135 Names That Mean Spirit or Ghost For Boys & Girls

135 Names That Mean Spirit, Ghost, or Soul For Boys & Girls

The baby-naming journey can be full of adventure. Different parents prefer different names with varied meanings depending on their preferences, cultures, or fancies. While some parents are conservative and cautious, others are daring and different in their approach. Despite superstitions associated with paranormal names, they still make excellent choices as they help to make a child stand out in the crowd. Although ghosts are considered spooky and frightening, their ghostly names can be charming and fun at the same time. Names that mean strong spirit can be uplifting enough to make a child confident in the face of adversities. Names that mean beautiful soul can be poetic and help to inspire a child to imbibe positive qualities. Names that mean lost souls can have negative dark or downright evil connotations inspired by interesting myths and legends. At the same time, names meaning nature spirit can make one wonder at the mystical qualities of their meanings that would make them unique. Parents who can get their creeps under control can get creative with their choices and refer to the information on names given here. In this list we have both female ghost names as well as male ghost names. You can even find some cute names for ghosts here!  

Baby Names Meaning Spirit, Soul, or Ghost for Boys

Boy names that mean soul help reconnect with our faith and basic life values. Here is a compilation of boy names that mean soul that may be powerful enough to draw immediate attention and become a favorite among parents.

1. Achak 

This Algonquin name of Native American background means ‘spirit.’ 

2. Adilzhan 

This Islamic name of Arabic origin means “a fair soul.”

3. Ahriman 

This Middle Persian name means ‘evil spirit.’

4. Aksa

This Hindu name of Indian origin directly translates to “soul” or “spirit.”

5. Alastor  

This Greek name means ‘avenging spirit.’

6. Antarang 

This Hindu name of Indian origin means “soulmate,” “intimate,” or “close to the heart.”

7. Atmoja 

This Sanskrit name means ‘son of the soul”.

8. Avallach 

This Celtic Arthurian legend name of a King of Avalon means ‘apple’s masculine spirit.’

9. Avira 

This Aramaic name means “spirit, air, and atmosphere.”

10. Axar 

This Gujarati name means ‘ghost.’

11. Aatamgosh

The name is of Hindu origin and means ‘inner light or soul’.

12. Baiszhan

This beautiful name means ‘rich soul’.

13. Cheveyo 

This Native American Hopi name means ‘spirit warrior.’

14. Chuchip

This Native American Hopi name means ‘deer spirit.’

15. Drogo 

Drogo comes from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘drug, which means ‘ghost’ and ‘phantom.’

16. Dumnonos 

This Celtic myth name of a god worshipped by the Dumnonii means ‘world spirit.’

17. Dusan

This Czech name comes from the Slavic element dusha, meaning “soul, spirit.”

18. Draugur

The name is of Old Norse origin and means ‘spirit’ or ‘ghost’.

19. Espiridion

The name is of Spanish origin and means ‘little spirit’.

20. Egon 

This cooler version of Eugene comes from German, which means “strong sword carrier.”

21. Ercan 

This name is composed of two Turkish words, “Er,” meaning “brave man”; and “Can,” meaning “soul,” and “life.”

22. Euthymius 

Euthymius means “in good spirits” and “generous” in Latin.

23. Eutimio 

Eutimio refers to ‘someone who is good-spirited’ in Latin.

24. Fravardin 

This Persian name comes from the word fravashi, meaning ‘guardian spirit.’

25. Gogo 

This Basque name means ‘spirit.’

26. Hania

This Native American Hopi name means ‘spirit warrior.’

27. Hewie 

This Scottish form of Old French Hugues means ‘heart, mind, or spirit.’

28. Hototo 

This Native American Hopi name means ‘warrior spirit who sings.’

29. Hubertus 

This Latin name comes from the German word Hupprecht, meaning “spirit, heart, mind.”

30. Huchon

This Scottish name comes from the French word Hugon and means ‘spirit, mind, or heart.’

31. Hudde 

The name is of Germanic origin and means ‘spirit’.

32. Hantu

Hantu is the Malay and Indonesian word for spirit or ghost. 

