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From the hunter-gatherer society to the more advanced industrial societies, the nature of the surnames depended on what was important to the society at that time. Most often the surnames were derived from occupations, place of settlement and social statues as they were passed from one generation to the next. This family name or last name can be in compound form, gender-specific, ornamental or descriptive as per cultural laws in different countries. However, in the modern era, surnames were adopted for administrative or political reasons. Thus the institution of the last name is indeed fascinating as it exists as a form of social address based on which we find a place in the social universe we inhabit. Last names beginning with ‘D’ can be symbolic as the alphabet resonates the ideas of pragmatism, deliverance, focus and security. Here is a list of last names with ‘D’ that would help you to add some spice to your personal and family identity.

80 Last Names Or Family Names That Start With ‘D’ With Meanings

This list of common last names beginning with ‘D’ with their meanings can be an instant reckoner for those looking to pick a suitable surname for themselves or their little baby.

1. D’ambrisio

Derived from Latin Ambrosius, meaning ‘immortal’, the name was popular in the 4th century.

2. D’Antonio

This Italian surname means ‘son of Antonio’. The Antonius Roman clan was considered as ‘priceless’.

3. D’Aramitz

Derived from Basque ‘haran’ that means ‘valley’, D’Aramitz denotes the one who came from Aramits, a town in the French Pyreness.

4. D’Cruz

Originating from Iberia, Cruz spread to Spain and Portugal where it means ‘Christian cross’.

5. Daalman

‘Daal; means ‘valley’ in Dutch and ‘man’ means ‘man’. The name refers to ‘a person who lived in a valley’.

6. Dabato

The name is derived from Southern Italian Sabbato, which means ‘Saturday’. It also comes from a Late Latin word ‘Sabbatum’ or Hebrew ‘Shabat’, which mean ‘rest’. Dabato refers to ‘someone born on a Saturday’.

7. Dabbs

This patronymic medieval surname is derived from the Germanic name Robert, which is composed of the elements of ‘hrod’ and ‘berht’ meaning ‘famous’.

8. Dace

Dace is a metonymic occupational name derived from Old French ‘dars’. It is a nickname for someone who resembles a dace fish. It also means ‘fisherman’ or ‘fish seller’.

9. Dach

Dach is a Polish and German topographical surname that refers to ‘a settler on clayey soil’.

10. Dack

Derived from the medieval origin, Dack means ‘a badger’ referring to somebody known for their nocturnal habits or has unusual physical features.

11. Da Costa

Derived from Portuguese, Italian, Jewish origin, Da Costa is a topographic name for Costa. It refers to ‘someone who lived on a riverbank or sea coast’.

12. Dadds

This Welsh name of Celtic origin may be derived from Germanic ‘dudd’ or ‘dodd’ denoting ‘a stupid person’ or a ‘lumpish person’.

13. Dadson

Derived from Old English ‘Dodda’ or ‘Dudda’, it was a term of endearment for a baby boy.

14. Dahl

Derived from Old Norse, Dahl means ‘valley’.

15. Dahlman

This Swedish surname means ‘dale’, ‘valley’ and ‘man’ referring to ‘someone who lived by the valley’.

16. Dalca

This Romanian surname means ‘lightning’.

17. Dale

Derived from Old English ‘dael’, meaning ‘valley’, it indicates ‘a person living by the valley’.

18. Daly

Daly is an anglicised form of Irish O’Dalaigh which means ‘descendant of Dalach’ or ‘one who is present at assemblies’.

19. Dam

Dam means ‘dike’ in Dutch. In modern Danish, it means ‘pond’ referring to ‘someone who lived by it’.

20. Damiano

This patronymic Italian surname is derived from Latin ‘Damianus’ which in turn comes from a Greek goddess name ‘Damia’.

21. Damore

This Italian patronymic surname comes from Amore meaning ‘love’. It sometimes refers to a ‘love child’.

22. Damyanov

Derived from Bulgarian Damyan, Damyanov means ‘son of Damian’.

23. Danchev

This Bulgarian surname means ‘son of Dancho’.

24. Dane

This Anglo-Saxon topographical surname is derived from ‘denu’, which means ‘valley’. It refers to ‘dwellers in the valley’.

25. D’angelo

This Italian patronymic surname means ‘son of Angelo’.

26. Daniel

Derived from Hebrew origin, Daniel means ‘God is my judge’. Two Biblical figures are named Daniel.

27. Danielsen

This surname of Danish and Norwegian origin means ‘son of Daniel’.

28. Darbinyan

This Armenian surname means ‘blacksmith’.

29. Darby

This English locational surname is derived from Old Norse ‘djur’, meaning ‘deer’, and ‘byr’, which means ‘farm’.

30. Darrel

Derived from Late Latin ‘arealis’, meaning ‘open space’, Darrel denotes ‘one who came from the Airel town of Normandy’.

31. Darrow

This habitational surname is a Scottish variant of northern Irish Darragh. It comes from Gaelic ‘darach’ that means ‘oak tree’.

32. Darzi

This Persian surname means ‘tailor’.

33. Daskalov

This Bulgarian patronymic name means ‘teacher’.

