoted to God’. It is mostly nicknamed as Bella.
Jane The meaning of Jane is ‘God has been gracious’. It is one of the most used Victorian era baby girl names.
Josephine It is a female version of the male name ‘Joseph’. The meaning of Josephine is ‘God increases’.
Josie This is a widely used name that means ‘may Jehovah add’.
Kitty Kitty means ‘pure’. It is used to refer to a cat as well.
Lilian This name is a version of Lily and is associated with purity and innocence.
Lily It is the name of a flower, which is considered a symbol of purity and innocence.
Lottie It is a short form of the name ‘Charlotte’. Its meaning is ‘free woman/man’.
Lucy Lucy means ‘light’. It is a vintage name that was widely used in England.
Luella This name refers to a warrior and depicts the strength and bravery of a soldier.
Mabel Mable refers to someone who is very lovable.
Maggie It is a short form of the name Margaret. It is also the name of a pearl.
Maida It is the name of the Italian origin that means ‘virgin’.
Maisie It is a Scottish variant of the name Margaret, and it refers to a pearl.
Marjorie This is a variation of the name Margaret and its meaning is ‘child of light’.
Martha This name is derived from the Holy Bible, and its meaning is ‘lady’.
Mary Its meaning is ‘beloved’. It was also the name of Mother Mary.
Millie It refers to someone, noble or free-born.
Minnie Minnie means ‘rebellion’, and it gained its popularity after the Disney character ‘Minnie Mouse’.
Nellie This name means ‘shining light’.
Nora Nora means ‘light’ and is a very delicate name for your little daughter.
Ottilie This unusual name is the female variant of the name ‘Otto’, which means ‘riches’.
Rayne This is a famous royal name of the Victorian era. Its meaning is also very royal and refers to ‘a queen’.
Rosie This sweet name can never go out of style. It refers to a rose.
Ruth This is a lovely and crisp name whose meaning is ‘friend’.
Sophronia This is an extended-form of the names Sophia and Sophie. It means ‘prudent’.
Sylvia It is a rare name that means ‘wood’.
Tillie This name means ‘battle mighty’. It became popular when the famous actor Heath Ledger named his daughter Tillie.
Victoria This name is directly associated with royalty and is the biggest name of the Victorian era. Its meaning is ‘victory’.
Vinnie Vinnie refers to a conqueror.
Viola This stylish name carries both the elegance of the vintage era as well as the style of modern times. It is derived from the name of Violet.
Violet Violet is the first colour of the rainbow and is related to the vibrancy.
Winnie Its meaning is ‘the fair one’. The famous show anchor Jimmy Fallon named her daughter Winnie.
Zadie This beautiful name carries the essence of the Victorian era in it and is the perfect vintage name for your little princess.

Victorian Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Victorian Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Victorian-era names had a charm in them. The beautiful names from that period are still ruling the world. The Victorian era not only gave us pretty names for the girls, but it also gave us many cute names for the boys as well. If you are looking for classic Victorian baby names for your little prince, your struggle ends here. The best thing about these Victorian-era names is that these names still have the same charm and appeal. Choose from this list of unique Victorian names and get the aptest name for your little boy.

Name Meaning
Abel It was the name of Adam and Eve’s son. It refers to someone competent, willing and capable.
Abraham It is a very popular Victorian-era baby boy name that means ‘father of a multitude’. The most famous namesake is Abraham Lincoln, the United States president.
Adrian This is the name of the Pope. This beautiful name was quite popular in the Victorian era due to this sophisticated form.
Albert The meaning of this name is bright and noble. This name is associated with intellect because of the great scientist of all times, Albert Einstein.
Alfred The meaning of this name is ‘elf ruler’. This was also the name of the British Prince Alfred and a very famous poet, Alfred Tennyson.
Apollo This is the name of the son of Zeus. Apollo is the God of medicine, music and poetry. The kids with this name are considered very sincere and smart.
