Top 55 Prince Names For Boys & Their Meanings

55 Prince Names For Boys & Their Meanings

Nothing is more wonderful than the day you first see your baby. Every parent would instantly feel in their hearts that the child is their special little prince or princess. This is why most parents go for prince baby names or the names that mean ‘prince’ because that’s how they see their little one. Parents would also want their children to have an aura of majesty and power. Check out these beautiful baby boy names that would suit your little one.

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Adorable Baby Names That Means Prince

1. Adelio

The origin of this wonderful name is German. The meaning of the name Adelio is ‘The father of the noble prince’ and is a wonderful option for your little one. It is also believed that the name has a Spanish origin but is widely used in English-speaking countries.

2. Amir

Who doesn’t love a nice, traditional name? The name Amir has a Hebrew and Arabic origin, meaning ‘ruler or king’. The verb form is ‘to rule or command’.

3. Arne

The name has a Dutch, Scandinavian Origin, and this great name means ‘strong as an eagle’ or ‘ruler’. This is a common name in Scandinavia and is also used as a surname in England. It is also considered to be the variation of another popular name Arnold.

4. Abdullah

Abdullah is a popular name among Muslim parents that means ‘servant of Allah’.

5. Adiputra

Adiputera has Malay and Sanskrit origin and means ‘first son of the king’ or ‘first prince’.

6. Albert

Albert is of German origin and means ‘noble’, ‘bright’ and ‘famous’.

7. Barin

Barin has Greek and Saxon origins meaning ‘noble fighter’.

8. Brion

Brion has Irish origins and means ‘brave person having high virtues’.

9. Balthazar

This mighty name has a Greek origin, and the meaning of the name is ‘God protects the king’. It is also biblical and one of the names of the Three Kings. This name is intriguing. Another variation of the name is Balthasar.

10. Basil

This is a great name derived from the ancient Greek name Vassilios. The meaning of this name is ‘royal, brave and kingly’. However, some believe that the name has an Arabic origin and the meaning of the name in its Arabic roots is ‘fearless’ and ‘brave’.

11. Brioc

This is a wonderful prince name for a baby boy of Welsh origin. The meaning of the name is ‘mighty prince’. The saint was named after the village in Cornwall. The other names include Bryok, Breok, Breok, Briec, and Briog.

12. Cynfael

If you are looking for a unique name with a royal meaning, this is the one. This baby boy’s name means ‘chief prince’ and is derived from the ancient Welsh language. The other name variant is Cynfal, pronounced as ‘Kihn-Fih-L’.

13. Caspian

The name Caspian is a boy’s name and has British origin. It means ‘white’.

14. Chao

Chao has Portuguese and Galician roots derived from the Galician-Portuguese surname, meaning ‘plain’ or ‘plateau’.

15. Charles

Charles is derived from the Germanic word ceorl, which means ‘free man’. 

16. Dawid

Dawid is an old Hebrew name with deep Biblical roots and means ‘beloved’. It is the ancient form of the popular English name David.

17. Deuard

Deuard is a regal-sounding name that means ‘wealthy guard’.

18. Darius

This baby name has a Persian origin, and the meaning of the name is ‘rich and kingly’ or ‘he possesses’. The other related names are Dario and Dariush.

19. Ericson

This name was derived from the Old Norse language, and the meaning of the name is ‘son of an eternal ruler’. The other variations of the name include Erickson or Erikson.

20. Egon

Egon, a boy’s name, is of Old German origin, and Egon means ‘edge of a sword’.

21. Elmurza

This unique Turkish name is the Persian word for ‘prince’. It is also an Iranian name meaning ‘descendant of Amir.

22. Eshkhan

Eshkhan is a baby boy name of Armenian roots. It means prince.

23. Felipe

Felipe is the Spanish form of the Greek name Philippos, derived from the Greek word Philos, meaning ‘friend’ and Hippos, meaning ‘horse’.

24. Felix

Felix is an adorable baby boy name that stems from the Latin Felix, meaning ‘happy’ or ‘lucky’.

25. Fjord

Fjord is a unique name of Scandinavian, Norse and Norwegian origin that means ‘passage by the sea’.

