Top 220 Middle Names for Boys & Their Meanings

220 Middle Names for Boys & Their Meanings

The practice of giving male middle names began in the Middle Ages among Europeans. Today, not all parents choose to give their baby boys a middle name, but some do. Good options for boy middle names include one syllable names, cool and unique options, and short, strong names. Two syllable male middle names are also a popular choice, and common middle names for boys include traditional and classic options. 

How To Choose Middle Names For Your Baby Boy?

Picking a name for your little bundle of joy can be overwhelming enough, but then you remember that you also have to choose a middle name. Fear not, parents-to-be! The good news is that middle names offer a bit more freedom to get creative and show off your personality. When choosing good middle names for boys, consider family names, meaningful words or places, and even your favorite fictional characters. Just be careful not to give your kid a name that will leave them with a lifetime of explaining how to spell or pronounce it. Remember, this is your chance to give your little one a name that will make them stand out, but not in a “what were they thinking?” kind of way.

Baby Boy Middle Names

You are probably too tired deciding whether to select from a list of one syllable names or to go with two-syllable boy middle names! Choose from our list of 150 middle names.

Unique Middle Names

Pick a name from the list below.

1. Aaron

Derived from the Hebrew name Aharon, probably of Egyptian origin. The name means lofty mountain.

2. Abe

The name Abe is a short form of the name Abraham or Abram, a Hebrew word. Abraham was considered to be “God’s friend” and also known as the “Father of the Multitudes”.

3. Ace

This name is one of the best examples of short middle names for boys. Ace basically means to excel in some given field. The origin of this name is English.

4. Aiden

The name has been derived from the name of the Celtic Fire and Sun God. It means fierce and has an Irish origin.

5. Anchor 

This powerful and unique middle name for boys stands for strength, courage, toughness, and balance. The name has originated from England.

6. Arch

The name Arch is a one-syllable middle name that can be given to boys. The meaning of the name is to be daring and at the same time precious too. It is an English name.

7. Atlas 

Taken from the Greek mythology Odyssey, the mythological character of Atlas was an aquatic creature that held the pillars of heaven and earth which kept them separated.

8. Baird

This rarely used name means a poet or a Ballad singer. The origin of the word is from Ireland.

9. Beck

The name originates from the Old Nordic word bekkr which means a running stream.

10. Bodhi

It is the name of a tree under which Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment. The origin of the name is Sanskrit.

11. Brock

The name has originated from old English. Brock is derived from old English words like Brocc which means a person who looks like a Badger; Brocke meaning a young Deer and Broc in old English also means a stream or a Brooke.

12. Cade

Cade means cask or a barrel. In the olden times in England, the name was used as a nickname for people who were round and shaped like a barrel.

13. Caleb

The name Caleb means somebody who is courageous, faithful and loyal like a dog. The name is of Hebrew origin.

15. Claude

A common name in France derived from the Latin name Claudius. It means to stutter or to walk with faltering steps.

16. Damon

Damon means strong as well as a pleasing personality. The name has come into existence from Greek mythology where Damon saved his friend Pythias.

17. Dante

The name Dante means tolerating or to experience. The name is of Italian-Latin origin.

18. Dean

The name means a valley and during the olden times, the name was probably given to someone who used to either live in a valley or someplace near a valley.

19. Elijah

The name is of Hebrew origin and it means “The Lord is strong”. It has a strong Biblical connotation.

20. Felix

The name is a Latin word and it means somebody who is considered to be lucky or is always happy.

21. Finn

It means something white or somebody who is fair. The name has originated from Old German, Irish and Gaelic language.

22. Haven

A place that is considered to be safe or refuge is called Haven. This beautiful middle name has originated from English.

22. Hyrum

This Hebrew origin word is derived from the Hebrew word Hiram. It means “brother of the Lord who is praised, elevated and held high”.

23. Jace

The Hebrew word Jace has a Biblical connotation. It means “the Lord is my salvation”.

24. Jared

It means something which is coming down or descending. The origin of the name is Hebrew.

25. Jericho

The name is of Arabic origin. It means the “Moon City”.

26. Juan

It is a derivative of the Hebrew word Yehanan. The name means “the lord is great and kind”.

27. Landon

The name Landon means a “long hill”. The origin of the name is English.

28. Matteo

The name is a Spanish variant of Mathew. The meaning of the name is the “Lord’s gift”. It is of Spanish origin.

