Top 140 Poetic Names for Boys & Girls With Meanings

140 Poetic Names for Boys and Girls

Parents across the globe always strive to find unique names for their children. Some parents are avid readers of poetry and lovers of verse. So, they look for poetic names for their children to become readers and poets. If you have an affinity towards poetry and looking for names that depict your love for poems, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some poetic names for girls and boys for your perusal.

Poetic Baby Girl Names

These attractive girl names that mean poetry, which seems perfect for the little angels.

1. Angelou

Angelou is an uncommon poetic name for girls. However, it is interesting if you want to move beyond common names. This Greek name means ‘angel’ and was the last name of the famous poet Maya Angelou.

2. Annabel

This name is inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s last complete poem, ‘ Annabel Lee.’ The name originated from 12th-century Scotland, and it means ‘the beauty of grace.’

3. Auden

This poetic name is associated with the famous poet W.H. Auden. The name is fashionable and unconventional, making it an excellent choice for your little one. The name means ‘half-Danish.’

4. Audre

The name is an excellent poetic name and means ‘noble strength.’ It is also the name of an American writer, poet, feminist, and civil rights activist, Audre Lorde.

5. Ariel

This name has its roots in the famous collection of poetry by Sylvia Plath, published in 1965. It could be a great poetic name for a baby girl. The name means ‘Lion of God.’

6. Alexandrine

The Greek name Alexandra is related to the girl’s name Alexandrine. ‘Man’s defender’ is how Alexandrine is defined.

7. Angel

The name Angel is popular in both the US and Spain and is gender-neutral. The word ‘angel’ has Greek roots and originally meant ‘messenger’, but in the Bible, it is used to denote a more divine meaning, ‘messenger from God.’

8. Aphrodite

Greek in origin, the meaning of Aphrodite for girls is ‘foam.’ It is also the name of the Greek goddess of love.

9. Bridget

Bridget is a strong female name with Gaelic roots. It conjures images of strong women because it is a variant of the Irish name Brigid. In addition, you can draw inspiration from Saint Brigid of Kildare, the patron saint of students and poets, or Brigid, the Celtic goddess of learning.

10. Blake

This unisex name originated from Old English, meaning two contradictory things – ‘someone with dark hair’ and ‘someone with pale hair.’ It was the last name of a famous Romantic poet, William Blake.

11. Cadence

Cadence is a very poetic name for a baby girl. The name means a ‘poignant and rhythmic way of communicating’ or, in a word, ‘poetry.’

12. Ceridwen

This is a unique girl’s name of Welsh origin. It means ‘beautiful as a poem.’ Ceridwen is the name of the Celtic goddess of poetry.

13. Corinna

This is a perfect name for baby girls. The name is found in Old English poetry. There are many traditions related to this name, and it means ‘beautiful maiden.’

14. Calliope

 If you know your child will have an angelic voice, you may have discovered the ideal moniker. The Greek-inspired girl’s name Calliope means ‘beautiful-voiced and has a lovely ring. The oldest of the nine muses who inspired poets, musicians, scientists, and painters was called Calliope in Greek mythology.

15. Christina

Christina is a Latin-based girl’s name. The name Christina, a variant, means ‘follower of Christ.’

16. Christine

Christine has a long history as a traditional girl’s name and has been popular for many years. Christine, which means ‘follower of Christ’, can be used for a young girl of any religion or origin because it is used in popular culture and music. 

17. Dandelion

The gender-neutral name Dandelion has Old English and French roots. Dandelion, a vivid yellow wildflower, gets its name from the French word dent-de-lion, which translates to ‘lion’s tooth.’ This alludes to the petals of the flower being angular in shape.

18. Dearbhla

Deirbhile and Dearbháil, two Irish girls’ names, are combined to form Dearbhla. Deirbhile derives from the Irish word file, meaning ‘daughter of the poet.’ 

19. Dervia

 The word riparia, which is further descended from the Latin word ripa, means river bank or seaside, and is the source of the name Dervia.

20. Dorothy

Greek in origin, the name Dorothy means ‘gift of God.’

21. Dervla

The name has its origin in the Irish language. The name means ‘daughter of a poet.’