33. Imamu

The name is of Swahili origin and means ‘spiritual leader’.

34. Imamou 

This African Swahili name means ‘spiritual guide.’

35. Jagadatma

This Sanskrit name means “he has the souls of the entire world.”

36. Jeongsin 

This exotic Korean name means ‘spirit.’

37. Keres 

Keres refers to the ghost of gloom and death, according to Greek mythology.

38. Kneph 

Kneph refers to the Egyptian God of animals and spirit.

39. Kotori 

This Native American name means ‘screech owl spirit.’

40. Livaatam 

This Sanskrit name means “to be absorbed in the soul.”

41. Mahatma

This wonderful Sanskrit name means “great soul.”

42. Mentor

This Greek name comes from the word menos, meaning ‘spirit.’

43. Moyo 

Moho in Swahili means ‘spirit or soul.”

44. Mundoo 

This Native American Algonquin name means ‘great spirit.’

45. Najid

This Arabic name means “a brave soul.”

46. Neferkare

Neferkare comes from the Egyptian term “nfr-kꜣ-rꜥ” which means “the soul of Ra is beautiful.”

47. Neschume

This Yiddish name means ‘soul.”

48. Nurzhan 

This Kazakh name means ‘a light soul.”

49. Paramatam 

This Sanskrit name means “supreme soul,” as well as “absolute soul” and “ultimate being.”

50. Roho 

This cute Swahili name means ‘spirit or soul.”

51. Ryuu 

Ryuu is a gorgeous name that means ‘dragon spirit’ in Japanese.

52. Roh

The name is of Christian origin and means ‘spirit’.

53. Spiridion

The name is of Greek origin and means ‘spirit’.

54. Shen 

Shen is a rare Japanese name that means ‘spirit.’

55. Shug 

Derived from the Scottish word Huchon, Shug means ‘spirit, heart, or mind.”

56. Spyridoula 

This Greek name means ‘ghost spirit’ or ‘little spirit.’ 

57. Spyros 

Spyros in Greek means’ spirit.’

58. Tien 

This short and cute Vietnamese name means ‘ghost.’

59. Tamashī

The name is of Japanese origin and means ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’.

60. Uberto 

This Italian form of Latin Hubertus means ‘bright heart/spirit.’

61. Ugo 

This Italian form of Latin Hugo means ‘heart, mind, or spirit.’

62. Wanageeska 

This Native American name means ‘White Spirit.’

63. Zhansutan 

This Arabic name means “soul sultan” or “leader.”

Baby Names Meaning Spirit, Soul, or Ghost for Girls

Names That Mean Soul, Spirit, or Ghost for Girls

Unique and pretty names that mean soul, spirit, or ghost for baby girls can represent their supernatural beauty. Here is a comprehensive list of best names for girls that mean spirit can help you pick one for your little angel.:

1. Aathmika 

This Indian origin name represents “a good soul.”

2. Aasmi

This Sanskrit name means “the soul.”

3. Aatmaja 

Aatmaja means “daughter of the soul” in Sanskrit.

4. Advaita 

This Indian name means ‘oneness of the soul with the immortal source”.

5. Almae 

Derived from English, Italian and Spanish origin, Almae means Kind or nourishing soul.

6. Amzi

This Hebrew name means “rival” or “power.”

7. Ariel 

This Hebrew name means ‘lion of God’ or ‘the strongest spirit of God”.

8. Arima

This Basque name means “spirit.”

9. Anima

Anima means “one who has a spirit or soul.”

10. Aza 

This ghost or spirit Arabic name means “powerful.”

11. Alma

The name is of Spanish origin and means ‘soul’.

12. Bhuta

The name is of Sanskrit origin and means ‘ghost’.

13. Banafrit 

This Egyptian name means “a beautiful soul.” 

14. Cade 

Derived from the Welsh word caden, Cade means “spirit.”

15. Cadell 

This Welsh name refers to “the battle spirit.”

16. Cansa 

This Turkish name means “water of life or the soul.”

17. Daivi 

This Tamil name from India represents “a pious soul.”

18. Dalila

This Hebrew name means “gentle soul.”

19. Dusa

This Czech name represents “spirit.’

