Dominic Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Dominic Name Meaning and Origin

The name Dominic is pretty unique and has not been used much during the 1800s. The name started becoming popular in 1910; however, it soon faded away. It wasn’t until 1990 that the popularity of the name picked up. Dominic is a one-of-a-kind name that is traditional yet distinctive. Therefore, this name has a special meaning and makes a great name choice for your baby boy.

What Does Dominic Mean? 

Understanding the meaning of a name makes it easier to select a name for your child. The meaning of Dominic is “of the Lord,” “the Lord’s,” or “belonging to the Lord” in Latin. Therefore, this made the name widely popular among Christians. According to Roman Catholic tradition, the name Dominic was given to male children born on Sundays earlier. 


The origin of the name comes from the Latin name “Dominicus.” The name has been used since medieval times. One of the most famous bearers of the name was Saint Dominic, the founder of the Dominican order of monks in the 13th century. 




  • Doh-mee-nick
  • Do-mih-nic


3 syllables


7 letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

There are various other spellings for Dominic worldwide. It indicates the name’s significance in different cultures, nationalities, or religions. Therefore, some of the most beautiful Dominic name variations are:

Name Origin
Dominick English
Domingo Spanish and Portuguese
Domas Lithuanian
Dominique French
Dominik Croatian, Slovak, Czech, Polish, and Slovene
Dominicus Late Roman and Dutch
Domonkos Hungarian
Dominykas Lithuanian
Domenico Italian
Dinko Croatian

How Popular Is the Name Dominic? 

The name Dominic has been prevalent since the 1800s but has recently gained significant popularity. The Dominic popularity index indicates the name entering the top 150 from 2000 onwards. This is evident from the data obtained from Social Security Administration. The name ranked 106 in 2001, after which it entered the top 100 name list from 2002. This name ranked 81 in 2003, 85 in 2006 and 2007, 74 in 2010, and 70 in 2012. 

According to the SSA, the name Dominic has experienced an up and down curve over the years but has managed to remain with the top 100 names. The Dominic baby name ranking highlights the further use of the name from 2013 to 2015. In 2013, the name reached 68 in the ranks, followed by 69 in 2014 and 68 and once again in 2015. Since 2016, the name’s popularity has slightly declined since it had ranked 74 in 2015 and 75 in 2018. The name further slipped down to 85 in 2019 and 88 in 2020. Despite the decline, the name has a significant meaning. Therefore, there is a chance for the name to rise in the ranks in recent years quickly.

Interest in Dominic – Worldwide

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Over the last ten years, the name Dominic has experienced an upward trend worldwide. The name has maintained a rank over 25 and has never dipped below rank 28. The interest in the name peaked in June 2016, followed by June 2019. The name’s appeal reached its highest level in May 2020. It ranked well in October 2020 as well followed by a slight decline.

Interest in Dominic – the US

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In the last decade, the interest in the name Dominic in the US has experienced an up and down curve. With a rank over 45, the name has been in consistent use over time. The name was popular in July 2011, May, and December 2014, followed by January and June 2016. The name was the most popular in October 2020. 

Popularity of the Name Dominic 


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search Trends of Dominic – Worldwide

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The top five countries where the name Dominic was the most searched are Austria, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Ghana, and Nigeria. These countries denote the highest search trend globally in the last ten years. Therefore, this name is the most used in these countries.

Search Trends of Dominic – the US

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In the US, the top five cities where the search trends for Dominic are the highest in the last decade are Mississippi, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Maine. These cities have the highest search trend signifying the use of the name. 

Middle Names That Go With Dominic

A middle name works as an act of personalization for your child. Due to this, choosing a middle name with relevant significance is important. Some double names with Dominic are:

Andrew Cooper
Frederick Atticus
Joseph Marcus
Braxton Evan
Hudson Sebastian
Harrison Leonardo
Oliver Reuben
Torren James
John Vincent
Marshall Cameron

Famous People Named Dominic

The influence of celebrities can be observed in every aspect of life. Whether it is clothing, makeup, or even name, the impact of celebrities is evident. Hence, some famous people called Dominic are:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Dominic Sherwood English actor
Dominic West English actor, director, and musician
Dominic Monaghan British actor
Dominic Sena American film director
Dominic Sandoval American dancer
Dominic Zamprogna Canadian-born actor
Don Ameche American actor
Dominic Cooper British-born actor
Dominic Howard English musician and drummer
Dominic Ochoa Filipino actor

Similar Names & Last Names 

Variations of a name are wonderful alternatives for a name. Baby-names like Dominic also have multiple alternatives. Therefore, some of the other names for Dominic with the same or similar meaning and family names for Dominic are:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Elijah Green
Nathaniel Bennett
Jeremy Allen
Mateo Hayes
Daniel Davis
Jack Griffin
Caleb Bell
Matthew Jones
Theodore Fawn
Samuel Edwards

Names That Sound Like Dominic 

Many names sound similar to a chosen name. The same goes for the name Dominic. This list presents such names that rhyme with Dominic:

Maverick Rick
Alaric Nick
Eric Aidric
Finnick Cedric
Rhodric Kenrick
Dereck Cormic

Sibling Names Related to Dominic 

Choosing appropriate sibling names that go with Dominic is integral. It helps in maintaining a consistent flow among all your children’s names. Therefore, some of the suitable sister names for Dominic and brother names for Dominic are:

Sister Names for Dominic Brother Names for Dominic
Mary Micah
Ava Adrian
Fiona Felix
Kelly Kai
Ariana Augustus
Diana Declan
Rose Raphael
Samantha Silas
Julie Julius
Sofia Fabian

Nicknames for Dominic 

Since childhood, we have been given nicknames. Our loved ones call us with nicknames more than the proper name. Hence, some of the nicknames for Dominic are: 

Dom Domdom
Dodo Do
Domie Domin
Domy Min
Nic Minic
Omi Mino

The name Dominic has been consistently present in the baby name list in the US for the last decade. Its presence in the top 100 names signifies the use of the name to this date. Parents also look forward to naming their children with relevant meanings. Therefore, with Dominic’s symbolic meaning, the name has high scope to enter the top 50 names in the future. 


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