22. Dove

Dove is the name of a bird that is associated with peace and purity. The name has subtle signals of peace. This name also appears in John Keat’s poem ‘The Dove Poem.’

23. Edda

This is an interesting Old Norse name for girls. It has a lovely appeal and has roots in Italian and Polish; the name means ‘poetry.’

24. Emily

Derived from a Roman name of Latin origin, this name means ‘one who is hard-working.’ The name can be associated with the American poet Emily Dickinson.

25. Erinna

This is a perfect name for a girl and has an Irish origin. Erinna means ‘Ireland.’ It was also the name of an ancient Greek poet.

26. Ezra

This name originates from a Hebrew phrase that means ‘help.’ The name is associated with one of the most prominent American poets, Ezra Pound.

27. Evangeline

This is a quintessentially poetic name for baby girls. Introduced by Longfellow in his narrative poem of the same name, it is quite a popular name. This name means ‘good news.’

28. Elizabeth

Elizabeth, whose name means ‘God’s promise’ or ‘God is my swear’, is descended from the Hebrew name Elisheva, which later became Elisabeth. It sure has a melody and sounds poetic.

29. Erato

Greek in origin, the name Erato is typically given to females and means ‘beautiful’ or ‘beloved.’

30. Florabela

The Latin name Florabela, which means ‘beautiful flower’, is popularly used for females.

31. Gia

Gia is an Italian baby girl name that means ‘God is generous.’ This derivative was originally a shortened version of Gianna, derived from Giovanna, which in Italian means ‘God’s pleasant gift.’

32. Gwendolyn

This is a popular name on the poetic baby names list. Poet Gwendolyn Brooks was the first African-American poet to win a Pulitzer Prize; hence, this is an inspiring name. The name means ‘someone who is white, fair, and blessed.’

33. Hope

Hope, which means ‘desire of fulfilment’, is primarily a female name of English origin.

34. Jia

This one is a cute poetic name for girls. It is an unusual name that means ‘good, auspicious and beautiful’ and has a Chinese origin. It was also the name of an ancient Chinese poet, Jia Dao.

35. Juliet

Juliet is a beautiful poetic with French and English origins, and it means ‘youthful’ or ‘Jove’s child’. 

36. Kamala 

Kamala is a first name and even a popular Indian surname. It means ‘lotus’ in Sanskrit.

  37. Kavya

This is another unique yet poetic name for your baby girl. This name has an Indian origin, and it means ‘poetry.’

38. Lenore

Lenore is a girl’s name of German and Greek origin. If you feel that the newest addition to your wholesome family is a positive and bright presence, this elegant poetic name is what you’re looking for!

39. Lyric

The gender-neutral name Lyric, derived from Greek and French, means ‘song like’ or ‘lyre.’

40. Lenora

This is a poetic baby girl’s name as the name is derived from the title of a famous poem written by the American poet Edgar Allen Poe. The meaning of this name is ‘light.’

41. Lorca

Lorca is a perfect name for your baby girl. The name is after the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca and would be a suitable poetic name. Lorca is the name of a place in Spain and means’ town with good water.’

42. Lucasta

This name had its origin in the 17th century. It is taken from a poetry collection by Richard Lovelace, and it means ‘pure light.’

43. Marlowe

The name Marlowe, which is of English origin and means ‘lake remains’, is primarily gender-neutral.

44. Mary

The meaning of Hebrew name Mary, which is typically given to females, is ‘of the sea/bitter/beloved.’ Mary is the English translation of the Latin name Maria or the Greek/Hebrew name Miryam.

45. Maya

 The meanings of the English baby girl name Maya, which usually denotes a female, are ‘good mother’, ‘illusion’, and ‘water.’

46. Melody

Greek in origin, the name Melody means ‘music’ or ‘song’ for girls.

47. Molly

Molly, which means ‘of the sea’ or ‘bitter’, is primarily a female name of English origin.

48. Meera

One of the most famous mystical Hindu poets, Meera Bai, could be an inspiration for naming your baby girl. The name means ‘amazing’ or ‘prosperous.’

49. Miranda

The Shakespeare fans are going to embrace this name for their baby girls. This famous character from ‘The Tempest’ was revived by poet W. H. Auden later, making it a perfectly poetic name. This name means ‘one who is worthy of admiration.’

