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New parents or would-be parents want to keep the best name for their baby boys or girls, a name which means something impressive or is distinct like their special baby. Parents nowadays know that a name is the distinct identity of their child. It signifies their whole personality and how they are viewed in their school, college, career and society. A person or kid with a common name like many others is easily overlooked whereas a kid or person with a distinct name is not easily forgotten. A distinct, striking name makes the person memorable for a long time. An impressive name gives a person good confidence and improves their personality, relationships and what not.

Parents name their kids after many things such as religion, traditions, festivals, nature etc. Nature-inspired meaningful names have a distinct and unique personality and represent life. One of the most important components of life is Water. There is nothing without water, and most of the earth is covered by water. Oceans, seas, rivers, lakes and other water bodies are associated with the feelings of liveliness, tranquillity and relaxation. The water bodies are also a symbol of strength and control. The rivers and oceans can sweep away the whole land with their flow but they flow in a controlled manner to enhance life and life forms. So, parents want their babies to be strong, controlled and calm just like water. Hence, naming their kids with a name which means water or is associated with water is in trend, as these names give a distinct and impressive air to the named person.

There are plenty of water names in many cultures and languages to choose from. Also, there are many aqua-related names, for parents who don’t want to restrict themselves to just names literally meaning water. So here we have some of the best and impressive names associated with water or meaning water for both girls and boys for you to choose from.

Girl Names that Mean Water

A girl will always be remembered for her beautiful name, so an impressive name will always be in vogue. Choosing one of the beautiful and elegant water names or aqua-associated names for the baby girl will ensure a distinct impression throughout her life.


Here are such evanescent names we handpicked for you to zero in on for your little Atlantis-seeker. Choose with instinct as you also take into account your princess’ inborne qualities:

