100 Boy & Girl Names That Mean "Storm, Wind, Lightning, Air, Rain, Cloud or Sky"

100 Baby Names That Mean Storm, Wind, Lightning, Air, Rain, Cloud Or Sky

Once the baby is born, the next milestone for the parent is to give the baby a beautiful name with deep meaning. Let us help you guys select a lovely and unique name that is associated with the weather.

The most difficult part of choosing a name for your baby is that many friends and relatives would have their suggestions while naming a baby. It is very important to remember that the name will be carried by the child for the rest of their life. Hence, it has to be well thought of and convincing before it is finalized so that your child is thankful to you for giving him/her a good start. 

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As we battle through all the seasons, from sunny to rainy and from windy to shivery winters, it is not surprising that we always keep talking about weather conditions. Then why not take advantage and choose names that have to do with the weather? Here is a list of some beautiful names to choose from.

Baby Names Inspired By Weather for Boys

Weather does not affect our state of mind, our mood and our perception. So, it’s not surprising that it inspires so many baby names. Here is a list of the most popular and trendy weather-inspired names for baby boys to choose from.

1. Aarush

The cute name Aarush is a boy’s name of Indian origin meaning ‘the first ray of the sun’. The name denotes a pleasant atmosphere.

2. Abel

Abel is a name with Hebrew origins that means ‘breath’. In ancient times, wind was believed to be the breath of Gods.

3. Adad

The name Adad is the Akkadian name of the Assyrian-Babylonian God of storm and thunder. The meaning of the name Adad is ‘thunder’.

4. Akash

Akash is a very popular name of Indian origin. It is derived from Sanskrit and means ‘Open space’ or ‘sky’.

5. Anil

The name Anil is an Indian origin name and the meaning is ‘air’ or ‘the wind’. It is one of the most popular boy names in India.

6. Anvindr

The name Anvindr is of Norse origin, and is composed of the elements ‘an’ which means against and ‘vindr’, which means wind. Hence, the name means ‘against the wind’.

7. Barak

The given name Barak is a Hebrew name also spelled as Baraq. Barak is a unique name that means lightning.

8. Baran

Baran is a name with Kurdish origins that means ‘thunderstorm’.

9. Bayu

Bayu is a unique Indonesian name for boys that means ‘wind’. It is a popular and evergreen name chosen by many to add a personality to their child.

10. Baskara

The name Baskara is a boy’s name of Indonesian origin which means ‘sun’ and source that makes the weather warm and sunny.

11. Caelus

Caelus is a name with Roman origins that means sky. It is linked to the Latin word caelum which means sky, heaven, or the abode of Gods.

12. Dalfon

A highly unusual weather name with a distinctive sound, Dalfon is of Hebrew origin. Dalfon is a boy’s baby name meaning ‘raindrop’.

13. Enlil

Enlil is an Ancient name with Sumerian roots. It means ‘wind’.

14. Erjon

Erjon means ‘our wind’ and has Albanian roots.

15. Ermir

Every parent searches for a cool, unique name for their child. Ermir is a rare Albanian baby name that means ‘good wind’.

16. Freyr

The short and unusual baby name has a Norse origin. In Norse baby names, the meaning of the name Freyr is ‘God of rain and sunlight’.

17. Gale

A pleasant name Gale is a Hebrew baby name of English origin. It refers to the sea storm. This is one of the best names in the list of names which means weather.

18. Gökcan

Gokan means ‘a vast sky’. It’s a modern Turkish name.

 19. Guntur

Did you know that there’s an active volcano in West Java, known as Mount Guntur. Guntur has an Indonesian meaning of ‘thunderstorm’.

20. Guthrie

The name Guthrie is a boy’s name of Irish Gaelic origin which means ‘windy spot’. It is one of the most attractive Scottish names.

21. Hadad

Hadad is a Biblical baby name for boys. The literal meaning of the name Hadad is ‘thunder’. This name is Hebrew in origin. Hadad was the Akkadian God of rain and storms.

22. Haneul

The name Haneul is a Korean unisex name meaning ‘sky’. A perfect pick of the name for parents who want a name that bridges cultures.

23. Keanu

Who doesn’t know Hollywood’s famous actor Keanu Reeves! This beautiful name means ‘cool breeze’ in Hawaiin.

24. Matuu

Matuu was known as the God of the North Wind in Polynesian culture. Matuu also means ‘clouds’’.

25. Naseem

Naseem or Nasim is a traditional Arabic name meaning ‘breeze’ or ‘soft air’. It is very popular in the Middle East and South Asian cultures.

26. Neifion

 Neifion is a twist on the name Neptune in Welsh language. It means ‘wet, moist clouds’.

27. Neil

The short and sweet baby boy named Neil is of Gaelic origin. The Irish name may have been derived from words meaning ‘Cloud’.

