Top 100 Slavic Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

Top 100 Slavic Names for Boys and Girls

If you are expecting a new little member in the family, and searching for the perfect name. Now is the time for considering some Slavic names.

Slavic Baby Boy Names

There are many strong Slavic boy names you can consider. Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. Anton

The name means “highly praiseworthy”.

2. Alois

This strong Slavic name has the meaning, “Famous Warrior”.

3. Alexander

This Slavic name means “Defender of Mankind” and is one of the strongest Slavic baby boy names.

4. Andrei

This name means “Manly”. It is quite popular in Romania, Bulgaria and Russia.

5. Arron

This name has the meaning “inspired” or “lofty”.

6. Bohdan

This is a Slavic name that means “Given by God”.

7. Bojan

This Slavic name means “battle” “fight” or “Struggle”.

8. Boleslav

A name that originates from the Slavic regions, it means “great glory”.

9. Boris

This Slavic name means “Snow Leopard” or “Wolf”.

10. Borka

This name is most often used in Bulgaria and other countries that speak Bulgarian. The name means “fighter”.

11. Božidar

Božidar means “divine gift” and is said to be a calque of the name Theodore.

12. Branislav

This name is popular in all the Slavic countries. It means “glory”.

13. Branko

A male name that is famous in South Slavic regions, it means “glory” and “protection”.

14. Bratumil

This is the name of Polish origin, and it means “love of a brother”.

15. Burian

The origins of this name are Slavic. It is said to mean “nearby the weeds”.

16. Casimir

This name has Slavic roots, and it means “proclamation of peace”.

17. Chryzant

This name is the Polish name of Chrysanthos and means “golden flower” and “chrysanthemum flower”.

18. Damek

Damek has roots in Hungarian, Czech and Slavic communities. It is said to mean “Red Earth’s son” or simply “Earth”.

19. Damir

This is a common name in the Southern Slavic regions. It means “iron”.

20. Danil

This name is common in Russia and Central Asia. It means “God is my judge”.

21. Darko

This name originated from the Slavic word for “gift”. It is very common in the Southern Slavic regions.

22. Dementy

This name has the meaning “subdue” or “tame”. It has Slavic roots.

23. Dmitri

Also spelt Dmitry, this name comes from Ancient Russia and means “devoted to Demeter”.

24. Dobrogost

This name means “good guest”.

25. Dobromir

This Slavic name means “good peace”.

26. Donat

This name has Slavic roots and has the meaning “given” or “gift”.

27. Dragan

This is a Slavic name that means “dear” or “beloved”.

28. Dusan

This name means “spirit” or “soul”. Some also say that it means “divine spirit”.

29. Fadey

This name comes from Russia and Ukraine. It means “brave” “bold” or “praise”.

30. Gavril

This name means “one who worships God” or “God is my strength”.

31. Gektor

This name means “steadfast” and “anchor”.

32. Ivan

This is one of the most common Slavic names. It means “God is gracious”.

33. Jadran

This is a Slavic version of the name Adrian and is said to mean “from Adria”.

34. Jaka

Jaka means “supplanter”.

35. Jaromir

In Polish, it is said to mean “good reputation” or “prestige”. In Upper Sorbian, it means “peace”, and in Old-Ruthenian, it means “world” and “peace”.

36. Jovan

The name means “God is gracious”.

37. Lazlo

This name means “rule of glory” and has Slavic roots.

38. Milos

The name Milos has its roots in Old Slavic. It is derived from the Slavic word “Milu” which means “dear” or “gracious”.

39. Nicholai

This Slavic name means “one who conquers the people” and “victorious”.

40. Niklaus

This Slavic name means “the People’s Victory” and is a great name for any little boy.

41. Pyotr

This Russian name means “rock” or “stone”.

42. Oleg

Oleg has roots in East Slavic and is a very commonly used name in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The name means “blessed”, “holy” or “sacred”. It is also said to mean “Holy Light”.

43. Stanislav

With Slavic origins, this name means “one who achieves fame” or “one who achieves glory”.

44. Václav

With Czech origins, this name means “Wreath of glory” or “more glory”.

45. Vladimír

This name has been historically seen throughout the regions of Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania. Vladimír is the more common name these days, but it is actually a shortened version of the ancient Slavic name, Vladislav. Vladislav is an ancient Slavic name that means “glory” or “rule”. The name also means “great ruler”.

46. Yakov

The name means “supplanter”.

47. Yasha

The name Yasha means “one who defends man” and “supplanter”. This name is popular in Slavic countries, especially in Russia.

