200 Romantic Miss You Quotes and Messages for Your Husband

If your husband is away for work often, sending him a few I miss you quotes or love quotes could be just what he needs to cheer him up and have him eager to get home to you.

200 Lovely I Miss You Quotes and Messages for Husband 

“Miss you” quotes are perfect for daily reminders that you miss your husband, and we have some inspirational quotes and messages for you:

100 Emotional Miss You Quotes for Husband 

Here are some miss you quotes for husband for you:

  1. “Sometimes I miss you so much, it hurts. It feels like someone is squeezing my heart with the strength of the entire world.” – Colleen Hoover
  2. “I miss you deeply, unfathomably, senselessly, terribly.” – Franz Kafka
  3. “It means I’ll think about you all the time and wish you were close even when I’m not here.” – Mary H.K. Choi
  4. “But nothing makes a room feel emptier than wanting someone in it.” – Calla Quinn
  5. “You cannot imagine how much I miss you.” – Abbas Kazerooni
  6. “I miss those kisses and the way I used to sleep in your warm hug.” – Himmilicious
  7. “Without you in my arms, I feel an emptiness in my soul.” – Nicholas Sparks
  8. “Every night, I fall asleep dreaming that I am wrapped up in your arms.” – Bella Raquel
  9. “Without you next to me, I may not live, but with your memories, I will survive.” – Hyderabadi Maratha
  10. “Whoever thought up the phrase ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’ was an idiot. Absence makes a bitch go crazy.” –  Toni Aleo
  11. “When I’m not with you, I can’t stand it, I literally feel lost.” –  K.M. Golland
  12. “I miss you. Be ready because when I see you, I’ll never let you go again.” – Veronica Rossi
  13. “Every second, I live in a hope of meeting you again.” – Shantanand Sharma
  14. “When I was apart from you, this world did not exist, nor any other.” – Rumi
  15. “Part of my world has not moved since you left.” – Brian Andreas
  16. “Each moment that I wait feels like a year, an eternity.” – Audrey Niffenegger
  17. “I miss you, and I want to be with you. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.” –  Charles Bukowski
  18. “How do you know it’s love?” “When you miss the other person even if they’re half a room away.” – Anyta Sunday 
  19. “I long for you like the lovesick moon pulls the tide.” – Corinne Bailey Rae
  20. “I miss you in the maddening noise of the crowd…” – Debatrayee Banerjee
  21. “My soul is still gasping for breath, and all the words form a single sentence: I miss you.” – Alfa
  22. “I can barely remember the days since you left. They passed without me feeling a single thing.” – Tessa Bailey
  23. “My heart silently missed the beautiful song of your heartbeat!” – Avijeet Das
  24. “No, I can’t close my eyes without you in my dreams.” – Luke Bryan
  25. “The wind has a purpose – to rattle the window panes, disturb the cat and make me miss you.” – John Geddes
  26. “The silence isn’t so bad, till I look at my hands and feel sad. Because the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.” – Owl City
  27. “I miss you in waves, and tonight I’m drowning.” – Denice Envall
  28. “All I can think about is what you must be doing and how I wish you were still here.” – Pittacus Lore
  29. “The sound of your laughter is still echoing in the room of my memories.” – J.M. Sogamiah”
  30. “I wonder how much of the day I spend just calling after you.” – Harper Lee
  31. “If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.” – Claudia Adrienne Grandi
  32. “Absence from whom we love is worse than death.” – William Cowper
  33. “How you can already miss someone when you are in the same room with them, I have no idea. But I do.” – Karen Harrington
  34. “You know someone is very special to you when days just don’t seem right without them.” – John Cena
  35. “Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart.” –  Kay Knudsen
  36. “Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world.”  – Edna St Vincent Millay
  37. “We only part to meet again.”  – John Gay
  38. “Distance unites missing beats of two hearts in love.” – Munia Khan
  39. “Sometimes, the tender breeze can help us feel the presence of someone by bringing us their fragrance.”  – Avijeet Das
  40. “Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.” – Lamarti
  41. “Your memory feels like home to me. So whenever my mind wanders, it always finds its way back to you.”  – Ranata Suzuki
  42. “But nothing makes a room feel emptier than wanting someone in it.”  – Calla Quinn
  43. “I never want to miss a day without you,”  – Maria Koszler
  44. “I miss you like the sun misses the flowers like the sun misses the flowers in the depths of winter” – William in “A Knight’s Tale”
  45. “And they can’t understand, what hurts more—missing the other person or pretending not to.”  – Khadija Rupa
  46. “No matter where you go, you will always be in my heart.” – Anthony T. Hincks
  47. “I love you past the moon and miss you beyond the stars.” – JmStorm
  48. “I miss you deeply, unfathomably, senselessly, terribly.” – Franz Kafka
  49. “I miss that feeling of connection.” – Ranata Suzuki
  50. “I think part of me doesn’t want to remember him for fear of missing him too much.” – Francesca Marciano
  51. “Trees quiet without the birds, My heart quiet without you.” – Terri Guillemets