26. Frederick

This is a great baby name that means ‘peaceful ruler’. This is the English variation of another popular German name, ‘Friedrich’. In this Germanic word, the prefix ‘Frid’ means ‘peace’, and ‘ric’ means ‘power’ or ‘ruler’. So Fred can be used as a short form for the name.

27. Griffith

This striking name is often used as a surname and has a Welsh origin. However, the name is believed to have been derived from another name Gruffudd. Therefore, another variation of the name is Gruffydd.

28. Guillaume

Guillaume is a boy’s name of Old German origin and means ‘protector’.

29. Gustaf

Gustaf, a boy’s name, is of Scandinavian origin, which means ‘royal’ or ‘divine staff’.

30. Hamdan

Hamdan is an Islamic name for boys that means ‘praise worthy’.

31. Hans

Hans is a male name of Scandinavian origin meaning ‘God Is gracious’.

32. Harold

Harold is a boy’s name with Scandinavian roots derived from the Old English version of Hereweald. It means ‘army’ or ‘ruler’.

33. Harry

Harry is a popular name for boys and has a German origin. Meaning ‘home ruler’. 

34. Hector

Hector is a baby boy’s name of Greek origin. It is so spelt as Hektor and means ‘steadfast’.

35. Henry

The name Henry is a male name of German origin and means ‘ruler of the home’.

36. Ishkhan

Ishkhan was a feudal title in medieval Armenia that means prince. This name originates from the Iranian word axšāwan, which literally translates to ‘king’.

37. Ivan

Ivan is a baby boy’s name of Slavic, Russian, and Hebrew origins. It means ‘God is gracious’.

38. Khun

Khun is a Korean name. It is derived from the colloquial Thai honorific name that means ‘golden shower tree’.

39. Legolas

Legolas is a popular Lord of the rings character and means ‘a collection of vintage leaves’. 

40. Louis

The meaning of the boy’s name Louis, which is of German and French origin, is ‘renowned warrior’.

41. Lune

Lune is a Latin-derived baby girl’s name. With the name that means ‘moon,’ your kid will constantly be reminded of the strength and beauty of life anytime they gaze up at the night sky.

42. Leroy

This is a chic name that has been in popularity for many decades. The name is believed to have been derived from French, and the meaning of the name is ‘the King’. It is initially used as a surname, but many people use it as a first name.

43. Mavendra

Mavendra is an Indian-origin masculine name that generally means ‘king among men’.

44. Otto

Otto, a boy’s name with German roots, means ‘wealth’.

45. Paris

The name Paris refers to alluring representations of a stylish cultural personality with a preference for great art and superior cuisine. The name Paris literally means ‘defender’, but it has Greek origin and is steeped in folklore and myth. 

46. Philippos

The Greek name Philip is related to Philippos, a boy’s name. Philippos means ‘horse lover’ in Greek.

47. Prytanis

The original meaning of the Greek name Prytanis, can still be found in Aeschylus’ Prometheus. The supreme god Zeus is called a prytanis, a leader.

48. Prince

There is no specific description needed for this name. However, it is common among people. It is derived from Latin.

49. Reagan

The meaning of this name is ‘little king’ and is the perfect option for your baby prince. This name is said to have been derived from Irish, and the name is powerful and strong. It has been climbing up in popularity over the years, and there are many famous people with this name.

50. Raj

This name has Sanskrit roots, and the meaning of the name is ‘king’. The other variation of the name is Raja. These names were once given to Malay or Indian princes as their princely titles. The other meaning of the name is ‘rule’.

51. Siddhartha

Siddharth is a boy’s name with Sanskrit and Hindi roots that means ‘one who has accomplished a goal’.

52. Simba

Simba is a Swahili-derived boy’s name that many inner children around the world love. Simba, which means ‘lion’, has become a mythical figure due to the adored main character in The Lion King.

53. Terry

This translation also means ‘people’s ruler’. There is no specific description needed for this name. However, it is common among people.

54. William

William is one of the most well-liked boy’s names and has Germanic origins. It is a combination of the terms ‘will’ and ‘helm,’ which imply ‘protection, will or desire’.

55. Yaphet

In Hebrew, the meaning of Yaphet for boys is ‘comely’.

Baby names with a royal meanings are adorable yet powerful. These beautiful and powerful baby names meaning prince, are surely going to suit your little one.

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