29. Miles

The names Miles is of Latin as well as Jamaican origin. In Jamaican, it means being peaceful. In Latin, the Knights during the medieval times were called Miles.

30. Owen

The Welsh origin name is a modern variant of Owain. This popular name means someone born to a noble lineage.

31. Palmer

The name Palmer is of English origin. It means a person who is a pilgrim of the holy land.

32. Quintin

This Latin origin name means the fifth. The name Quintin can be given to the fifth born.

33. Rafael

It is the name of an Archangel in the Bible and means healed by God. The origin of the name is Hebrew.

34. Reese

It is a unisex name which means passionate and fierce. It is a Welsh name.

35. Rhett

The name means advice and is of English and Dutch origin.

36. Rory

The name is the anglicized version of Ruairi which means rust or red color. It is of Celtic-Gaelic origin.

37. Ryder

It means a knight or a warrior who fights battles riding on horseback. The name is of an English origin.

38. Sage

It is an English name. Sage is the name of a medicinal plant that cleanses and cures certain ailments.

39. Sean

The name is of Hebrew and Irish origin and it means the Lord is great and kind.

40. Seth

The name is derived from Hebrew and it means the selected or delegated one.

41. Sol

The name Sol is of Hebrew and Spanish origin. In Hebrew, it means peace and in Spanish, it means the sun.

42. Sutton

The unisex middle name means belonging to the southern place or town. The word Sutton originated from English of the Anglo Saxon period.

43. Sullivan

The Irish-Gaelic origin name Sullivan means someone with dark eyes.

44. Tad

A name is a short form of the name Thaddeus, one among the twelve Apostles of Christ. It also means appreciation or applause. The name has an American and English origin.

45. Tobias

The name means that the Lord is good. It is of Greek and Hebrew origin.

46. Trey

This American name denotes the number three and is given to the son who is the third born.

47. Troy

The name is Gaelic, French origin. It means courageous Descendents of water and foot soldiers.

48. Uriel

The Hebrew origin name Uriel is that of an Archangel in the Old Testament. The name means “the Lord is my guiding light”.

49. Wade

It is of English origin and it means to saunter in water.

50. Zane

The name is an alternative to the name John. It means the Lord is kind and giving and has originated from America.

Cute Middle Names

Listed below are 50-cute and cool middle names for you to choose from.

1. Adney

It is a two-syllable cute middle name meaning someone living on Noble’s island. The name is of American-English origin.

2. Akim 

The Hebrew origin middle name means “kept stable and firm by the Lord”. The name is also the short form of Joachim or Jehoiakim.

3. Almond 

The name does not merely mean a type of nut but someone who protects the home. It is an English name.

4. Anton

The name has evolved from the Latin name Antonius or Anthony. It means being irreplaceable or invaluable. The name is Latin, German and Slavic origin.

5. Anwyll

The Celtic-Welsh origin name means someone who is very dear and greatly loved. There are other variants of the name like Anwil and Anwell.

6. Arnel

The Germanic origin name means a person possessing the strength and power of an Eagle.

7. Asher

This cute Jewish name means being merry and joyous or feeling blessed. It was the name of Jacob’s eighth son given birth.

8. Axel

The name is popular in countries like Scandinavia, Germany, France, and Netherland. The meaning of the name is “the Lord of tranquility and calm”.

9. Banjo

The name signifies a musical instrument that has been played in the Caribbean islands since the 17th century and is now widely played all over the world.

10. Basil

The name is derived from the Greek name Vassilios. In Greek, it means something regal, courageous whereas, in Arabic, it means being unafraid, heroic.

11. Bryan

It is quite a common name and is of old Celtic origin. It means being noble or of a higher order.

12. Chris

It is a diminutive version of Christopher. The name is of Greek origin and means “one who carries the Lord”.

13. Conrad

The name originates from the Proto-Germanic word Konrad which means fearless advisor. The name became particularly well-known during the post-medieval English and post-medieval French period.

14. Cyril

The origin of this name comes from the Greek name Kyrillos which means “the Mighty”, “the Great”.

15. Earl

The English name is a title given to noblemen. The name originated from Anglo-Saxon English.

16. Ethan

The name is of Biblical importance and means inflexible, rigid and powerful. It originated from Hebrew.