Archie It means ‘one who is bold and true’. This name has witnessed massive popularity in the UK. Recently, Prince Harry named his son, ‘Archie’.
Arnold This is a German-language word and its meaning is ‘Eagle power’.
Arthur This is a very formal and classy name and was the name of many kings.
Augustus Augustus means ‘great’. It is mostly nicknamed as ‘Gus’.
Baxter It is a proper British name and its meaning is ‘baker’.
Benedict It was the name of a famous saint. This name has a serious image associated with it.
Bernard Bernard refers to a strong bear. This name can be shortened to Bern or Bernie.
Bert During the Victorian era, Bert was used as the nickname of the name Robert. Its meaning is ‘smart’.
Boaz This name from Victorian time means ‘swiftness’. This name represents the sharp mind of a kid.
Bram Bram refers to the father of the multitude. The famous name-bearer of Bram was the creator of the popular series ‘Dracula’, Bram Stroker.
Caius Caius means ‘rejoice’ and it is derived from the Latin language. It was the name of a Pope from the 3rd century.
Cassius It is a vintage name with a very contemporary vibe. Its meaning is ‘empty’.
Charley It is often spelt as Charlie and it is the informal and casual form of Charles. Charley means a man.
Clarence This name from the Victorian era gained popularity after the name of the famous American attorney, Clarence Darrow.
Claude This name has its roots in the Roman language. Its meaning is ‘from the Roman clan’.
Clifford It is a term that was used in the Victorian era to describe a ford near a slide.
Conrad Conrad refers to ‘a brave counsel’. This German name has been in the top names of the 19th century.
Douglas This name can be shortened to Doug. It means ‘dark stream’. This name has been famous in royalty.
Edgar This name refers to someone fortunate and powerful. A very influential person of the Victorian era, Edgar Degas, had the same name.
Edison The famous name-bearer of this name is Thomas Edison. Its meaning is ‘son of Eddie’.
Edmund This cute name can be shortened to be called as ‘Eddie’. Its meaning is prosperity.
Edwin Edwin’s meaning is ‘a rich friend’. It was also a famous character in the book ‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood’.
Elmer This name means ‘noble or famous’.
Enoch This is a very masculine name, which means ‘dedicated’.
Ephraim This is a name of Hebrew origin. It was also the name of a tribe in Israel. It is a very rare name and carries a vintage essence in it.
Ernest Ernest is an easier variant of the word ‘earnest’. This name is associated with literary greatness because of the famous writer Ernest Hemingway.
Everett Everett refers to a ‘wild boar’. It was a very loved named during the late 80s.
Fletcher This name means ‘arrow maker’.
Floyd It is a Celtic name, which means ‘grey’.
Frank It is one of the most popular names of the 1880s. It means ‘a free man’.
Franklin This vintage yet trendy name means ‘free landholder’.
George This is a German word that means ‘farmer’. This name has been popular in the royal family of the United Kingdom.
Gilbert Gilbert means ‘a grove of trees’. It was a Victorian presidential name i.e. Grover Cleveland.
Griffin This is a Welsh name that means ‘strong lord’. Its popular variant is Griffith.
Harold Harold means ‘a ruler’. It represents the leading qualities of the person and is associated with power.
Harry This is the diminutive of the name “Harry”. Harry means an estate ruler. It is the name of the son of Lady Diana of the British Royal Family.
Harvey This name brings to you a perfect example of a classic name. It means ‘battle worthy’. The famous Harvey Dent from the Batman comic series is its namesake.
Henry Henry refers to an estate ruler. It is a short and crisp name for a baby boy.
Hugh This is the name of the celebrity Hugh Grant and its meaning is ‘intellect’.
Hugo It is a variant of Hugh. It is a perfect Victorian name for your little one. Its meaning is ‘intellect’.
Ives It is a variant of the name ‘Yves’, which was the name of a famous saint. It is a very rare name for your baby.
