Top 100 Turkish Girl Names & Their Meanings

100 Turkish Girl Names & Their Meanings

Turkey is a beautiful nation with a rich culture and architecture. The Turkish girl names given here include Turkish-American names, Turkish-English names and Turkish-German names represent the traditions, special customs and culture of Turkey. There are hundreds of Turkish names, some from other Middle East cultures and some that are unique. The meaning of some names is quite poetic, ranging from emotions like love to the beauty of a star-filled sky. We have rounded up some modern and beautiful Turkish female names along with their meanings. 

Turkish Names For Girls

Turkish baby girl names are short, gentle, sweet and deeply meaningful. Some female names have a similar meaning but a different word. After a lot of research, we have rounded up some popular baby girl names. Read this article to find pretty Turkish girl names along with their meanings :

1. Aergul

This name means “a bunch of blooming roses”, and this will be a perfect name for your beautiful daughter.

2. Afet

An attractive name for your lovely baby girl which means “a woman of awe-inspiring beauty”.

3. Ayeleen

This is a popular name of Turkish origin which means “halo of the moon”.

4. Banu

An ideal name for your bundle of joy, the name Banu means “princess”.

5. Beyza

A name that has a Turkish origin, it means ”pure” or ”white”.

6. Ceyda

A cute and adorable name that means “a beautiful lady”, this name will be perfect for your little lady.

7. Ceylan

This name of Turkish origin, meaning “a gazelle or antelope” is a beautiful name for your little girl.

8. Caria

This Turkish name means “a person who flows like water” and can shape your little one’s personality.

9. Defne

A sweet and adorable name which means “a tall and majestic laurel tree”.

10. Doga

A short and simple name of Turkish origin which means “nature” or “a person who loves nature”.

11. Ece

This name is quite popular in Turkey, which means “a beautiful and attractive queen”.

12. Elvan

The name Elvan means ”colours or colourful”. This name is derived from the English and Italian name Elvia.

13. Emine

This name signifies “one who is courageous and bold”. A powerful name for your strong girl.

14. Emel

This is a fascinating and pleasant feminine word which means “desire”.

15. Emiri

Emiri is a royal name that means “one who tries to excel”.

16. Feray

A classic Turkish name that means “a moon’s radiance”.

17. Funda

A unique name that represents “health” or “the normal condition of the mind and body”.

18. Gulizar

Gulizar is a name of Turkish origin, and it means a person with soft, fair, and rosy cheeks”.  This is a popular name and is used by many Turkish families.

19. Gaye

This word means “a precious ornament that reflects gold or yellow”. It also means “an aim or goal” in Turkish.

20. Hande

A cheerful name for your beautiful princess this name is excellent for a woman who is always happy as it means “laugh”.

21. Harika

A unique Turkish name with different meanings, this name means “beautiful” and “a miracle”.

22. Joozher

This name represents a person who is “noble, dignified, and forgiving”.

23. Jorawar

Jorawar is a name of Turkish origin, and it means a person with a charming and upstanding personality”.

24. Jihan

A beautiful name for a girl who is your world, the name Jihan means “the world or the universe”.

25. Kader

Kader is a Greek Turkish name, and the name signifies “destiny or fate”.

26. Kadri

An adorable word which means “pure”. Kadri is a popular modern name for Turkish girls.

27. Lunara

A royal name which means “a flowery princess”, this is an ideal name for your princess.

28. Lalam

Lalam is a name of Turkish origin, and it means “as beautiful as a tulip”.

29. Melike

A Turkish Muslim name used by Muslim people to indicate “the king’s wife”. This name also means “a female ruler”.

30. Meltem

Meltem is a pretty Turkish feminine name which means “mild and gentle winds that blow during the summer season”.

31. Neylan

Neylan is a unique unisex name that represents a person “who accomplishes their desires” or “a fulfilled wish”.

32. Nurgul

An Arabic name which means “a radiant rose”, this name is ideal for your little rose.

33. Nazik

A pleasant name for your cute and adorable newborn baby girl which means “soft and delicate”.

34. Muge

A name that captures your little girl’s innocence, Muge is a Turkish name that means “lily of the valley”.

35. Pinar

The name Pinar is of Turkish origin, and it means “a fountain” or “spring water”.

36. Rasheda

A perfect Turkish name or your little one which means “upright” or “rightly guided”.

37. Roxelana

This is a Turkish-English name that is quite popular and used worldwide. The name means “one who comes from the Rutheria region”.

