Top 60 Mayan Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

60 Popular Mayan Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Are you bored with common English names for your little one? Are you longing to give an ancient, cool Mayan name that can set your child apart? If yes, you are certainly in the right place. Giving a newborn child, his/her name is a special moment. And, it is important to choose a name that is both meaningful and catchy. After all, your child will be called by this name for the rest of his/her life.

So, let’s get started with some ancient Mayan boy names.

Mayan Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Pick your favourite from these top Mayan male names:

1. Aapo

Aapo is a very common Mayan name. Since the early 6th century, parents have named their baby boys Aapo. This name is often mistaken for a girl’s baby name. However, it is apt for baby boys. And, the name translates to ‘father of many nations.’

2. Abund

Does the sound of Abund remind you of abundant? Well, this is what the name means. Abund directly translates to ‘abundant living.’

3. Ajaw

If your little one has kingly features and rules everyone’s hearts like a king, then Ajaw would be an ideal name. It means ‘king’.

4. Ajbej

Ajbej is a striking name for boys with an eccentric meaning that will highlight him positively. Ajbej refers to a person ‘who guides other men or walks ahead of the group’.

5. Babajide

If you are looking for an ancient baby name from the Mayan civilization, Babajide is a great choice. It translates to ‘Father is coming home.’

6. Balam

A bold name, Balam in Mayan means ‘jaguar’.

7. Bembe

Is your son a miracle? If yes, name him appropriately! Bembe means ‘son of prophecy.’

8. Cadmael

Looking for a powerful name that is both interesting recite and remember? The name Cadmael means ‘war chief.’

9. Chichan

Chichan is a cute Mayan male given name, which means ‘small’.

10. Dacey

Isn’t it wonderful to take home a baby boy? Undeniably yes! And, this gives you another reason to name him Dacey, which means adored.

11. Eadrich

For generations, Eadrich has been a dignified name from the Mayan civilization. It means a wealthy monarch with plenty of energy and charm!

12. Eloy

Another fascinating Mayan baby boy name that has been forgotten for years would be Eloy. This name means ‘renowned warrior.’

13. Fabio

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that Fabio is a Mayan name. It translates to bean farmer.

14. Gabor

If you are looking for a name that thanks God for this baby boy, you should pick Gabor. This translates to ‘God’s bravest man.’

15. Hadwin

This name comes from an Old French word ‘hard,’ which means strong and ‘win,’ which means friends. So Hadwin means ‘strong friend’. The name gained momentum in the early 1980s when it was in vogue for men. And we see a spike in the popularity of the name again.

16. Horado

Horado is a rare Mayan boy name which means ‘timekeeper.’

17. Hugo

Don’t you want your baby boy to be known for his intelligence? Pick Hugo, which means ‘intelligent.’

18. Humberto

Another cool Mayan name that means ‘intelligent, bright and big’ would be Humberto.

19. Ian

The talk about cool Mayan names will be incomplete without Ian. This is the Mayan version of the English name: John. The name means ‘Jehovah has been gracious.’

20. Iik

Iik is an eccentric Mayan name which means ‘spirit of the wind’. The name surely gives a strong character to the bearer.

21. Junajaw

It is one of the few unique Mayan names perfect for today’s generation. Junajaw means ‘only king’.

22. Kaknab

Kaknab is one of the most dignified Mayan names, which refers to ‘sea’.

23. Lalail

Lalail is another unique Mayan word suitable for boys. It means ‘older’.

24. Muun

The name has a charm and energy attached to it. In Mayan, the name means ‘tender’. If your little one is calm and soft-spoken, then this would make an ideal name for him.

25. Pixan

Pixan, albeit, is a stylish name ideal for all types of personalities. In Mayan, it means ‘soul’.

26. Sak

If you want to give an impression of ‘don’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover’, then this name could be it. Sak is a modern-ish Mayan name with a powerful meaning. It means ‘pure and clean of heart’.

27. Utsil

A unique and pleasant-sounding name in our top Mayan names list is Utsil. In Mayan, it means ‘kind’. You can use the name’s great meaning to inculcate your child’s kind and loving personality.

28. Wayak

Wayak has an aura of sophistication. This Mayan name apparently has two meanings: ‘dream’ or ‘something/one that is dreamed of’.

29. Yaamail

This Mayan name has our hearts going butterfly. The translation of this name is ‘to be loved’.

