Top 80 Animal Inspired Baby Girl & Boy Names With Meanings

80 Unique Animal Themed Baby Names for Boys and Girls

While looking for baby names, we often look for different sources. Be it religion, movies, television series, or celebrities, there are numerous ways to find a baby name. However, did you ever think that the animal kingdom can be helpful here as well? Meaningful and lovely sounding names, these can fill our heart with emotions. Moreover, your kids will like their names as they grow up and will thankful for such an adorable name. Find these unique names after animals for baby boys and girls.

Cute Baby Boy Names Inspired by Animals

Have a look at this lovely wildlife inspired names for boys:

1. Ari

This name originates from Hebrew and means ‘lion or eagle.’ It will be an excellent name for your baby boy.

2. Averett

It means ‘brave, strong boar.’ An old English name for boys, it sounds different and remains popular.

3. Abbas

The name is of Arabic origin and means ‘lion’.

4. Barrett

The name is of Old English origin and means ‘strength of a bear’.

5. Bram

It is a Celtic name that means ‘raven.’ Interestingly the name works for both the genders.

6. Bear

A mighty one from the animal kingdom, it will be suitable for your athletic boy. It has a resilient and robust feel to it.

7. Bernard

It is short for Saint Bernard, a large breed of dog. The dog looks adorable and yet is massive in size.

8. Buck

A horned animal like a deer is called a buck. Strong and powerful as it sounds, it will add the same characteristics to your boy.

9. Channing 

This popular name represents a young wolf.

10. Colt

It means a young male horse, and this crisp name will suit your baby boy. Take a little inspiration from these majestic animals while naming your baby boy.

11. Conan

It is a Celtic word for ‘wolf or hound.’ May sound fierce for many, but goes well for a boy’s name.

12. Deryn

It is a Welsh origin word that means ‘blackbird.’ The name has a unique sound to it as well.

13. Drake

It means a male duck. Consider a strong masculine name and famous in many cultures.

14. Fawn

The name is of French origin and represents a young deer. 

15. Finch

The name is gender-neutral in nature and represents a songbird.

16. Fox

This name is quite straightforward, as it represents a fox!

17. Galvin

The name is of Irish and Gaelic origin. It means ‘sparrow’.

18. Hector

The name is of Greek origin and means ‘steadfast’.

19. Jonah

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘dove’.

20. Leo

It means lion as per the Chinese Zodiac. Mighty, majestic, and royal, this name will never go unnoticed.

21. Lowell

Lowell refers to a young wolf. When young, these animals look furry and cute. It is an excellent choice for your boy.

22. Lionel

The name is of Latin origin and means ‘little lion’.

23. Madigan

The name is of Irish origin and means ‘little dog’.

24. Marshall

Are you looking for names that mean animal lovers? Marshall means ‘caretaker of horses.’ Both the sound and meaning are perfect.

25. Namir

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘leopard’.

26. Orson

The name is of French and Latin origins. It represents a bear cub.

27. Otter

The name has multiple origins and represents an otter. 

28. Phoenix

It is a bird from mythology that is known to rise from its ashes. It will be an incredible name for your boy.

29. Philip

It is a Greek name that refers to a ‘horse lover.’ Don’t you wish your baby boy to grow into one?

30. Pike 

The name is an old nickname of sorts given to fishermen. 

31. Ralph

The name is of Old Norse and Old English origin. It means ‘wolf counsel’.

32. Raoul

The name means ‘wise wolf’ or ‘wolf shield’.

33. Shaurav

The name has multiple meanings, one of which is bear. 

34. Shepherd

Some names are apt for a nickname and here is one. Shepherd or shorten to Shep, it refers to German shepherd breed of dogs.

35. Tiger

The most royal and also known as the king of the jungle, the name will be a good one for a boy.

36. Tipu

Here is a name for the ones looking for a different one. It is a Hindi name that means ‘tiger.’ Powerful and majestic.

37. Tod

It is an old English name that means ‘fox.’ Swift and sharp in action and mind, it is a friendly and short name for boys.

38. Wren

A small bird that sings well, it sounds a cool name for your baby boy. If you are hearing it for the first time, you know you have a fantastic name with you.

39. Wolf

The name has been popularly used across cultures. It represents the mighty animal that is the wolf.

40. Zvi

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘deer’.

Cute Baby Girl Names Inspired by Animals

Here’s a list of girl animal names for you to refer:

1. Fawn

A single syllable name that means a young deer, it sounds magical. Show off your love for your angel with this name.