38. Sefa

The name Sefa has a Turkish origin, and it means “pleasure”.

39. Serap

A beautiful name of Turkish origin, Serap means “mirage”.

40. Sevinc

This unique name is perfect for the baby that has brought so much happiness in your life as this name means “joy and delight”.

41. Seyyal

If you are a traveller, this is an ideal name for your baby girl as it means “a traveller”.

42. Sezen

Sezen is a unique name for your baby girl, which means “a person who has a good sense or is intuitive”.

43. Shahinaz

This Turkish name is perfect for your little girl, meaning “beautiful and lovely”.

44. Sibeli

A name that is a variation of another name Sibel, Sibeli means “a prophetess or oracle”.

45. Toulin

Another elegant name for girls which means “a circular band of light around the moon”.

46. Tuba

A great name for a woman this name means “a tree that grows in heaven”.

47. Yasmin

Yasmin is a popular name that is derived from the name of the flower jasmine.

48. Yildiz

Your daughter is the real gem of your life, and this name is perfect for your little girl as it means “a star.”

49. Zel

Zel is a feminine name given to a warrior which means special or ‘the only one’. Zel is the twelfth letter of the Turkish Ottoman alphabet.

50. Zlem

A common Turkish name for girls, this name means “missing and yearning”.

Popular Turkish Names For Girls

1. Ahu

This cute and short girl name stands for “bright and beautiful”. When your little girl wakes up to her name in the mornings, knowing her name means beautiful and bright, just like she is, will bring positivity into her life.

2. Bahar

Bahar is trending charts these days, thanks to its adventurous and cool vibe. In Turkey, Bahar means “the season of spring”, which is itself a mood-lifter.

3. Cagla

Cagla is another feminine Turkish name that has gained popularity in recent years, thanks to the use of this name in popular Turkish cinema and TV shows. Cagla is derived from the Turkish word Caglamak which represents the energetic flow of water in a waterfall. In Turkey, Cagla means “timeless” or “flowing water”.

4. Deniz

Deniz is a popular gender-neutral name that fits well with both genders. Deniz means “the sea” in Turkish. Famous Turkish personalities bearing this name include Turkish-American chef, Deniz Orhun and Turkish actress Deniz Çakır.

5. Ela

Ela is a voguish Turkish girl’s name that is used by people worldwide. However, in Turkish, Ela means “hazel”.

6. Fatima

Fatima is a classic, worldly, and popular feminine name which is pronounced Fat-Ma in Turkish. The name stands for “one who weans an infant” or “one who abstains”.

7. Gamze

Gamze is a modern, cutesy Turkish name which means “the dimple on the cheeks”. This adorable name is unisex, and some of the famous personalities include Gamze Bezan, the Turkish footballer, Gamze Nur Yaman, a Turkish women’s footballer and Gamze Bulut, the Turkish middle-distance runner.

8. Haleh

Haleh is an adorable and unique Turkish name, a variant of the Arabic girl’s name Hala. The name stands for “halo around the moon”.

9. Idil

Idil is a striking girl’s name which comes from the Turkish city of Idil of South-East Turkey. The name means “from the river”.

10. Jale

Jale is an inspiring choice among Turkish girl names, meaning “dew” or “hailstone”. There are many famous personalities bearing this name, including Jale Arikan, the Turkish-German actress.

11. Kadriye

Kadriye is an impressive choice for parents looking for a spiritful and meaningful name. It means “valuable”.

12. Lara

Lara is a historical name of Latin origin Laura, which means “the laurel leaf”. In Turkish, Lara means “water fairy”. The name is also a great choice if you are after a nickname for your kid.

13. Melek

Melek is an adorable girl’s name meaning “angel”.

14. Nadia

Nadia is a classy name with a certain elegance to it. This worldly name has Slavic and Greek origins. The name Nadia stands for “hope” in the Slavic language.

15. Oya

Oya is a gender-neutral name trending in many countries. However, it is very common in Turkey and means “lace” or “Irish lace”.

16. Ozlem

This striking Turkish female name is predominantly found amongst girls, which means “desired”, “missing”, or “yearning”. It is quite common in Turkey, France, and Czech Republic.

17. Pınar

Pinar is a wonderful Turkish girl’s name which means “fountain” or “spring”. This name is used as both a first name and a surname. You might have heard of Turkish pop singer, Pınar Soykan and Nazli Pinar, a character in the popular Turkish Drama, Dolunay.

18. Reyhan

Reyhan is a classic unisex Turkish name with Arabic roots. The name means “fragrance”.