48. Zander

The name has roots in Slavic and Greek cultures and means “defender of man”.

49. Zelimir

This name has Slavic origins, and it means “Wish for Peace”.

50. Željko

This name comes from the Southern Slavic regions. It is said to have been derived from the word želja, which means “desire”. It means “desire for peace”.

Slavic Baby Girl Names

Here are some of the prettiest Slavic girl names:

1. Agneza

This Slavic name is said to mean “chaste” and “pure”. It is considered the Croatian version of the name Agnes.

2. Alyona

This Russian name means “Light”.

3. Anastasia

This regal Russian name means “Resurrection”, and it is one of the most popular Slavic baby girl names.

4. Anca

This Romanian name means “favour” or “grace”. It is more popular in countries that speak Romanian.

5. Ania

Ania means “gracious” and “merciful”.

6. Beyla

Beyla, in Slavic, means “by God”. The name was made popular through Norse Mythology as Beyla was the servant of Freyr.

7. Bojana

This name originates from Serbia. It means “battle” and is strong, yet a feminine name for little girls.

8. Bronia

This is a Polish name that means “protector of glory”.

9. Calina

This name has Russian origins. It means “snowball tree”.

10. Chesna

This name means “peace” or “to bring tranquillity and peace”.

11. Daiva

This name of Slavic origins means “supernatural entity” or “beloved”.

12. Danika

This name means “Venus” or “Star of the Morning”. The name has origins in Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian.

13. Darva

This Slavic name has the meaning “sweet” or “honeybee”.

14. Dasha

The name is Russian in origin, and it means “Gift of God”.

15. Dinara

This name means “treasure”.

16. Divna

This Slavic name means “fascinating” or “Wondrous”.

17. Evelina

This name has meanings variating from “Life” to “Light”. The Russian meaning of the name is “Life”.

18. Evonnia

This Slavic name means “Yew”.

19. Faina

This name is of Slavic origins and means “crown”, “shining” and “brilliant”.

20. Galina

This name has Russian origins. It means “tranquil” and “calm”.

21. Idania

This Slavic name means “hardworking and “prosperous”.

22. Iryna

Iryna has Ukrainian roots and means “peace”.

23. Jasoslava

This Slavic name has the meaning “glory of light”.

24. Jovana

This girl’s name has roots in Serbia and Macedonia. It means “God is gracious”.

25. Kalina

This is a Slavic name that means “Viburnum”. A Bulgarian Princess once held this name.

26. Katerina

This popular name has its roots in Bulgaria and Russia. Some of the meanings of the name are “pure”, “each of the two”, “one hundred”, and “far away”.

27. Klara

This name is the Slavic form of the name Claire. It means “clear” and “bright”.

28. Kristina

This is the Slavic version of the name Christina. It means “A Christian” or “one who follows Christ”.

29. Lada

In Slavic mythology, the name means love, goddess of beauty, and marriage.

30. Lidia

This name is the Slavic name that means “from Lydia”. It is common in Poland and Russia.

31. Lizaveta

This name has roots in Russian as well as Hebrew. It means “the promise of God”.

32. Luxana

This Slavic name means “from the light”.

33. Margosha

This name is of Russian origin. It means “pearl”.

34. Matryona

This is the Slavic version of the name Matrona. It means “Lady”.

35. Mila

With roots in Russia, the name Mila means “dear one”.

36. Miloslava

This Slavic name means “one who loves glory”.

37. Mischa

This Slavic name means “Who is like the Lord”.

38. Nadege

This Slavic name means “hope”.

39. Natalya

This pretty name is perfect if your baby girl is born on Christmas. The name is of Russian origins and means “Christmas Day” or “birthday of Christ”.

40. Nikita

This name has Russian roots. It means “Unconquerable”.

41. Oksana

In Russian and Ukrainian, this name means “Praise God”.

42. Olga

This Slavic name means “Holy” or “blessed”.

43. Svetlana

This is a very popular Slavic name. It means “light”.

44. Tatiana

This name is believed to mean “Fairy Princess” or “Fairy Queen”.

45. Tiana

This Name of Russian origin means “Princess”.

46. Valeska

This Slavic, Russian name means “victorious leader” and “glorious leader”.

47. Wendelin

This Slavic name means “great glory”.

48. Zayna

This lovely Slavic name means “beauty”.

49. Zlata

This name has origins in Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Slovene. It means “Golden”.

50. Zoya

This beautiful name is of Russian and Ukrainian origins. The name means “life”.

Consider these exotic and beautiful Slavic names for your little one. It is a great way to give your child a unique name.

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