50 Cool Musical Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Musical Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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Parents always want a unique name for their baby boys and girls. The most important aspect for the parents is that the name should be impactful and meaningful. And, a good way to ensure that the baby’s name is unique is to choose one with a musical reference. Music is a universal language, and therefore, a musical name appeals to everyone irrespective of the culture, religion, ethnicity or socioeconomic status. Here’s a list of beautiful and meaningful baby names that inspire creativity and are also trendy.

Musical Names for Baby Boys

Parents who love music may want to give musical names to their baby boys. Music transcends boundaries, so a name inspired by music is sure to be liked by everyone. Several classical music baby names are still relevant and are never out of trend.

Here are some of the most popular musical names for baby boys with their meanings:

1. Alejandro

Alejandro is the name of the renowned Mexican singer, Alejandro Fernandez. This poetic and soft-sounding name is the perfect musical name for a boy.

2. Amadeus

Amadeus is a popular musical name for a baby boy due to its association with Mozart. The name has a Latin origin, and it means ‘love of God’.

3. Apollo

This popular name is the name of the Greek God of music. This name is perfect for boys with a strong personality.

4. Bell

This cute musical name is very pleasant to the ears. It is also an occupational name of Scottish and English origin, referring to ‘the ringer of bells’.

5. Brio

This musical boy’s name is a musical term associated with lots of energy and verve.

6. Calypso

This cool and mysterious musical name for boys is a music genre of West Indian music. It was developed by Africans as a means of communication.

7. Cooper

This non-traditional musical name for boys has a zestful and impish quality. The name refers to shaping the sound of ‘rock and roll’.

8. Dorian

This elegant musical name for boys refers to a musical mode. The mode is similar to the modern natural minor scale.

9. Drake

This name from Anglo-Saxon origin was earlier used as a surname. The name has become popular as a first name due to its smart and confident appeal.

10. Elvis

Elvis is a popular name inspired by music. The name is a variation of Alvis meaning “old wise”.

11. Fernando

Fernando represents Fernando De Lucia, a famous Opera Singer. It also refers to a romantic and brave person.

12. Harrison

Harrison meaning “son of Harry” is a Hispanic and Latin origin name. The name was made popular by George Harrison, the lead guitarist of Beatles.

13. Hendrix

This name is a variation of Henry. It has a Dutch origin, and means ‘ruler’. The name is also inspired by the famous guitarist Jimi Hendrix.

14. Jazz

Jazz is a trendy musical name associated with the genre, Jazz. The name is also an abbreviation of Jasper.

15. Lars

Lars was the name of the famous Danish drummer, Lars Ulrich. In Scandinavia, the name also means ‘victorious’.

16. Lennon

Member of the band, Beatles, John Lennon was a very popular singer-songwriter. The Gaelic name means ‘lover’, and is of Irish origin.

17. Lyric

This English origin name means ‘a song’s work or words’. In Latin, the name is ‘lyre’ and has a diverse range of meanings.

18. Michael

Michael Jackson made this name immortal and timeless. The name has a Hebrew origin, and means ‘who is like God’.

19. Octave

This exotic musical name refers to the series of eight notes that separate one musical pitch from another with double its frequency.

20. Piper

This is an occupational name referring to someone who plays the pipes. This musical name for baby boys also has an English origin.

21. Purcell

This rare and stylish name means ‘piglet’. The name is taken from the old French name ‘Pourcel’.

22. Raga

This unusual musical name of Sanskrit origin means ‘melody’.

23. Reed

The name refers to a thin and small material against the mouthpiece of a musical instrument. This distinctive musical name is from Irish and English origin.

24. Tallis

Tallis is a stylish boy’s name of French origin. The modern yet old name means ‘woodland’.

25. Wolfgang

This cute musical name for boys is of German origin. It means ‘a travelling wolf’, and is the first name of Mozart.

Musical Baby Girl Names

Music has always been loved and appreciated by everyone. Therefore, many parents want a beautiful musical name for their darling daughter. The sweet and chirpy girls need a name just like their cute personality. Music-themed baby names suit baby girls perfectly even when they grow up as they are timeless.

Here are some of the most popular Musical names for baby girls with meanings:

1. Aida

Aida refers to an opera that tells the timeless story of love and betrayal. The opera is set in Ancient Egypt and was composed by Giuseppe Verdi, the famous Italian composer.

2. Aliyah

Aliyah is a beautiful name of Arabic origin. The name is a variation of male name Aali meaning ‘sublime’.

3. Allegra

This elegant name is of Irish origin and means ‘joyous’. In music, it is a term used for a tempo marking.

4. Aria

Aria is an Italian origin name that means ‘air’. The name means ‘lioness’ in Hebrew and refers to the long, operative piece for solo voice mostly in Operas.

5. Cadence

This beautiful name means ‘beat’, ‘rhythm’ or ‘flow’ in Latin. In music, the name signifies the end of the section or a phrase.

6. Calliope

This gorgeous name comes from Greek mythology. The name means ‘beautiful voice’. Calliope also refers to a keyboard instrument resembling an organ.

7. Carol

Carol is a classic name for baby girls associated with music and Christmas. The name is the female variation of Charles and means ‘freeman’.

8. Celeste

This beautiful name refers to a small and heavenly sounding musical instrument that looks similar to a piano.

9. Demi

This beautiful girl’s name refers to a music term in Italian meaning ‘half’. The name is a variation of ‘demigod’.

10. Euphony

This sweet name is an apt musical name for girls. The name became famous from ‘My Little Pony’ and the anime ‘Full Metal Alchemist’.

11. Fiona

This elegant name is from Ireland. The name has its origin in the Gaelic word ‘Fionn’ which means ‘fair’.

12. Grace

Grace is a beautiful female name that refers to a small embellishment added as an ornament.

13. Gwen

Gwen is the diminutive form of Gwendolyn. The sweet name means “white circle”.

14. Harmony

Harmony refers to the multiple complimentary notes played together, creating a beautiful sound. The name is also used for “unity”.

15. Lita

This sweet name is the name of the lead guitarist of the all-girl band ‘The Runaways’. The name has a retro flair and is a perfect musical name for a girl.

16. Lydian

This beautiful name is a reference to a musical mode similar to a major scale.

17. Lyra

Lyra is a musical instrument that is similar to the harp. The name is of Greek origin and means ‘lyre’ a musical instrument.

18. Madonna

Madonna is a popular female name that is an epithet for the Virgin Mary. The name with Italian origin means ‘my lady’.

19. Mariah

Mariah is the stylish variation of Maria and Mary. The name is derived from the New Testament.

20. Melody

This beautiful musical name for girls refers to ‘the main tune in a song’ or ‘a musical piece’ or ‘a sequence’.

21. Miley

The name became popular because of Miley Cyrus, the famous singer. The name has an American origin and is derived from the name Miles, which means ‘soldier’.

22. Prudence

Prudence is a beautiful name that means ‘cautious’ and ‘intelligence’.

23. Rihanna

This popular name needs no introduction. It is the variation of Rhianna, and means ‘the great queen’.

24. Sonare

This popular name is a variation of the Latin word ‘sonare’ meaning ‘to sound’. The name is the diminutive form of Carolina or Caroline. It refers to a musical piece that is not sung but played.

25. Viola

Viola refers to a musical instrument from the violin family.  The instrument is slightly bigger than the violin.

It is natural for parents to emphasise on the meaning and the origin of the name they choose for their baby. Names inspired by music are timeless. Some indicate good virtues too. What’s more important is that it defines your beautiful baby’s identity and the baby cherishes this priceless gift you’ve given to him/her.

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