17. Gil

The name is widely given to boys in Spain, France and many of the English speaking regions of the world. This Hebrew origin work means glee and exhilaration.

18. Gus

It is the diminutive form of the name Augustus. The name means “high and mighty”, “the revered one” and is of the Latin and Celtic origin.

19. Henry

It is said to have been derived from the Germanic name Heinrich. It was a favorite name amongst the German as well as the English Royalty.

20. Jason

The name is of Greek origin and it chiefly means “one who heals and cures”. The name also has Biblical connotation and has been mentioned in the New Testament.

21. Jasper

The masculine name Jasper means someone who keeps the finances in check. It is said to have originated from Persian.

22. Jesse

The name Jesse is of Hebrew origin and the meaning of the word is the reward. The name has been mentioned in the Old Testament as King David’s father.

23. Jude

Jude is another form of the name Judas. In the New Testament, Judas was the name of the second Apostle and it means “the admired and exalted one”.

24. Keane

The name is a favorite among Irish people. It means a great king. It is the name of a great Celtic fable character.

25. Leo

It is a Latin word meaning Lion. It is a diminutive version of Leopold and Leonard.

26. Lyle

Lyle is a cute name which means “island”. Old French and English are the origins of this name.

27. Marcos

The name signifies the Roman God of Fertility. The origin of the name is Latin.

28. Mario

This Latin-Roman origin name means macho, masculine. Some of the variations of this name are Marius, Marianus, Meirion.

29. Mike

This sweet name is a short version of Michael. It is a Hebrew name and means “one who resembles the Lord”.

30. Neil

It is a cute middle name for boys and is of Gaelic origin. The name was taken up by the Vikings to Iceland and from there traveled to the rest of the regions.

31. Olsen

It is a popular name in many countries, especially in regions where Danish is spoken. The name is of Norse origin and means “Ole’s son”.

32. Oscar

The name is an amalgamation of two Irish components in which Os means Deer a Car means adore or love.

33. Ozzie

The English origin name Ozzie is popular in English speaking as well as German-speaking regions. It means the divine powers of the Almighty.

34. Pablo

It is the Spanish alternative of the name Paul. The name originated in Spain. The meaning of the word simply means to be humble and modest.

35. Reuel

The name means “the Lord’s companion”. The origin of the name is Hebrew.

36. Ronan

Derived from an Irish word, Ronan means the aquatic animal Sea Lions. A variant of the name is Ronin.

37. Ryan

Ryan is an Irish-Gaelic origin name which means the King’s heir or the little King.

38. Sasha

The name originated in Eastern and Southern Europe. The name means “protector of the human race”.

39. Sloane

The name Sloane is of Celtic-Gaelic origin. It means “one who can fight bravely” or “someone who travels”.

40. Tate

It is a name that can be given to boys as well as girls. This middle English origin name means joyful, happy, good-natured.

41. Tatum

The name Tatum originates from Old English and it means a “happy person” or “someone who brings in happiness”.

42. Ted

The Greek and Old English origin name Ted is one of the best one syllable boy middle names. It means “the Lord’s gift” or a “rich and affluent guard”.

43. Uzi

The name means competence and stamina to do anything. The name originated from Hebrew.

44. Vidor

The Latin origin name means “the vanquisher” or “the victor”. Other variations of this name are Vitor, Vitorio, and Viktor.

45. Vivan

In Hinduism, it is another name of Lord Krishna. It also means vivacious and the rays of the sun in the morning. It is a Sanskrit word.

46. Wilfred

This old English origin name means “wanting calm and tranquillity”. The name is also associated with an English holy man Saint Wilfred.

47. Zebedee

A cute name with Biblical significance. The name is derived from a Hebrew word Zebediah and it means “the Lord’s gift”.

48. Zeke

The name is a smaller version of Ezekiel, a Prophet and is of Hebrew origin. Zeke means “the lord will strengthen”.

49. Zen

The name Zen is chiefly a Japanese name and has originated from Japan. It predominantly means religion. In Greece, it is said to be the “Gift of Zeus”.

50. Zeph

The name means something or someone who is protected or hidden by the Lord. The origin of the name is Hebrew.

Most Popular Middle Names

Here is a list of 50 most popular and good middle names to look up. Take your pick.

1. Addison

The name Addison is an Old English word that has a Biblical significance since it means Adam’s son.