50. Olivia

This name, with biblical reference, means ‘olive tree.’ The name is a poetic reference for the millennials as it is borne by the famous poet Olivia Gatwood.

51. Poesy

This name Poesy means ‘poetry.’ Even though it is old-fashioned, this name has an antiquated charm. This name has an English origin.

52. Phillida

This is one of the unique poetic baby girl names of Latin origin. Phillida, the character, is taken from Nicholas Breton’s poem. The name means ‘loving’ in Greek.

53. Phryne

Another poem-themed baby name is the title of a poem written by a great 17th-century poet, John Donne. It is an ancient Greek name meaning ‘toad.’

54. Petra

Petra is a firm, feminine name for girls whose bearers may be appreciated for their courage. Petra shares a common ancestor with Peter, coming from the Greek word petros, which means ‘rock.’

55. Raven

Originally from England, the name Raven is primarily gender-neutral and means ‘blackbird.’

56. Rose

The name Rose, which means ‘rose’ and ‘flower’ in Latin, defines femininity. The Latin Rosa, which also refers to the enduring and romantic bloom, gave rise to the name.

57. Sarojini

Sarojini has Sanskrit origin and is an exquisite poetic name for girls. ‘one with lotuses’ is what it signifies. Sarojini Naidu was a legendary poet who received the title ‘Nightingale of India’ from Mahatma Gandhi.

58. Shelley

The sloping field is the meaning of the gender-neutral name Shelley, which is of English origin. You remember Percy Bysshe Shelley, the famous poet, right?

59. Summer

The British baby girl’s name, Summer, symbolises the beauty of the coveted season. The name itself tunes up the hearts!

 60. Sestina

This is a tremendous poetic name for baby girls. Sestina is a type of poetry developed by medieval troubadours in France and Spain. In Latin, Sestina means ‘the sixth one.’

61. Sylvia

You’ve found one if you are looking for a poetic baby girl name associated with poets. Sylvia Plath was a very famous American poet. The name means ‘spirit of the woods.’

62. Villanelle

The name ‘Villanelle’, a country song or dance in Italian, is derived from the word ‘villano’, a peasant or villein.

Poetic Baby Boy Names

History has given us many famous male poets and many poetic words that can work wonders as names for your angelic baby boys. Here is a list of poetic baby boy names with meanings:

1. Alfred

Alfred is a popular name, meaning ‘a wise counsellor.’ The famous bearer of this name was the British poet Alfred Tennyson. 

2. Allan

Allan is a popular male poetic name of English origin which means ‘little rock.’

3. Augustine

Augustine is a lovely poet-derived word of Latin origin. It is derived from Augustus and means ‘great’ or ‘magnificent.’

4. Bard

This is one of the perfect names that mean ‘poet.’ Bards were traditional poets who recited their poems and kept up the oral tradition.

5. Bolan

This is a perfect poetic name for a baby boy, and has an Irish origin. It means ‘little poet.’

6. Brooks

This poetic baby boys’ name has an English origin and means ‘a stream.’ Gwendolyn Brooks, the famous American poet, is the inspiration behind this mighty name.

7. Byron

Poet Lord Byron, one of the most celebrated poets of the Romantic era, could be an excellent inspiration for your baby’s name. The name means ‘from the barns.’

8. Charles

Charles is derived from the Germanic word ceorl, meaning ‘free man.’ 

9. Carroll

This is another popular name that is successful because of the famous author and poet Lewis Carroll’s name. This Irish name means ‘fierce in bin attle.’

10. Chaucer

If you are a family of poetry lovers, Geoffrey Chaucer, the 14th Century poet, would be a familiar inspiration for naming your baby. This occupational name has a French origin, and it means ‘maker of breeches.’

11. Crane

The name mostly means ‘a tall person’ or ‘long-necked.’ The American poets, Stephen and Hart Crane, are the literary connections to this name.

12. Dante

The Italian poet and his poem ‘The Divine Comedy’ are extremely popular among poetry lovers. The name means ‘enduring.’

13. Devin

This poetic baby boy’s name is an Irish name that means ‘poet.’  It is inspired by the American poet Devin Johnston.

14. Dickinson

This is a great name for a boy, and it finds its literary connection to the poet Emily Dickinson’s name. The name means ‘son of Dick or Richard.’

