Arthur Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Arthur Name Meaning and Origin

When we talk about Arthur, the image that probably pops up for most people would be the renowned King Arthur, especially famous for his round table incidents. While not much is known about the name, it cannot be denied that it is highly influential, holds a lot of weight, and makes an impactful statement. So, in an age where so many older names are making a striking comeback, new parents should not sit on the name ‘Arthur,’ The first step begins by reading this article, which contains all the information you may want to know about the name.

What Does Arthur Mean? 

There is still conflict and confusion about what the name ‘Arthur’ means. However, as per historical records, the meaning of Arthur can be translated to either the animal “bear,” from the Celtic term Artos or even to “Thor, the eagle,” derived from the Old German name Arnthor. As per the Celtic term Artos, the name can also be modified to mean “as strong as a bear” or “bear hero.” Regardless of what the name means, both the meanings represent the image of a solid and reliable figure.


Origins of the name Arthur can mainly be stated to come from Scottish or Celtic roots, especially when considering the meaning of the name related to “bear.” This name remains the same if we consider the origin to be Welsh, while the meaning changes to “Thor, the eagle” when considering the name to be of Old German roots.




  • Aar-thurr
  • Ar-ther


2 Syllables


6 Letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

Other spellings for Arthur can help us get an idea of the different cultures that have adopted the name and how its spelling has changed according to the culture. In this regard, below are some of the closest and most similar Arthur name variations that are sure to help you understand the concept even better:

Name Origin
Artur Welsh
Aurthar Welsh
Aurthur Welsh
Arthor Welsh
Artair Welsh
Aurther Welsh
Arth Welsh/Sanskrit
Arturo Welsh
Artek Welsh
Arturis Welsh

How Popular Is the Name Arthur? 

The popularity of Arthur is best evaluated by identifying how many children were registered with the name as per the social security records of the USA. And for this purpose, resorting to Social Security Administration data can be an effective and accurate method. In the case of the Arthur popularity ranking since 2000, it can be observed that the name is well on its way to becoming incredibly popular once again. While the name started the name with a high ranking of 316 in 2000, falling even further in the coming years. However, from 2011 onwards, the name has been on a steady but gradual increase in ranking and popularity. As per the latest records collected regarding 2020, the Arthur baby name ranking was 162 in the US, with 2319 boys being given the name. Observing these trends, the name is expected to become even more popular and widely used in the future as well.

Interest in Arthur – Worldwide

As per the interest trendline over the last decade, it can be observed that the global interest in Arthur as a search term has remained consistently in the middle range. Except for the score of 78 in May 2017 and 100 in December 2020, the name has stayed below the score of 75. Similarly, with the lowest score of 40 in June and August 2021, the term has stayed consistent with a popularity score of above 40.

Interest in Arthur – the US

The interesting trend for the term Arthur has remained pretty low over the last decade. While very infrequent instances of rising popularity can be observed, especially in December 2020, which led to the score of 100, the overall interest has been considerably low. Similarly, the lowest score of 32 was achieved in June 2014, May 2015, and June 2021.

Popularity of the Name Arthur 


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search Trends of Arthur – Worldwide

Out of the 61 regions evaluated, Ghana has been the country to have generated the highest search for Arthur in the last ten years. Followed by Ghana, France, the UK, Australia, and Ireland take up the remaining four spots to round off the list of the top five countries.

Search Trends of Arthur – the US

Among the 51 sub-regions of the US, Vermont has been the region that has generated the highest interest, garnering a score of 100 in terms of such interest. Apart from Vermont, Texas, New Hampshire, Louisiana, and Massachusetts complete the list of the top five sub-regions, in that order.

Middle Names That Go With Arthur 

Arthur is an incredibly imposing name, giving off an air of regality and authority. And for such names, you need to carefully choose the middle name, which needs to complement the first name and create an even better statement than Arthur alone. For this purpose, the following is a list of some suitable double names with Arthur:

Constantine Damian
Fenwick Jeremiah
Jonathan Phoenix
Sebastian Thatcher
Zaiden Wolfram
Maximilian Leonidas
Huxley Griffith
Eduardo Chauncey
Benjamin Alexander
Coleman Elijah

Famous People Named Arthur 

Popular personalities with the name Arthur have helped make the name so immensely popular can also influence parents to adopt the name for their children. In this regard, the following list of some such celebrities can help persuade you to choose the name for your son as well:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Arthur Robert Ashe American Tennis Player
Arthur Tudor Prince of Wales
Arthur Conan Doyle Scottish Novelist
(Jean Nicolas) Arthur Rimbaud French Poet
Arthur Rackham English Book Illustrator
Arthur Schopenhauer German Philosopher
Arthur Wontner English Actor
Arthur Robert Morris Australian Cricketer
Arthur Asher Miller American Playwright
Arthur Ira “Art” Garfunkel Member of American Singer Duo Simon & Garfunkel

Similar Names & Last Names 

Baby-names like Arthur that exude the same meaning and stately nature can be great alternatives for Arthur itself, especially for parents who focus on the meaning of the name. So, as long as you have suitable family names for Arthur, you can take hints from these other names for your list of baby names for your boy:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Theodore Tarantino
William Quirke
George Hatchett
Edward Hanford
Henry Sackfield
Oliver Earlston
Jasper Keating
Louis MacDuff
Augustus Rampton
Ezekiel Sheppard

Names That Sound Like Arthur 

The phonetic nature of Arthur is another one of its enviable qualities, making parents wish to replicate the same for their children. Thus, if you are a parent who wishes to go for the same phonetic statement that the name makes, here are some other names that rhyme with Arthur for you to add to your list of baby names:

Reiner Archer
Asher Olexander
Ryder Sawyer
Hunter Fisher
Xavier Carter
Parker Tyler
Tanner Miller
Peter Walter
Fletcher Kaiser
Conner Porter

Sibling Names Related to Arthur 

Sister names for a name need to go as well as brother names for the name. This is because all siblings’ names need to flow well and be similar in sense and gravity. So, if you are looking for sibling names that go with Arthur, here are some of the best options you can choose from:

Sister Names for Arthur Brother Names for Arthur
Olivia Elliott
Bernadette Eli
Matilda Theodore
Beatrice Gerard
Bianca Kingsley
Eleanor Nathan
Alice Nicholas
Camilla Jackson
Victoria Isaiah
Elizabeth Julian

Nicknames for Arthur 

Fun nicknames are a must in every household and for every person. While they are often fun and maybe wacky, they do the perfect job of conveying the love you have for your child without telling them so verbatim. So, choose from these nicknames to strengthen your bond with your child:

Art Artie
Arto Tutu
Artie Boy Arth
Thor Thur
Artho Earthy

The name Arthur is a very composed and grand one, making a statement. And because it is making a strong comeback as one of the most popular names, there is no better time than now to choose it for your son. So, let your name-searching journey come to an end with Arthur.


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