2. Aiman

It is a name of Arabic origin borrowed from the Semitic languages. The meaning of the name is someone who is honest, law-abiding and virtuous

3. Alan

The name was brought into England by the Bretons during the invasion of Norman. Since then many variants of Alan have come into being since then.

4. Alister

The Greek origin name has other Greek and Scottish variants like Alistair, Alastair. The name means fighter or a soldier.

5. Andrew

The name is of English-Scottish origin and it means being macho, strong.

6. Ariel

This beautiful name in Hebrew means “the Lord’s Lion”. It is also the name of an angel.

7. Aubrey

It is a French name which means “the Elves’ King” or a “Good King of the Elves”.

8. Benedict

The masculine name Benedict is an amalgamation of two Latin words bene which means pleasant and dicte which means speak. When these two words are put together it becomes “pleasant talk” or “well-spoken”.

9. Benjamin

It is a Hebrew word that translates to “Son of my Right hand” or “Son of my Days”. The name is especially meant for the youngest son in the family.

10. Boone

The origin of the name Boone is English and French. It means a gift from God, Godsend or a blessing.

11. Cairo

The name Cairo can be used for both genders. The meaning of the name is “the triumphant” and it is of Arabic origin.

12. Cameron

Cameron is one of the most popular names in Scotland. The origin of the name is Scottish Gaelic and it means a crooked nose or a crooked river.

13. Carl

It is a West Germanic name that originated in the Old West Norse. The meaning of the name is “a man without any bondage”.

14. Connor

Connor is one of the best examples of strong names. It is derived from the Irish-Gaelic name Conchobhar which means “Wolf lover” .

15. Daniel

The name is a popular name of Hebrew origin. It means “the Lord is my Judge”.

16. David

David is an important Hebrew name in the Bible and the meaning of David is “the loved one”.

17. Dominic

The name Dominic is derived from the Late Latin name Dominicus which means “belong to the Almighty”.

18. Dylan

It is a Welsh name which means child of the sea and wave or one born from the ocean

19. Edward

Edward has been taken from the Old English name of Eadweard in which ead meant “riches and good fortune” and weard means “custodian”.

20. Ezra

The meaning of Ezra is help and Hebrew is the origin of the name.

21. Frederick

The name consists of two Germanic word components frid which means harmony and ric means King or powerful which when put together means “peaceful King”.

22. Gabriel

The name Gabriel means “the Lord has strengthened me” and it originated in Hebrew.

23. George

This common and extremely popular middle name is derived from Georgios, a Greek name. It chiefly means one who works as at the farm.

24. Guy

The name has been taken from Old French. The name Guy means a person who guides or leads the way.

25. Irving

The name Irving is an English word and means “belonging to Irving” or “from Irving”.

26. Isaac

The Biblical significance of Isaac is that he was one among the three patriarchs and the child of Sarah and Abraham. The name means “he will laugh”.

27. James

The English version of Jacob, James is a rather popular name. It is of Hebrew origin and the name James means “to be a follower”.

28. James

James is a popularly used as a name in most parts of the world. There are numerous variations to the name. The meaning of the name is “the follower”.

29. Javier

The origin of the given name is Spanish. It means something that is bright and intelligent.

30. Jeremiah

The name Jeremiah is of Hebrew origin. A couple of names in the English Language like Jeremy and Jerry are variants of Jeremiah. I mean that “the Lord shall arise”.

31. John

John is a popular name of Semitic origin. It means that God has been kind and gracious

32. Joseph

The name has a Biblical connotation since Joseph was the eleventh son of Jacob and the husband of Mary, mother of Jesus. The name is spelled differently in different countries.

33. Kenneth

The given name Kenneth is of Gaelic origin. It is the anglicized version of both the Coinneach and Cinaed. The meaning of the name is good-looking and born out of the fire.

34. Lee

The name originated from Old English. Leah in Old English means a vacant patch of land like a meadow.

35. Levi

The name Levi originates from Hebrew and the meaning of the name is “all together in harmony”.

36. Liam

The origin of the given name Liam is Canadian, Chamorro, Dominican Republic, French, Georgian, Hawaiian, Swedish, Swiss and United States. The meaning of the name means “a strong-willed soldier”.

37. Maddox

It is a name that has been taken from the surname of a Welsh Folklore legend Maddoc. The meaning of the name means “Maddoc’s son”.

38. Mason

The name originated from Hebrew and English. The name is occupational. It means one who constructs with the use of stones and bricks.