15. Dylan

Bob Dylan fans would love to name their little boy after this fantastic musician. It was also the name of the talented Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. The name means ‘son of the sea.’

16. Eliot

Poetry lovers know T.S. Elliot’s brilliance; naming their son after this famous poet would be a gift. The name means ‘Lord is my God.’

17. Emerson

Another attractive poetic baby boy name, Emerson is quite a popular name, and it means ‘powerful.’ The famous poet Ralph Waldo Emerson is the poetic inspiration behind this name.

18. Etheridge

Etheridge is definitely a great choice for a strong, poetic name, as it is borne by the famous poet and civil rights activist Etheridge Knight. This name means ‘noble ruler.’

19. Edgar

Edgar is a boy’s name of English origin and means ‘a wealthy spearman.’ 

20. Erin

The name Erin, which has Gaelic origins, signifies the quality of peace.

21. Federico

Federico is a boy’s name of Italian origin and means ‘peaceful ruler.’

22. Frost

If you’re a fan of Robert Frost’s beautiful poetry, your baby boy would be proud to bear this name. Frost means ‘ice.’

23. Giovanni

An Italian name, Giovanni, is a classic, poetic name borne by the Renaissance poet Giovanni Boccaccio. The name means ‘gracious.’

24. Geoffrey

Geoffrey has English as well as French names for boys. It means ‘divine peace.’

25. George

George is a baby boy’s name of Greek origin and which means ‘farmer.’

26. Giacomo

The name Giacomo is a boy’s name of Italian origin and means ‘supplanter.’ 

27. Hardy

Hardy is a poetic name for boys of English origin and means ‘courageous’ and ‘strong.’

28. Henry

Henry is a common French name for boys and means ‘house ruler.’

29. Hugh

Hugh is a boy’s name of British origin. It has Anglo-German roots and means ‘soul’ or ‘intellect.’

30. Haiku

This is one of the most interesting names for your baby boy, as Haiku is Japanese poetry written in three short lines with 17 syllables.

31. Homer

The Greek poet Homer, who wrote two of the greatest epics of Greece, could be an interesting choice for your baby boy. The name means ‘a pledge.’

32. Hugo

This appealing name has Spanish, Portuguese, and German roots. It means ‘mind or intellect’, inspired by the French poet Victor Hugo.

33. Jarrell

This is a creative name for baby boys derived from Randall Jarrell. The name means ‘brave.’

34. Jack

Jack is a British poetic name for boys meaning ‘God is gracious.’

35. Jet

Jet is a gender-neutral name that means ‘a precious drop of the sea.’

36. Kip

Kip is primarily used for boys and is of English origin, derived from the Old English word meaning ‘pointed hill.’

37. Kavi

Kavi is an Indian name for a boy, and it means ‘poet.’

38. Keats

Who doesn’t know the famous English poet John Keats? This is a perfect name for a baby boy, and it name means ‘a shed worker.’

39. Langston

This is a beautiful and poetic name for a baby boy. The name means ‘the town of a tall man’, inspired by the famous American poet Langston Hughes.

40. Lewis

Lewis is a cute poetic name for boys and is of German origin.  It means ‘renowned warrior.’

41. Limerick

Limerick itself means ‘poetry’ or ‘a humorous form of poetry, and it could be a perfect baby boy’s name.

42. Lowell

Lowell is a poetic name from the patrician families of 19th century New England, America. Robert Lowell makes this name a poetic reference, and he was also born into a patrician family. Lowell means ‘little wolf.’

43. Marlo

Marlo is a very popular modern name for baby boys. The name means ‘rebelliousness.’ Christopher Marlowe, a famous poet, is the inspiration behind this name.

44. Millay

It is a cute poetic name for your baby boy. The name means ‘noble or soft.’ Edna St. Vincent Millay was a famous lyrical poet and is the poetic reference for this name.

45. Moore

It is a rather historical name related to the poet Thomas Moore, and this one will be a great name for your baby boy. The name means ‘open land.’

46. Nash

This is a perfect English boy name for your cute baby. The name means ‘one who lives by the ash tree.’ Ogden Nash is a famous American poet bearing this name who was known for his humorous poems.