19. Sahar

Sahar is also a unisex name with a cool vibe. The name stands for “just before dawn”. It is pronounced as SE-Her and is used as a first name and last name.

20. Taahira

Taahira is a popular Turkish name for girls, which means “pure” in Arabic. It is a well-loved name in the Muslim community worldwide.

21. Vega

Vega is a pleasant-sounding Turkish name of Arabic origin. The name stands for “swooping eagle”.

22. Zehra

Zehra is certainly a popular Turkish name of Arabic origin, meaning “beauty”, “shining”, or “blossom”.

Rare Turkish Baby Girl Names

1. Asli

Asli is a classic unisex name that sounds more feminine to ears. This Turkish name means “genuine” or “real”. You must have heard of the 16th-century Turkish love fable, Asli ve Kerem, which has a lead female character named Asli.

2. Banou

Banou is a rare and exotic name, meaning “princess”.

3. Ceren

Pronounced as JEH-ren in Turkish, this unique and lesser-known name is of Mongolian origin. The name means “young gazelle”.

4. Dilara

Dilara is certainly a vintage Turkish name which is a variant of the Persian feminine name Delara which means “beloved”. Ancient Persian poets also used the word Dilara to describe a delightful woman.

5. Esin

Esin is a wonderful Turkish name which is rarely known by people. It means “inspirational”.

6. Feriha

Feriha is a classic name which has probably lost its footing in the modern world. However, it has the potential to rule the world again. It means “joyous woman”.

7. Gulya

Gulya is an inspiring choice, which means “flower”.

8. Handan

If your little one has a joyous and bold personality, she will certainly embrace this rare Turkish name, Handan. It means “full of joy”.

9. Mehtap

Mehtap is certainly lost under the covers, but we know its strength and uniqueness. The name means “from the moonlight”.

10. Nermin

Nermin is a quintessentially elegant name that isn’t recognized for the awesomeness it harness. The name means “delicate”.

Cool Turkish Names For Baby Girls

1. Belgin

This cool and outstanding name means “pure”.

2. Derya

Derya is a popular Turkish name meaning “from the ocean”. If your little one has ocean-like eyes or loves water, then this name would suit her.

3. Ebrar

Ebrar is a cool-sounding name meaning “virtuous”.

4. Hazan

Hazan is a sweet and unique girl’s name meaning “autumn”.

5. Narin

Narin is a beautiful name with an attention-grabbing quality. The name means “delicate”.

6. Nurten

Nurten is a gorgeous girl’s name meaning “of bright skin”.

7. Sevda

Sevda is a popular Turkish name loved by people everywhere. This classic yet cool name means “beloved” or “loving woman”.

8. Sevil

Just like Sevda, Sevil also means “beloved”.

9. Sidika

Sidika is a one-of-a-kind name with loads of compassion and elegance to it. The name means “truthful”. 

10. Sumeyye

Sumeyye is a different yet outstanding Turkish name referring to “she who is high above others”.

Cute Turkish Baby Names For Girls

1. Aysel

No doubt, Aysel is as cute as its meaning. The Turkish name means “moon stream”.

2. Canan

If your little one is more precious to you than any other thing or person in the world, then Canan would definitely suit your little girl. The name means “darling”.

3. Damla

Damla is an exotic Turkish girl’s name that has Arabic roots. The name means “dewdrop” or “drop of water”.

4. Esen

If your girl has born in the season of fresh breeze and winds or if she has a cheerful and friendly personality, then this splendid name, Esen, would be perfect for her. Esen in Turkish means “breeze”.

5. Ilay

Ilay is hands-down a magazine-friendly voguish name. It means “water nymph”.

6. Lale

Lale is a cutesy Turkish name meaning “tulip flower”.

7. Naz

Naz is a beautiful and playful name that would bring a wide grin to anyone who hears it. It means “timid”, though.

8. Pembe

Pink lovers can gather here! Pembe is a stylish Turkish girl’s name referring to the colour “pink”.

9. Sanem

Sanem is a popular girl’s name in Turkey, meaning “perfection”. The name is made popular by a protagonist named Sanem in the worldwide famous Turkish Drama Erkenci Kus.

10. Yara

Yara is a cute Turkish name with a no-baggage attitude. It means “water lady” or “small butterfly”.

Name is the first and the best gift that parents give to their baby. The name plays an important role in the life of a person. So select an ideal name for your baby girl, which will make her proud. We are here wishing you the best of luck for choosing the best name for your princess that suits her personality. Happy Parenting!

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