39. Maximus

The name originated from Greek and Latin. The given name Maximus means “the greatest of all mankind”.

40. Oliver

The name has originated from Latin. It signifies the Olive tree which is a symbol of peace.

41. Peter

The name Peter has been derived from the Greek word Petros. The name means stone or rock.

42. Raif

This given middle name for boys is of Arabic origin. Raif means someone who is compassionate and merciful towards others.

43. Richmond

The name Richmond is of English origin. It means “The King who is the Protector” or “The Almighty who protects us”.

44. Robert

The Germanic origin name William has been derived from the proto-Germanic word hropiberhtaz. The word when broken into two distinct parts means fame (hropi) and behrta which means bright and dazzling.

45. Samson

The Hebrew origin name Samson which was earlier known as Shimshon, means the brightest star the sun, duty.

46. Sebastian

The origin of the name Sebastian is Greek which means “the revered and respected”.

47. Simon

The origin of the given name is Hebrew and Classical Greek. In Hebrew, Simon means listening whereas in Classical Greek, it means a flat-nose.

48. Thomas

The name has been mentioned in the Greek New Testament since one of Jesus’ twelve Apostle’s name was Thomas. The meaning of the name means “being exactly the same” or “look-alike”.

49. Truman

This name of Jamaican origin means someone who is honest, sincere and a faithful man.

50. William

The name William is of German origin. The meaning of the name is “determined protector or guard.”

One Syllable Middle Names

1. Bram

Bram is a name of Hebrew origin, which means ‘father of multitudes’

2. Brandt

Brandt is a popular name of Norse origin. It translates to ‘sword’ or ‘fiery’.

3. Brett

Brett, is a popular middle name for boys which has been derived from ‘Briton’, which would usually mean the Celtic people of Britain, France. It means

4. Charles

The middle name for boys is fairly popular, it is derived from the old English usage of ‘ceorl’. It means ‘a free soul’.

5. Dex

Dex is a derivative from traditional middle names which mean ‘skilled’ or ‘efficient’.

6. Grey

Grey is a popular one among the numerous middle names for boys. A British origin name, it translates to ‘elegance’ and ‘balance’.

7. Hugh

Hugh is a common middle name of British origin and it means ‘soul’, ‘mind’ and ‘intellect’.

8. Kent

Kent is a middle name of Celtic origin which means ‘edge’ and symbolises endurance.

9. Luke

A shortened version of the Latin name Lucas, which is in turn derived from the Greek name Loukas. It means ‘light-giving’ and ‘bright’.

10. Paul

Paul is a middle name of Latin origin. It means ‘humble’ and ‘discipline’.

Two Syllable Middle Names

1. Arthur

Arthur is believed to be derived from ‘artos’ which means bear. It makes a good middle name for boys as it signifies strength and courage.

2. Bailey

Bailey is a name of British origin and it means ‘independent’, ‘responsible’ and ‘law abiding’.

3. Brendon

A name of Celtic origin, Brandon means ‘prince’ and ‘royalty’.

4. Byron

Byron is a great middle name for boys, it is derived from the Old English phrase which means ‘dedicated’ and ‘hardworking’.

5. Cody

Having Celtic origins, Cody means ‘son of the helpful one. It translates to a ‘kind spirit’ and ‘helpful nature’.

6. Justin

Derived from the Latin name Justinus, Justin means ‘just’, ‘fair’ and ‘righteous’.

7. Lawrence

Lawrence is a name of Latin origin, it means ‘tough’, ‘sturdy’ and ‘hardy’.

8. Louis

Louis makes for a great middle name for boys as it means ‘famous warrior’.

9. Noel

Noel is derived from the French language which means one who is born on Christmas. It signifies purity, innocence and patience.

10. Preston

Preston is a name of British origin which means ‘the town of the priest’.

11. Riley

Riley is a name with Gaelic and Irish roots. It translates to bravery, leadership and valour.

12. Vincent

Vincent is a name of Latin origins which means ‘victorious’ and ‘conquering’.

Three Syllable Middle Names

1. Anthony

Anthony is a popular choice among cool middle names for boys and it means ‘praiseworthy’ or ‘priceless’.

2. Apollo

A name of Greek origin, Anthony is a great male middle name as it means ‘fearless’ and ‘bold’.