  52. “I miss your voice because it is a symphony; your scent because it is a treasure; your smile because it is a jewel.” – Matshona Dhliwayo
  53. “A hug for you means I need you. A kiss for you means I love you. A call for you means I’m missing you.” – Beth Obedoza
  54. “Your absence has gone through me Like thread through a needle. Everything I do stitched with its color.” – W.S. Merwin
  55. “The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected.” – Nicholas Sparks
  56. “The world is very quiet without you around.” – Lemony Snicket
  57. “The joy of meeting pays the pangs of absence; else, who could bear it?” – Nicholas Rowe
  58. “I don’t know what they are called, the spaces between seconds – but I think of you always in those intervals.” – Salvador Plascencia
  59. “Ever absent, ever near; Still, I see thee, still I hear; Yet I cannot reach thee, dear!” – Francis Kazinczy
  60. “When you are not at hand to kiss away my fears, I cannot choose but be wretched.” – Byron Caldwell Smith
  61. “Love reckons hours for months, and days for years, and every little absence is an age.” – John Dryden
  62. “Long after I have given up, my heart still searches for you without my permission.” – Rudy Francisco
  63. “Missing someone and not being able to see them is the worst feeling ever.” – Nathanael Richmond
  64. “What is the opposite of two? A lonely me, a lonely you.” – Richard Wilbur
  65. “Missing someone is a part of loving them. If you’re never apart, you’ll never really know how strong your love is.” – Gustave Flaubert
  66. “The worst thing you can do if you missing someone or need them is let it hide from them.” –  Pooja
  67. “I wonder if that’s just how it feels to miss someone so bad – like being stabbed in the gut a little bit each time you think of them.” – Kate Ellison
  68. “She sits there and feels the loneliness and the lack of him.” – Maggie O’Farrell
  69. “When I was young, I didn’t understand, but now, I know how absence can be present, like a damaged nerve, like a dark bird.” – Audrey Niffenegger
  70. “Missing you is flashes of our past and fantasies of our future with the hard irony of the absence of our present as present occurs.” – Zhi
  71. “When you are missing someone, time seems to move slower…”  – Taylor Swift
  72. “My mind is still having trouble wrapping itself around the fact that you are gone.” – Katherine Mullin
  73. “You may be out of sight, but you are never out of my mind.” – Unknown
  74. “We’ll meet again, but you’re a lifetime away, and I need you now.” –  Karen Quan
  75. “My world is a million shattered pieces put together, glued by my tears, where each piece is nothing but a reflection of YOU.” – Sanhita Baruah
  76. “I felt like I was leaving a piece of my soul behind the moment you left.” –  J.A. Huss
  77. “You may not always be here at my side, but you are always right here in my heart.” –  Unknown
  78. “I fall in love a little more every time I see you, and I can’t wait to see you again.” –  Unknown
  79. “Without you, I feel restless like a fish without water.” – Unknown
  80. “My love, you are my anchor. Without you, it feels like I am sinking. Come back to me soon.” – Unknown
  81. “Every song I hear reminds me of how much I miss you and want you by my side.” – Unknown
  82. “Thinking of you every; second, minute, hour, day, is medication to my illness of missing you.” – Unknown
  83. “Without you, I become pale and withered like a flower without sunlight.” –  Unknown
  84. “I guess that missing you is just my heart’s way of reminding me how much I love you.” – Unknown
  85. “Time goes by a lot slower when you miss the one you love.” – Unknown
  86. “Missing you gets easier every day because even though it’s one day further from the last time I saw you, it’s one day closer to the next time I will.” – Unknown
  87. “I will continue loving and missing you until the end of time.” – Unknown
  88. “I might not always show it or tell you, but I miss you like crazy when you are not here.” – Unknown
  89. “I keep myself busy with the things I do, but every time I pause, I still think of you.” – Unknown
  90. “My eyes await your return. Please come back soon. I miss you, baby!” – Unknown
  91. “Even though we are miles apart, you are still a very important part of who I am.” – Unknown
  92. “Though it feels like I am whole, the truth is, a part of me will always be waiting for you to come back.” – Unknown
  93. “I can’t pretend that I don’t miss you because I see you in everything that I do.” – Unknown
  94. “I heard someone whisper your name, when I turned around to see who it was, I found myself alone then I knew, it was my heart missing you.” – Unknown
  95. “Even if I spent the whole day with you, I will still miss you the second you leave.” – Unknown
  96. “I miss you. A little too much, a little too often, and a little more every day.” –  Unknown
  97. “You know you really miss someone when you crave something so simple such as the sound of their voice.” –  Unknown
  98. “Waking up without you next to me makes me want to go back to sleep again. I just don’t want to face the day without you.” – Unknown
  99. “Imagine a sky without the moon and the stars; This is how I feel without you. I miss you.” – Unknown
  100. “When I miss you, even silence is unbearably loud.” – Unknown