28. Phirun

In some mythologies, phirun was the name of the rain God. Phirun means ‘rain’ in Khmer.

29. Rai

Rai is a boy’s name pronounced as RYE-ee. The name Rai is of Japanese origin and the meaning is ‘trust’, ‘lightning, ‘thunder’.

30. Ramman

The name Ramman is an Akkadian name of the Assyrian-Babylonian God of storm and thunder. The name also means ‘the thundering one’.

31. Raiden

Raiden is a very unique and trendy baby name. The name Raiden means ‘thunder and lightning,’ which accompanies a heavy rainfall.

32. Samir

Samir is an Indian name, but it also has Arabic roots. It means ‘air’ or ‘wind’.

33. Sky

The name Sky means ‘atmosphere seen from the earth’. This name is of Scandinavian origin. The name also refers to heaven.

34. Samson

The name Samson is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin that means ‘sun’. An individual with such name is expected to shine throughout their life with his warm nature.

35. Sulien

A rare name Sulien is a boy’s name of Welsh origin. The name Sulien means ‘sun born’. It is one of the most popular and modern names.

36. Stormy

Stormy is a name considered by those parents who are looking out for unisex names for their babies. This name is of American origin and the meaning of the name is ‘a tempest; an impetuous nature’.

37. Sunny

This name is very popular in India as a nickname, but it can also stand alone as the main name and the meaning of the name Sunny is ‘sunny, radiant, cheerful’.

38. Tal

The name Tal is inspired by the rain and it is of Hebrew origin. The meaning of the name is ‘rain’ or ‘dew’.

39. Thor

The name Thor is a Scandinavian origin name derived from the Old Norse meaning ‘thunder’. Thor was the Norse God of strength, thunder, war, and storms.

40. Tufani

Tufani means storm in Swahili.

41. Van

Van is a gender-neutral name that means ‘cloud’ in Vietnamese. In Chin-Burmese, Van means ‘sky or heaven’.

42. Wyndham

The name Wyndham is a rare baby boy name of Old English origin. Its meaning is ‘From the windy village’.

43. Zenith

Zenith means ‘the sky point directly above’.

44. Zephyr

Derived from the Greek Zephyros, the name Zephyr means ‘ the west wind’. This name is perfect for the parents who are looking for boy names that mean wind.

45. Zeru

A unique baby name Zeru is a boy’s name of Basque origin and its meaning is ‘sky’. This name is pronounced as Zeh-roo.

Now, let’s take a look at some weather-inspired named for baby girls.


Baby Names Inspired By Weather for Girls

Here are some weather baby names for girls you may want to consider before naming your little darling.

1. Aella

Aella means ‘whirlwind’ in Ancient Greek. Aella was also a famous Amazonian warrior who used a double-sided axe to fight Hercules.

2. Aellopus

Aellopus means ‘whirlwind footed’ in Greek. This name is also the nickname of the Greek Goddess – Iris.

3. Aurora

The name Aurora is a girl’s name of Latin origin and is pronounced as aw-ROHR-ah. The meaning of the name Aurora is ‘Dawn’. Aurora was the Roman Goddess of sunrise.

4. Autumn

Autumn is a weather-inspired name of Latin origin. It is derived from Latin word autumns meaning ‘the fall season’.

5. Alya

The name Alya is a short and sweet name for a baby girl. It is an Arabic name meaning ‘sky’.

6. Alizeh

This weather-inspired pretty name, Alizeh, is a girl’s name of Persian origin. It means ‘trade winds’.  It is one of the most popular girl names that mean air.

7. Bonaria

Bonaria means ‘good wind’ in Sardinian language.

8. Brisa

The name Brisa is a short sweet girl’s name of Spanish origin that means ‘breeze’. 

9. Breeze

The name Breeze is a girl’s name of English origin. It is an unusual name meaning ‘gentle wind’.

10. Bronte

A simple and sweet name Bronte is a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning ‘the sound of the thunder’. It is pronounced as Bron-tay.

11. Ĉiela

This name means ‘from the sky’ or ‘heavenly’ in Esperanto.

12. Dima

Dima is a beautiful name for a girland it has Arabic origins. It means ‘downpour’.

13. Ekaitza

This name means ‘storm’ in Basque and is a very unique name.

14. Esen

Esen is a unique Girl’s name that means ‘wind’ and it is of Turkish origin. 

15. Frost

The name Frost has a rich Scandinavian history. It is of Danish origin and may mean ‘born at the time of frost, winter.

16. Flurry

This pretty girl name is a diminutive of Flora, the Roman Goddess of flowers. Flurry in English means swirling mass of snow moved by sudden gusts of wind. An apt weather-inspired name for your baby girl!