30. Yuumil

Are you searching for an uncommon name for your baby boy? Yuumil can be an option! The Mayan name means ‘owner’.

Mayan Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Now, that we have seen interesting, ancient Mayan boy names, let’s look into cool Mayan names for baby girls. These female Mayan names are cute as well as unique to accentuate your daughter’s personality.

1. Alitzel

If your baby girl is a cheerful little child, happy to be around everyone, then this could be the perfect name for her. Alitzel in Mayan means ‘smiling girl’.

2. Akna

Akna plays an important role in Mayan myths. This is the name of a Goddess who represents fertility and childbirth. The name is rare but extremely meaningful. Akna means ‘our mother.’

3. Aquetzalli

The name Aquetzalli has a very magical feel to it. In Mayan, it means ‘precious water’.

4. Chaac

If you are familiar with Mayan myths, you will be aware of this name. This means ‘God of rain.’ The name is strongly related to fertility and wellness.

5. Cozumel

This beautiful baby girl’s name. It is derived from the Mayan word Cuzamil, which means ‘the island of shallows’.

6. Cualli

A baby girl is always good for the family. And, that is why you should name her Cualli which means ‘good.’

7. Chimalmat

Yet, another rare Mayan name for baby girls. It would be a daring move to give your baby girl this name. It means ‘mother of giants.’

8. Colel

Another interesting Mayan name for your baby girl would be Colel. This means ‘Goddess of bees’.

9. Eztli

Once again, this is a daring name for your little princess. Eztli means ‘blood.’

10. Izel

If you are searching for cool Mayan names for girls, you are bound to come across this one! It means ‘unique’ or ‘only one.’

11. Itotia

Wouldn’t it be amazing to give your little princess an energetic name? If yes, pick Itotia which means ‘dance.’

12. Itzameni

This beautiful baby girl’s name means ‘bride of the water sorcerer’.

13. Ixazaluoh

Do you want the Mayan version of Zahra? If yes, this is the name you are looking for. This name means ‘dawn.’

14. Kookay

In Mayan culture, the name Kookay refers to the ‘firefly’.

15. Loolbeh

Loolbeh is a quintessentially pleasant name ideal for bright and welcoming personalities. It means ‘flower of the road’.

16. Mactzil

Looking for your miraculous daughter a pleasing name? How about Mactzil! This feminine Mayan name means ‘miraculous thing’.

17. Naay

Naay is a modern-ish feminine Mayan name which means ‘dream’.

18. Patli

Patli is another uncommon, but cool Mayan name. It translates to ‘medicine.’

19. Payaan

If your little daughter is surrounded by a big family or has a captivating personality, this Mayan name would suit her. Payaan in Mayan refers to the ‘woman who is loved’.

20. Sugey

Sugey is a commonly used name in Central America. It is associated with sunlight.

21. Xareni

For your beautiful baby girl, we found the name with the best mythological meaning. Xareni refers to ‘the goddess of love and princess of the forests’.

22. Xeelja

For a calm and solid character, Xeelja is a perfect suitor. This Mayan name means ‘sea breeze’.

23. Xoc

Xoc is one of the attractive, evergreen Mayan girl names. It’s not just used as a first name, but also as a trendy surname.

24. Xpiayoc

Yet another rare name for your baby girl. This means ‘mysterious side of you.’

25. Yaamil

Yaamil is a very special girl’s name. In Mayan, it means ‘to be loved’.

26. Yalit

If you want to give your baby girl a blossoming Mayan name, this could be it. It means ‘the flower of the corn’.

27. Yolotli

Yolotli is a wonderful name for your little princess. It can be used for your baby boy too! Yolotli means ‘heart.’

28. Zazil

A surprisingly pleasant-sounding name, this Mayan name could be perfect for your daughter. Zazil in Mayan means ‘light’ or ‘clarity’.

29. Zuma

Sometimes you should think outside the box and pick names like Zuma, which means ‘Lord frowns in anger.’

30. Zyanya

Undeniably, Zyanya is a trendy Mayan name for girls. It means ‘forever’ or ‘always.’

Choosing an ancient Mayan name for your baby girl or boy is a wonderful idea. In this modern era, very few parents tend to pick Ancient Mayan names for a baby boy or baby girl. Nevertheless, these names carry so much meaning and will add more value to your little one.

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