Name Meaning 
 Anahita Anahita meaning “water or river goddess” is a beautiful name from a Persian origin. This name is one of the elegant female names meaning water.
 Aqua The Latin word for “water”, Aqua is a unique female name meaning water. The name is also associated with a blue-green colour.
 Ara Ara is one of the short and simple girl names associated with water. The name with an Arabic origin means “brings rain”.
 Bayou Bayou is a sultry and charming name meaning “a small stream”. The name is one of the most appealing water names for girls.
 Cascade It is a beautiful girl name associated with water. The name creates a picture of rushing waterfalls. The other variant of the name Cascadia is also quite unique.
 Como Como meaning “lake” is an Italian origin name. The distinctive water associated name inspires a soothing and calming water image.
 Coral This is a beautiful girl name associated with water and not just the name of beautiful colour. The name is also used for underwater reefs formed by the skeletal deposits.
 Cordelia Cordelia is a stylish name meaning “daughter of the sea”. This is a beautiful and unique girl name associated with water.
 Darya Darya of Iranian origin means “sea”.
 Delta Delta meaning “an area of land in which a river is divided into many smaller rivers” is a perfect water associated name.
 Evian Evian female variation of Evian is the name of a prominent boutique brand of water. The name means “the Lord is gracious”.
 Guadalupe This unique name for females means “river of black stones”. The name of Spanish origin is one of the perfect water-meaning names for females.
 Hali Hali is a Greek word for “sea”. The name is a unique female name meaning water. Its variation Halle is also popular.
 Isla Isla, the name of a Scottish river means “island”.
 Kai Kai is a beautiful Hawaiian name meaning “sea”.
 Kendall Kendall meaning “valley of the River Kent” is one of the beautiful female names associated with water. The name became prominent by Kendall Jenner, a famous TV personality.
 Kendra Kendra is the female variation of ken meaning “clear water”.
 Laguna Laguna is a beautiful name referring to the body of water separated by a reef or coral.
 Lake Lake is one of the refreshing water names for females.
 Loire Loire is a beautiful name of a river in France.
 Lucerne Lucerne is a beautiful name meaning “light”. The name brings the pristine images of Swiss lake and surrounding mountain town to the mind.
 Lynn Lynn is a sweet Irish origin name meaning “lake”.
 Marella Marella is the Japanese version of Muriel meaning “of the bright sea”. The name is one of the stylish and sophisticated female names associated with water.
 Marilla Marilla is a Latin name meaning “shining sea”. The unique name is perfect for a beautiful girl.
 Marina This is one of the most famous female names meaning water. Marina refers to an area of water where boats and yachts are kept and to marine meaning sea or water.
 Maris Maris is one of the epithets of the Virgin Mary and it means “of the sea”.
 Marlowe Marlowe is an exotic-sounding name meaning “from the hill by the lake”. This beautiful name and its variations Marlo and Marlow all are famous.
 Maya Maya is an exotic name for females with two references. The mystical name in Hebrew means “water” and in Roman refers to the Mother Earth or the incarnation of Goddess of Spring
 Meredith Meredith is a soft and gentle name meaning “seal lord” in Welsh.
 Michal This Biblical is the name of the wife of King David and King Saul’s daughter, Michal means “brook”.
 Mira Mira is a pure cross-cultural name from the Sanskrit language. The beautiful name means “sea or ocean”.
 Misty The name which is a take on mist means “tiny drops of water”.
 Monroe Monroe meaning “mouth of the Roe River” is a trendy first name for females.
 Moselle Moselle from the Hebrew language means “from the water”.
 Muriel The name Muriel means “of the bright sea”. The name also has origin in Celtic mythology and refers to an angel who governs the month of June.
 Nerida Nerida meaning “mermaid or sea nymph” is of Greek origin.
 Nixie Nixie is a cute water-related name. The name Nixie refers to the water spirit.
 Noelani This unique name means “mist of heaven”.
 Oceane Oceane is the feminine version of Ocean. It is one of the chicest water names. The name is the name of Water God or Greek Oceanus, God of the Sea.
 Rainey Rainey is an elegant name meaning “rain”.
 Rialta Rialta is of Italian origin and the name means “deep Brooke”.
 Rosemary Rosemary is from Greek Mythology and is a symbol of true lovers. The name means “dew of the sea”.
 Sedna Sedna is a unique and lovely water-themed name. The name refers to the Inuit Goddess of the sea.
 Shannon This Irish name means “old, wise river”.
 Tahoe Tahoe meaning “edge of the lake” is a beautiful Native American name. the name conjures up images of the beautiful lake between Nevada and California.
 Talise Talise meaning “lovely water” is a beautiful name of Native American origin. Its variation Tali means “dew”.
 Tallulah Tallulah is an Irish origin name meaning “leaping water”. The name is Anglicized version of Tuilelaith.
 Yareli Yareli is a beautiful girl’s name meaning “water lady”. The name is of Native American origin. It is also a derivative of Yara meaning “butterfly” from Spanish origin.
 Zambezi This exotic and unique name Zambezi is the name of the fourth-longest African river.
 Zarya Zarya the name of the water priestess is from Slavic mythology.

Boy Names that Mean Water

A boy or man will always leave the first impressions due to his name, so an impressive name will always be in trend. Choosing one of the best water names or aqua-associated names for the baby boy will ensure a distinct impression throughout his life.


Here are such watery names for your little critter boy to flaunt throughout his life:

Name Meaning
Aalto Aalto is a Scandinavian and Finnish origin name meaning “wave”.
Alun Alun is one of the unusual water themed baby names for boys. The name from Welsh origin is a river name in Wales.
Adrian Adrian is in context to the Adriatic Sea is one of those very cool water inspired names for boys.
Arno Arno means “flower water” is the name of the main river in Florence, Italy.
Arroyo The name literally means “deep gully cut by an intermittent stream”.
Bay Bay is a unique name for boys meaning “a water body enclosed by land”.
Beck Beck meaning “stream” is an Old Norse origin name. The name is diminutive of Beckham.
Bourne The Middle English origin name Bourne means “one who lives near a stream”. The name was made popular by Matt Damon.
Brook Brook is one of the popular water inspired male names. The name refers to a person living near a stream.
Calder Calder is one of the traditional English water themed baby names meaning “rocky water”.
Caspian Caspian is the name of a place. The name reminds of large sea between Asia and Europe.
Clifford Clifford is one of the names that have to do with water. It means “living near the ford by the water”.
Coburn One of the unusual Welsh origin water names, Coburn means “rocky water or stony water”.
Conway Conway is a spiritual name meaning “holy water” in Welsh.
Cove The name meaning “coastal inlet or a small bay”, is one of the underused water inspired male names.
Danube Danube is the name of a river and is a perfect name for boys.
Destan Destan, a French name means “by the still waters”.
Douglaa Douglas, a Scottish name means “dark water”. The name is also attached to a Scottish clan which is known for their bravery.
Dover Dove is the Welsh term for “water”. It is also a town in Massachusetts. A British seaport is also named as Dover.
Dylan Dylan from Welsh mythology means “son of the sea” and is the name of sea God.
Fjord Fjord is a unique name for boys referring to a passage in the sea.
Ford Ford is an English origin name meaning “river crossing”.
Harbor Harbor is an appealing males name meaning “a place on the coast where ships take shelter”.
Hudson Hudson is the popular river in New York. He name means “Hugh’s son”.
Hurley The old Irish name, Hurley means “sea tide”. It is one of the popular water names for boys.
Irving The Scottish origin name Irving means “green river or sea friend”.
Jordon Jordon means “flowing down”. Initially, it was used to name children baptised by the holy water of River Jordon.
Kiyo Kiyo is one of the Japanese boy names meaning water. The name is distinct and unique.
Lincoln Lincoln the name of popular President Lincoln means “town by the lake”.
Lir The deep meaning name Lir is the name of the Irish god of the sea.
Marsh Marsh is a soft and unique name meaning “a low-lying land flooded at the high-tide or in wet season”.
Morgan Morgan a traditional Welsh male name means “circling sea”.
Morrissey Morrissey meaning “choice of the sea” is an Irish origin name. The name was made popular by famous English songwriter and crooner, Steven Patrick Morrissey.
Murphy The name means “sea warrior” and is the English version of Murchadh, a Gaelic name.
Murray Murray is an Irish origin name meaning “lord of the sea”.
Neptune Neptune a unique name from the Roman mythology means “God of the Freshwater”.
Nile Nile is the name of the popular Egyptian river. The name means “blue”.
Po This short and sweet male name inspired by water is perfect for parents looking for a distinct name. Po is the name of the longest river in Italy.
Reef This uncommon name means “a bar of sand or rock beneath the water”.
River River meaning “a stream of water” is a straight and to-the-point water name for males.
Sailor Sailor is one of the not so common water associated with male names. But the uniqueness of the name is what attracts many parents to it.
Seaton Seaton is a unique name meaning “town by the sea”.
Thames Thames meaning “river” is the name of the famous river in London.
Trent The Latin name meaning “gushing water” is also the name of an England river.
Wade Wade literally means “river crossing”. The name also is used as a term for walking in the water.
Wolcott Wolcott, an English origin boys name means “cottage near a stream”.
Wilton A unique boy’s name, Wilton means “place by the stream”. The name of English origin is one of the unique male names associated with water.
Wyre Wyre meaning “winding river” is a geographical name of Celtic origin. It is the name of two rivers- Afon Wyre in Wales and River Wyre in welsh.
Zale Zale is short and unique water associated names meaning “strong sea” or “power of the sea”. The name has a Greek origin.
Zenebe Zenebe of African and Amharic origin means “raining”. The appealing name with cross-culture origins.

To name your little boy or girl with a distinct and trendy name, a name that means water or is associated with water is the fashionable and contemporary trend. So, choose an impressive name for your baby which means or relates to water to get that distinct name for your little one. The name you shall bestow upon her shall define her for life. Happy naming!

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