20. Enid 

Enid means “purity” of spirit in Welsh.

21. Enyde

Enyde means “pure” or “soul life” in Old Welsh.

22. Evander 

This Scottish name means ‘bow warrior.”

23. Genevieve 

This French name means “White Phantom.”

24. Gennifer

Gennifer means “white phantom” in American.

25. Ginette 

This English name means “white phantom.”

26. Hansi 

Hansi means “a pure soul” in Old Hebrew.

27. Hauba

Hauba means ‘the soul” in Arabic.

28. Hehewuti 

This native American spirit name from Hopi tribe represents “the warrior mother.”

29. Janan

This Arabic name means “Heart” or “Soul.”

30. Jeevanila

Jeevanila means ‘a moon-like soul” in Tamil.

31. Kachina

The name is of Native American origin and means ‘spirit’.

32. Lillith

The name is of Assyrian origin and means ‘ghost’.

33. Lerato 

This African name means “song of the soul.”

34. Lubaby

Lubaby means “a soulful woman” in Arabic.

35. Mamua 

Mamua means ‘Ghost’ in Basque.

36. Masina 

This Malagasy name from Madagascar means “Ghost.”

37. Merry 

This English name means “a joyous spirit.”

38. Mirelle

This French name has Latin influence and means “a wonderful soul.”

39. Morrigan  

This Irish name represents “Phantom Queen.”

40. Mujah 

This Arabic name means “soul” or “spirit.”

41. Muhjah

The name is of Muslim origin and means ‘soul’.

42. Nirvana 

English name derived from Sanskrit means “the salvation of the soul.”

43. Pneuma 

This Greek name refers to “a non-living influence.”

44. Psykhe 

This Ancient Greek name refers to “an animating spirit.”

45. Phi

The name is of Laothian origin and means ‘ghost’.

46. Rei  

This Japanese name refers to “God’s spirit.”

47. Reshu  

A Gujarati name of Indian origin and it means pure soul.

48. Roha 

Roha means soul and life in Arabic.

49. Ruhi 

This Urdu word means someone who touches the soul.

50. Rulil  

This Hindi word refers to the “soul” or the “essence of the spirit.”

51. Saqui 

This Native American name means “kind soul.”

52. Shechina 

This Hebrew name means “God” or “the holy spirit from God.”

53. Shekinah

This Hebrew name means “God’s holy spirit” or “God.”

54. Soul-Life

Portuguese in origin, this name means soul or life or spirit.

55. Syche 

Syche means “soul” in Old Greek. 

56. Suli

The name is of Muslim origin and means ‘middle’.

57. Uhee 

Uhee means “someone who touches the soul” in Arabic.

58. Uyir 

Uyir means “Gem of a soul” in the Indian language, Tamil.

59. Yennifer 

Derived from Welsh, Yennifer means “white phantom.”

Gender-Neutral Name Related To Soul, Spirit, Or Ghost

Today, a lot of parents are choosing to give their little ones gender-neutral names as these names have a unique flare to them. Here are some gender-neutral names that are related to the soul, the spirit, or the ghost.

1. Abir

The name has multiple origins and means ‘spirit’.

2. Brady

This common name means ‘spirited’. 

3. Div

This name is perfect for parents who are looking for a dark name. The name means ‘dark spirit’.

4. Huet

The name is of English origin and means ‘warrior spirit’.

5. Kamali

The name is of Arabic origin and means ‘spirit guide’ or ‘protector’.

6. Mamau

The name is of Basque origin and means ‘ghost’.

7. Roho

The name is of Swahili origin and means ‘spirit or ghost’.

8. Tormey

The name is of Irish origin and means ‘thunder spirit’.

9. Wren

The name means ‘free spirit’ and is a beautiful gender-neutral name.

10. Yeuri

The name is of Japanese origin and means ‘ghost’.

Names born in the supernatural worlds of ghosts are powerful enough to shape a child’s personality, and moreover, their meanings lend a pretty spectacular way to identify themselves. So, it is important to research names that mean soul, spirit, or ghost so that they can make a child feel proud to own them for the rest of their life.

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