Ivor The meaning of Ivor is ‘bow warrior’. This name is closely associated with the Gaelic heritage.
Jack Jack means ‘a man’ and it gained popularity after the protagonist’s name in the movie ‘Titanic’.
James It is the English variant of the name Jacob. It has been one of the best pretty names of the Victorian era.
Jerome This Victorian-era name has its roots in the Greek culture. Its meaning is ‘Hieronymus’ and this name has been loved in England. The famous namesake is Jerome Kern.
Jules This beautiful and short baby boy name has the Victorian vibes imbibed in it. Its meaning is ‘youthful’, and it depicts the joy and fun of the youth.
Larkin It means ‘fierce’. This name has a vintage touch in it, but it is equally modern in its approach.
Leo Leo is the name of a lion. It denotes the power and might. The famous Russian author, Leo Tolstoy is the most renowned name-bearer of Leo.
Louis This is the perfect name for all those who are in love with the Victorian era names. Its meaning is ‘famous warrior’. The famous Hollywood actress, Sandra Bullocks, named her son as Louis.
Luther The meaning of this name is ‘renowned warrior’. This name is associated with the famous civil rights leader of America, Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Martin means ‘warlike’. This name has gained popularity in several countries, mainly Austria, Spain, and Chile. This is a very formal and elegant name for a little boy.
Merrit This baby boy name is very crisp to be called. Earlier, it was used as a surname, but now it is mostly used as a first name. Its meaning is ‘worthy’.
Oliver Oliver refers to the olive tree. The famous novel by Charles Dickens revolved around the character ‘Oliver Twist’. It has a modern vibe attached to it.
Oscar The meaning of Oscar is ‘God’s spear’. However, we know it majorly after the prestigious Oscar Awards. So, this name would be perfect for your son, who is nothing less than an award for you.
Otto Otto means ‘one who is wealthy’. This name has an aura of its own due to a short and readily familiar vibe. It is a very cool name for a baby boy.
Phineas This beautiful moniker belongs to the Victorian era and its meaning is ‘oracle’.
Raymond This name means ‘a wise protector’. As the famous brand, Raymond’s tagline suggests, this name is perfect for a ‘complete man’.
Silas It means ‘from the forest’. This is a very sophisticated and different name.
Simeon This is a name that has its roots in the Hebrew language. It is a very beautiful and different name for a baby boy. This name was mostly used in the late 90s.
Sterling The meaning of this rare and unique baby boy name is ‘easterner’. It has a sense of poise and grace connected to it.
Tesla Tesla is a famous name, that has its origin in Serbia. It is the name of a famous automobile company and its meaning is ‘of the axe’.
Thaddeus A very rare name for your baby boy, whose meaning is ‘wise’.
Theodore A strong name for a baby boy, which means ‘gift of God’. This name carries masculinity and charm in it.
Victor This is a very common Victorian-era name. Its meaning is ‘winner’. It is the male variant of Victoria. Its origin is ancient, and it was a popular name in the 19th century.
Warren It is a very raw name for your little one. Its meaning is ‘park-keeper’. This name has also been very popular with the royalty of England. It is a beautiful name for your beautiful little boy.
Watson This name is used both as a first and last name. It means ‘son of Walter’. It has many famous namesakes like the cricketer Shane Watson.
Wellington The meaning of Wellington is ‘from the wealthy state’. It was a very famous British surname and the title of the Duke of Wellington has been considered very prestigious in the royalty. There is also a city named Wellington in New Zealand.
Willie This name was used as a nickname for William. Its meaning is ‘resolute protector’. It is a very cute and trendy name. It is a more casual variant of Williams and a perfect name for your little one.

Your baby is the most important part of your life and naming him is an important event. You should choose such a name for your baby that reflects his personality in a good way. Your baby should derive some confidence from his/her name. Give your baby the best gift of his life by giving him a name that he would love.

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