2. Sable

An animal similar to a weasel, it is a short-tailed furry animal. Add a little vintage vibe to your little princess.

3. Adolpha

It is a German name that means ‘noble wolf.’ It may suit for lovely daughter perfectly.

4. Arachne

It comes from Greek mythology. In the story, a young woman gets turned into a spider. Nevertheless, a unique sounding name for your baby girl.

5. Ariel

The name has a Hebrew origin, and it means ‘lion of God.’ It will be a holy name for your daughter.

6. Branwen

It means ‘white, blessed raven.’ Choose this Welsh name and shower her with the blessings of God.

7. Catherine

Many relate this name to the cat. However, it means ‘pure’ as well. It is a beautiful Latin name for your princess.

8. Eva

This Latin name means ‘life’ as well as ‘animal.’ It is a biblical form of the English word Eve and sounds short and cute.

9. Ava

It is derived from the Latin word ‘Avis’ which refers to a ‘little bird.’ It is a short and beautiful name for your daughter.

10. Birdie

The name and the sound have a typical old-world charm to it. It is a sweet name for your daughter.

11. Bunny

It refers to those cute, tiny and furry rabbits. Doesn’t your little princess look the same when you hold her in your hands?

12. Charlotte

It is a French name that means ‘petite.’ Moreover, do you remember the story named Charlotte’s Web? It was the name of the spider in the story.

13. Cria

The name Cria is a Gaelic word that means ‘straight from the heart,’ and the baby llama is also called the same. In both the senses, the name is sweet.

14. Yara

This beautiful Arabic name means ‘small butterfly.’ Furthermore, in Brazil, it refers to a Goddess.

15. Lynx

The mythology says that these are the ‘keepers of the secrets of the forests; also the frisky feline animal that looks unique. Your daughter, who seeks your attention, surely deserves this name.

16. Jay

The name Jay refers to feathery monikers, similar to Robin. A name that is short and yet sweet goes well for your little princess. It can be a cute middle name as well.

17. Wren

Over the last few years, the name has risen significantly in its popularity as a baby girl name. It is a cute little bird, although a little less than your daughter.

18. Ayala

Ayala is another name for a gazelle. It may have an animal meaning; however, has no direct association with the animal world. Nevertheless, it makes a fantastic name for your daughter.

19. Tabitha

It is another name for a doe. Originally it is a Hebrew word that means ‘beauty and grace.’ Prefer any meaning, and this name will suit your daughter.

20. Selima

It is a name that was used by an 18th-century poet about a cat. Hence, it gained popularity. The name also refers to ‘bringer of peace and comfort.’

21. Adolfa

The name comes from Old German and means ‘noble wolf’.

22. Anemone

This is a unique name as it represents a sea anemone. 

23. Beverly

The name is quite popular, and it means ‘beaver stream’.

24. Cat

This name is quite straightforward as it represents our furry little feline friends. 

25. Deborah

The name is derived from a Hebrew word which means ‘bee’.

26. Faline

This beautiful name represents behaviour and personality that resembles a cat. 

27. Hansika

The name is of Indian origin and represents a swan. 

28. Jarita

The name is of Hindi origin and means ‘legendary bird’.

29. Jemima

The name is of Hebrew origin and represents a dove.

30. Kiara

This popular name has origins in multiple cultures. It represents a cockatoo. 

31. Koko

The name is of Japanese origin and represents a stork. 

32. Lark

The lark is a playful songbird and is the perfect name for a bundle of joy.

33. Mayuri

The name is of Indian origin and represents a peahen.

34. Nyala

The name is of African origin and represents a mountain goat. 

35. Paloma

The name is of Latin origin and represents the symbol of peace, a dove. 

36. Raven

If you like the vibe a raven brings with it, Raven is the perfect name for your little girl.

37. Rima

The name is of Spanish and Arabic origin and represents an antelope. 

38. Tora

The name has both Japanese and Old Norse origins. It means tiger.

39. Ursula

The name is derived from the Latin word for a bear. 

40. Vanessa

The name is of British origin and represents a butterfly.

Naming your baby boy or girl after lovely animals and birds brings joy into your homes. Whether your baby is just born or soon to arrive, it is wise to finalize the name at the earliest. Swiftness, beauty, bravery, and strength are a few characteristics of animals that are admired, and these are the traits that we would like to see in our child. As parents, whether you are animal lovers or not, these names will attract you.

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