47. Oscar

The meaning of Oscar is ‘spear of the gods’ and has Gaelic origin.

48. Pablo

Pablo is a sweet name of Latin and Spanish origin that means ‘small and little.’

49. Parker

Parker is a poetic name in the English language. It is also considered an old occupational tradition and has Old French origin. It means ‘park keeper.’

50. Ralph

This is a Scandinavian poetic name derived from the ancient Norse word, which means ‘wolf counsel.’

51. Robert

Robert is an old German name for boys and means ‘bright fame.’

52. Romeo

Romeo is hands-down a poetic name – we can’t forgo the famous play Romeo & Juliet. Romeo is an Italian name rooted in the Latin word Romaeus, which means ‘pilgrim to Rome.’

53. Rudy 

Rudy is a poetic baby boy name of American origin and means ‘famous wolf.’

54. Shel

Shel is a gender-neutral name of mixed origins and means ‘valley with steep slides.’

55. Tennyson

Tennyson is a poetic boy’s name of Middle English origin, and means ‘son of Dennis.’

56. Virgil

Originating from Latin roots, Virgil is a name that means ‘flourishing.’

57. Waldo

Waldo is a boy’s name of Old German origin and means ‘rule.’

58. Walt

Walt is a short form for Walter – a popular boy’s name of German origin. It means ‘commander of the army.’

59. Whit

The name Whit is a cute poetic gender-neutral name that is more commonly used for boys. It means ‘white.’ 

60. William

The name William is a timeless classic with English roots that means ‘strong willed warrior.’

61. Wyatt

Wyatt is a beautiful poetic name for boys and has British origin. It is derived from ‘wyot’ – a medieval word meaning ‘war strength.’

Gender Neutral Poetic Baby Names With Meaning

Gone are the days when we used to be very particular about gender-bent roles and names. These days names don’t necessarily have to sound male or female. In the age of transcending gender-blind boundaries, here, we have put together a list of beautiful gender-neutral poetic baby names for your little one:

1. Aisling 

The Aisling is a poetic genre, predominantly famous during the late 17th and 18th centuries in the Irish style of poetry. The name  is also a female Irish name that means ‘vision’ or ‘dream.’ 

2. Avon

 Welsh in origin, the name Avon is essentially a gender-neutral name that means ‘river.’

3. Barrett

Barrett is predominantly an English gender-neutral name meaning ‘trader.

4. Blue

Blue is a gender-neutral American baby name that essentially signifies The Color and has the colloquial meaning ‘sad.’

5. Eddie

Eddie, which means ‘wealthy guardian’, is mostly a male name of English origin.

6. Gardener

Gardener is primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin that means ‘keeper of the garden.’

7. Hai

 Hebrew in origin, the name Hai means ‘alive or lively’ in English.

8. Keat

The gender-neutral name Keats, which has English origins, means ‘shed worker.’This name is inspired by the famous poet John Keats.

9. Li

The gender-neutral name Li has Chinese origins and means ‘pretty’ and ‘powerful.’

10. Muse

 Greek in origin, the name Muse is gender-neutral. The Muses are the goddesses in Greek mythology who are the sources of inspiration for writers and artists. 

11. Ontario

Ontario is a gender-neutral name that comes from the Iroquois word ‘kanadario’, meaning ‘sparkling’ water.

12. Ovi

 Of Spanish and Italian origin, Ovi is a gender-neutral name that means ‘sheep.’

13. Poe

The gender-neutral name Poe, of English origin, basically means ‘Peacock. ‘Edgar Allen Poe was an American poet, writer. This name is inspired by him and his outstanding work.

14. Poet

The gender-neutral name Poet is primarily of English origin and signifies ‘one who writes verse.’

15. Rumi

Rumi is predominantly a gender-neutral Japanese name with the meanings ‘perch’, ‘beautiful’, and ‘lapiz lazuli.’ This name is inspired by the famous poet Rumi.

16. Silver

With the meaning of a metal element, Silver is largely a gender-neutral name of English origin.

17. Sonnet

The name Sonnet, which has English origins and is primarily gender neutral, refers to a 14-line poem or verse.

We hope you find these poetic names for boys and girls suitable for your little one(s) and will pick the perfect one for your baby.

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