17. Helia

The name Helia is the most popular Greek baby name. It comes from another name Helen, which means ‘sun’ or ‘shining light’.

18. Indira

Indira is a Hindu name for a baby girl that has a Sanskrit origin. It means ‘possessing drops of rain’. Indira is the warrior Goddess of rain and sky.

19. Iris

This name is directly derived from the Greek word Iris, meaning ‘Rainbow’. Iris was the Goddess of the rainbow.

20. Jora

A sweet and unique name Jora is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin that means ‘autumn rain’. 

21. Kalindi

The name Kalindi is a feminine name of Hindu origin. It means ‘sun’. Kalindi is a lovely and rhythmic girl’s name which refers to one of the seven sacred rivers of India.

22. Kapheira

This name means ‘stormy breath’ and is a mythological Greek name.

23. Lulani

Lulani is a rare name for a baby girl which is of Hawaiian origin. The meaning of the name Lulani is ‘sky’.

24. Makani

The name Makani is a cute name for girls. It means ‘wind’ and has a Hawaiian origin. 

25. Miku

Among the weather inspired names, Miku is a trendy Japanese name for baby girls which means a ‘beautiful sky’.

26. Minnesota

You may know of Minnesota as the state in the US with more than 10,000 lakes. It also means ‘cloudy water’.

27. Nephele

The name Nephele is a girl’s name of Greek origin. It means ‘cloudy’.

28. Oriane

The name Oriane is an unusual girl’s name of French and Latin origin. It means ‘sunrise’. Oriane is an alternate form of Orana, another French name.

29. Puleng

The name Puleng has Sotho roots and means ‘clouds’.

30. Rain

Though the word ‘rain’ is common, it is unique when used as a name. Raine could be an alternative spelling for this name.

31. Reva

A unique name, Reva, is a girl’s name of Hindi origin, which means ‘rain’. The name Revais another name of River Narmada, one of the seven sacred river names of India.

32. Saar

The name Saar is a popular unisex name of Hebrew origin, and it means ‘storm’. 

33. Salana

The name Salana is a popular girl’s name of Latin origin. It means ‘sun’, the source that creates a warm weather. 

34. Scirocco

This unique Italian baby girl name means ‘warm wind’ and has Arabic roots. The car manufacturer, Volkswagen, has also named one of their cars Scirocco.

35. Sema

Sema is a beautiful Turkish name meaning ‘sky’.

36. Skye

This is a really cool name for girls. The addition of the letter ‘e’ is what sets this name apart.

37. Sunniva

A rare and beautiful name Sunniva is a girl’s name of Norwegian origin, and it means ‘sun gift’. 

38. Talia

Talia is a unique name of a baby girl which is of Hebrew origin. The name Talia means ‘rain from heaven’.

39. Tempest

The name Tempest is an English baby girl name inspired by the weather. The meaning of Tempest is ‘turbulent’, stormy’.

40. Thora

Thora is a Scandinavian feminine name which is a variation of the name Thor. It means the ‘Goddess of thunder’.

41. Tsisana

Tsisana is the name for the flowere ‘forget-me-nots’. This could be because of the beautiful sky-blue colour of the flower. The name Tsisana means ‘of the sky’ in Georgian.

42. Tuulikki

This is a name with Finnish roots that means ‘little wind’.

43. Varsha

Varsha is a girl’s name of Indian origin and it is taken from the Sanskrit word for ‘the rainy season’.

44. Zephyrine

The rare name Zephyrine is a feminine name of Greek origin that means ‘west wind’.

45. Zerua

Zerua is a name with Basque origins that means ‘heavens’ or ‘sky’.

Unisex Baby Names Inspired by Weather

Here are some unisex weather baby names

1. Aratiri

This name means ‘a bolt of lightning’ and has Guarani origins.

2. Capala

Capala means ‘swift like the lightning or wind’.

3. Foudre

Foudre is a French name meaning ‘a flash of electricity during a thunderstorm.’

4. Kidlat

Kidlat is a name that means ‘lightning’ in Tagalog.

5. Leigong

Leiging is a Chinese name meaning ‘Duke of Thunder’. It’s a powerful name!

6. Pailan

Pailan is a name which means ‘lightning’ in Armenian. The Armenian people were known to worship nature.

7. Ciel

Ciel is a French name and means ‘heavenly’ or ‘sky’.

8. Fei

Fei is a beautiful Chinese name which means ‘to dance in the air’.

9. Nasim

Nasim is an Arabic name meaning ‘breeze’ or ‘fresh’.

10. Storm

The name Storm is self-explanatory and is a cool name with British origins.

We hope you find this list of weather-inspired names for your little bundle of joy helpful. Go for the one that syncs with your child’s vibe, and they will be thankful for life for the beautiful name.

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