34. Daube

Derived from German ‘Taube’, the name means ‘pigeon’ or ‘dove’. The name also refers to a ‘mild and gentle person’.

35. Daubney

Derived from Gallo-Roman name Albinus, Daubney is a toponymic name for towns in France called Aubigny.

36. David

This Brythonic Celtic surname originates from Wales, and it means ‘friend’ or ‘darling’ in Hebrew. The name was popularised by King David of Isreal.

37. Davidson

This British patronymic surname means ‘son of David’.

38. Davidyan

This Armenian surname means ‘son of David’.

39. Davies

This patronymic Welsh surname is translated into David which in Hebrew means ‘beloved’.

40. Davin

This is an Irish surname, which is derived from Gaelicword ‘damh’, meaning ‘a stag’ or ‘an ox’.

41. Davis

This Welsh patronymic surname meaning ‘son of David’ is derived from Hebrew name David that means ‘beloved’.

42. Dawson

Derived from Anglo-Saxon descent, this baptismal name means ‘son of David’.

43. Day

Derived from a medieval diminutive of David, this patronymic surname means ‘day-servant’.

44. Deadman

A variant of Debenham which denotes the name of the River Deben, which also denotes ‘deep’, and the word ‘hem’, which means ‘settlement’. Deadman refers to a ‘person from Debenhem town’.

45. Dean

This Anglo-Saxon surname is derived from English ‘dene’ meaning ‘valley’.

46. DeAngelis

This Italian surname means ‘son of Angelo’.

47. DeCampo

This Italian surname is derived from the place name Campo.

48. Dedrick

This English surname is a variant of Derek and means ‘Gifted ruler’.

49. Deering

This Old English given name means ‘dear’ or ‘beloved’.

50. DeFelice

This Italian patronymic surname is derived from Latin word Felix meaning ‘happy’.

51. Deforest

This French surname means ‘from the forest’.

52. Degarmo

Derived from French ‘de Garmeaux’, this surname refers to a place named Garmeaux in Normandy.

53. DeGirmenci

This Turkish surname means ‘miller’.

54. DeGroot

This Dutch surname means ‘big’ or ‘great’.

55. DeHaven

This Dutch surname means ‘someone who lives or lived at a harbour’.

56. DeJong

This Dutch surname means ‘young’.

57. DeJonker

This Dutch occupational surname indicates ‘an ancestor who was a jonkheer or worked for one.’

58. DeKlerk

This Dutch occupational surname refers to ‘a scribe’ or ‘a clerk’.

59. De la cruz

This Spanish surname means ‘of the cross’.

 60. Delaney

Derived from Norman French ‘de l’aunaie’, the name means ‘from the alder grove’.

61. Demir

This Turkish surname refers to ‘the iron-maker’.

62. Demirovic

This Bosnian surname means ‘son of Demir’.

63. Denzil

This English surname refers to someone who comes from Denzell, a manor in Cornwall.

64. DePalma

This Italian surname means ‘from the palm tree’.

65. Derrickson

This English surname means ‘son of Derrick’.

66. Desmond

Derived from Gaelic Deasmhumhain, Desmond refers to ‘someone who came from South Munster region of Ireland’.

67. Desrosiers

Derived from French ‘rosier’, the name refers to a ‘person who lived near a rose garden’.

68. Devin

Derived from Old French word ‘devin’, which means ‘divine’, Devin refers to a ‘person who acted divinely’.

69. DeWitte

DeWitte is a nickname for ‘a person with white hair’.

70. Dibra

As Dibra refers to Debar city in Macedonia, Dibra refers to ‘someone who came from there’.

71. DiCaprio

Derived from Latin ‘capra’ meaning ‘goat’ and Greek Kapros meaning ‘wild boar’, Di Caprio refers to the Capri Island near Naples.

72. Dixon

Derived from Anglo-Saxon patronymic name Dick, Dixon is a baptismal name that means ‘son of Richard’.

73. Douglas

Douglas is a habitational surname derived from Scottish Gaelic ‘Dubh’, which means ‘black and ‘glais’, which means ‘stream’.

74. Doyle

Derived from Irish origin, Doyle is an anglicised form of O Dubhghaill meaning ‘descendant of Dubhghall’. Dubhghall means ‘black stranger’.

75. Duff

The name is derived from Gaelic ‘Dubh’, meaning ‘dark’.

76. Dunn

Dunn is an anglicised form of Irish surname O’Duinn that means ‘grandson of Donn’. The Gaelic form of this name means ‘brown-haired’.

77. Dvorak

Derived from Czech’ dvur’ meaning ‘manor’, Dvorak indicates someone who works in a manor’.

78. Dwerryhouse

This English surname refers to ‘a person who worked or lived at a dyehouse’.

79. Dyer

Derived from Old English word ‘deah’, this occupational surname means ‘cloth dyer’.

80. Dziedzic

Derived from Polish dziedzic, Dziedzic means ‘landowner’.

Hope this inventory of surnames beginning with ‘D’ can play a role in unravelling your family’s origin, ethnicity or religion. As often the power of a surname is linked to a successful life, it is important to carry it wherever you go as an identity. If you’re hunting for surnames starting with ‘D’, this can be your perfect database guide to begin your search.

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