Arlo Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Arlo Name Meaning and Origin

Arlo is a male name of German origin that means ‘Hill.’ Arlo has many possible derivations, including a shortened form of the Italian name Carlo, CARLOS, or CHARLES. In Basque-speaking regions, this name is the word for area. 

What Does Arlo Mean? 

Derived from Spanish origin, the meaning of Arlo is “barberry tree.” In English baby names, the meaning of Arlo is ‘Fortified hill.’ Theorized from the Irish-Gaelic Aherlow, the meaning of Arlo is “between two highlands.” In German, the name means “hill.”


Each year, a growing number of girls are named Arlo in the US, while more babies of both genders receive inconsistent spellings like Arlow and Arlowe, which take this name more into smart surname territory. The name was first mentioned in the English poet Edmund Spenser’s poem “The Faerie Queene” in 1590 as a fictional place name. Easy to pronounce and spell, this Christian name fast gained popularity among the English-speaking countries of the world. 




  • arr-low
  • awr-loh 
  • AR-loh
  • A-rlo
  • Ar-lo


2 syllables


 4 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Arlo name variations can become favorites in different cultures around the world. Other spellings of Arlo offer trendy and alternative versions of the name. Here are some of the Arlo name variations and other spellings for Arlo that can charm you with their fresh alternatives:

Name Origin
Arlow Spanish
Arlowe Spanish
Arel Hebrew
Arley English
Arlie English
Arly English
Aurelo Latin
Erl English
Erle English
Harlow English
Irl English

How Popular Is the Name Arlo? 

Arlo Bates, an American author, newspaper editor, and English professor, popularized this name initially in the US. This name consistently ranked high in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. According to the latest Social Security Administration data, Arlo first entered the Top 1000 in 1900. After that, the Arlo baby name ranking appeared in the top 1000 every year until 1944 and finally disappeared in 2011 when it ranked in the Top 1000 again. Since then, the Arlo popularity index has been steadily on the rise, which made it settle at the 220th spot in 2020, which is its most popular year so far.

Interest in Arlo – Worldwide

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A consistent search value of over 4 has been recorded on interest for Arlo, reaching 100 in July 2020. The lowest recorded value was 4 in August 2013, September 2013, and October 2013.

Interest in Arlo – US

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Popularity of the name Arlo


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Arlo Worldwide

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New Zealand tops the list for interest in Arlo’s name for the past 10 years. Australia, the United States, Sweden, and Switzerland have made it to the top five positions. As modern-day New Zealand culture is highly influenced by the descendants of the Irish people and their culture, an Irish name like Arlo has been widely embraced by the parents of New Zealand.

Search trends of Arlo – US

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Among the sub-region of the US, Hawaii records maximum searches for the name Arlo over the last 10 years. Washington, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Alaska are the top 5 cities where search trends for Arlo have been recorded to be the highest. 

Middle Names That Go With Arlo 

A good middle name offers a refreshing touch of elegance to the given name. Here is a compilation of the best double names with Arlo that may upgrade the name to a different level or class:

Bryce Jaxon
Martin Mason
Jonas Carter
Joel Finn
Graham Jett
Nash Vaughn 
Neil Wayne
Nicholas Grant
Jasper Henry
Dean Declan
Wolf Silas

Famous People Named Arlo 

Celebrity names attract media attention due to their distinctive contributions in their professional fields. Here’s a list of some of the most popular personalities named Arlo, who are influencers who might have set definitive standards of success for youngsters to follow:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Arlo Eisenberg American inline skater
Arlo Guthrie American singer-songwriter 
Arlo Haskell American author, historian, poet, literary organizer, and publisher
Arlo L. Olson WW II United States army officer
Arlo White British sports commentator and presenter
Arlo Parks British singer-songwriter and poet
Arlo Dagg Son of rugby footballer Israel Dagg
Arlo Simpson Son of singer, songwriter Charlie Simpson
Arlo Bates American novelist, poet, and journalist
Arlo Givens Raylan’s dad on TV’s “Justified”

Similar Names & Last Names 

Baby names like Arlo evoke a similar style and feel as the given name. Arlo’s family names can make every appearance of the name stand apart from the rest. Here is a list of some of the other names for Arlo that may compliment the first name to the fullest.

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Milo Hughes
Leo King
Theo Lewis
Archer James
August Martin
Hugo Nelson
Alo Murphy
Ada Perez
Archie Ramos
Asher Ramirez
Arthur Price

Names That Sound Like Arlo 

Names that rhyme with Arlo reinforces the poetic appeal of lyrical names. Here are some names that sound like Arlo has an equally cool and stylish vibe:

Romolo Alessio
Mariano Ambrose
Cesario Laurio
Matteo Arlowe
Carlos Arlen
Milo Arlys
Georgio Arienn
Stephano Arlando
Basilio Julio
Cornelio Arlidge

Sibling Names Related to Arlo 

Sibling names can spark some ideas for the sib-set at your home. Here are some of the best sibling names that go with Arlo, including both sister names for Arlo and brother names for Arlo, for making them feel like a part of a family unit:

Sister Names For Arlo Brother Names For Arlo
Rose Rex
Hazel Leland
Vera Cyrus
Zelda Crosby
Juno Bennett
Sylvie Remy
Poppy Lionel
Mira Quentin
Margot Wayland
Olive Harvey
Thea Ezra
Florence Atticus

Nicknames for Arlo 

Nicknames sound the cutest when creatively hatched to express your deepest parental emotions. Here are some of the nicknames for the name Arlo that may become a regular part of your home lingo.

Rollo Harlow
Lo Ariet
Enzo Arly
Ari Aris
Aries Hill
Arlie Alfie
Asslo Arlo Sport
Arselo Marlowe
Rolly Acrel
Weezie Arlo Chavez
Lolo Darlo

Arlo is a unique two-syllable name with a vowel at the beginning and the end. Once strongly associated with shaggy singer Arlo Guthrie, Arlo has an animated and cheery feel, thanks to its upbeat long ‘O’ ending sound, fascinating topographic meaning. This happy-go-lucky name is ripe with potential without carrying any heavy association. Although still below the Top 200 in the US, this quirky-cool name is now well and truly back in the reckoning as one of the contenders for boy’s name in recent times.


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