3. Avery

Avery is a name that originates from England, it means ‘ruler’ and ‘counsellor’.

4. Dominick

Dominick is name with English and German roots which means ‘master’ and ‘commander’.

5. Everett

Everett is an old traditional English name which means ‘a fierce warrior’.

6. Garrison

Garrison is a strong name with British roots. It means ‘protection’ and ‘stronghold’.

7 Gregory

With Greek roots, Gregory is a common middle name. It means ‘watchful’ and ‘vigilant’.

8. Marcellus

Marcellus is a good middle name for boys, which means ‘warrior’.

9. Tavian

Tavian as a middle name has Latin roots and it means ‘favoured by God’.

10. Xavier

Xavier is a name with Arabic origin which means ‘bright’ and ‘new’.

Powerful Middle Names

1. Amar

Amar means ‘alive’, ‘pious’ and ‘immortal’.

2. Bear

Bear is a name of German origins, it means ‘strong’ and ‘brave’.

3. Guenther

Guenther is a strong middle name which means ‘battler’ or ‘warrior’.

4. Nikhil

Nikhil is middle name of Sanskrit origin and it means ‘complete’ or ‘whole’.

5. Oak

Oak is a great male middle name of Old English origin which means ‘meadow of oak trees’.

6. Shay

Shay is a name of Gaelic origin which means ‘fortune’ and ‘admirable’.

7. Stark

Stark is a good middle name for boys which means ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’.

8. Tai

Tai is a great middle name which means ‘vast’ and ‘great’.

9. Trace

Trace is an Anglo-Saxon middle name for boys and it means ‘bravery’.

10. Vidal

Vidal means ‘life’ and ‘vitality’.

Cool Middle Names

1. Beckett

Beckett is a middle name of British origin which means ‘beehive’ or ‘bee cottage’.

2. Callum

Callum is a very popular male middle name and it has Celtic roots. It means ‘calm’ and ‘peaceful’.

3. Cash

A name of English-Latin origin which means ‘prosperity’.

4. Cyrus

Cyrus is a name of Persian origin which means ‘sun’. It means being powerful as well as gentle.

5. Dax

Dax is a cool middle name with French roots, which means ‘leader’.

6. Duke

Duke is strong middle name with Latin roots which means ‘leader’ and ‘strong personality’.

7. Easton

Easton is a name of English origin which means ‘east town’.

8. Flynn

Flynn is an incredibly cool middle name for boys which means ‘reddish complexion’.

9. Leif

Leif is a strong middle name with Scandinavian origin. It means ‘heir’ and ‘descendant’.

10. Link

Link is a name of English origin which means ‘to bring together’.

Short Middle Names

1. Alon

Alon is a name with Israeli roots, making it a perfect short middle name for boys. It means ‘oak tree’.

2. Beau

Beau is a name of French origin, and it means ‘handsome’.

3. Blake

Blake is a cool middle name with British roots and it means ‘dark’, ‘bright’ and ‘shinning’.

4. Chad

Chas is great middle name for boys, which has British origin. It means ‘protector’ and ‘defender’.

5. Chase

With Old French and English roots, Chase means ‘to hunt’.

6. Clark

Clark is a popular male middle name which means ‘scholarly’.

7. Cole

Cole is a strong middle name, with English roots. It means ‘cleansing’ and ‘earthy’.

8. Dion

With Greek roots, Dion is a cool male middle name which means ‘great power’ and ‘ a dedicated disciple’.

9. Jeong

Jeong means ‘quiet’, ‘virtuous’, ‘loyal’ and ‘chaste’.

10. Kurt

Kurt is a name with German and Turkish origin which means ‘courteous’ and ‘polite’.

Common Middle Names

1. Alexander

A Latin derivative of the Greek name Alexandros, which means ‘defender of the truth’.

2. Jack

Jack is derived from John which means ‘God is gracious’.

3. Jackson

Jackson is an Old English name which means ‘spiritual’.

4. Jacob

Jacob is a classic middle name for boys which means ‘understanding’ and ‘adjusting’

5. Logan

Logan is a Scottish name which means ‘small’ and ‘hollow’.

6. Lucas

With Greek roots, Lucas means ‘light’ and ‘white’.

7. Michael

Michael is a name of Hebrew origin which means ‘godlike’.

8. Noah

Noah is a great male middle name with Hebrew roots which means ‘rest’ and ‘repose’.

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