100 Best Miss You Messages for Husband 

100 Best Miss You Messages for Husband

If you think you need to send a ‘missing you’ message to your husband, you are in the right place! Here are some ‘miss you’ messages for husband:

  1. “You are always loved and cherished wherever you go, I will hold you dear to my heart because that is where you always belong. Miss you from the depth of my heart, my king.”
  2. “Dying in your love is better than living without you. I miss you so much, my dear; I love you. Come back to me!”
  3. “You are the comfort I feel in dark and gloomy days, now that you are gone; I hope you come back before I feel gloomy again. Miss you so much, my crown.”
  4. “I miss you so much, honey. The memories of our happy days keep me going. I really can’t wait until we’re back together. I long for your tender, loving care.”
  5. “When I think of forever, I want to hold you tight until the world ends, but now that you are not here, I just have to hold onto love and hope until you come.”
  6. “I am drowning in the ocean of your love and affection, which is why I miss you so much — more than you could ever know.”
  7. “The more I miss you, the more my heart longs for you. Hurry back, my love, before I get super lonely. With you, my heart skips for joy.”
  8. “From dark purples to dull blues, my world is immersed in the saddest of hues when I’m missing you.”
  9. “Today, I am just gonna hug my pillow so tight and imagine it is you I am hugging. Miss you, my darling husband.”
  10. “See why I hate work? It does pay the bill, but it keeps me away from you. I miss you, love.”
  11. “Without you next to me, my very existence seems meaningless. Now you know why I miss you so much.”
  12. “I wish I were with you, but since I cannot do that right now, I will just blow you a swirling kiss to hit you wherever you are. Miss you so much, dear.”
  13. “Without you near me, I feel lifeless. Nothing makes sense to me. The only thing that can resurrect me is your presence. Come back and make me alive again.”
  14. “I miss you more than words can say, more than I can express, and more than thoughts can convey my sweet love.”
  15. “I remember all the words you spoke to me. They keep ringing in my ears and make me miss you so dearly, my love.”
  16. “Sweet hubby, I need to let you know I am cold without your warmth. The cold season will soon multiply my loneliness. Hurry; I can’t wait to see you. Miss you, dear.”
  17. “Do you know what I am doing right now? Common take a guess. I am actually thinking about a beautiful soul, and that’s you. I truly miss you, my husband.”
  18. “I miss you in the morning, noon and night. I miss you winter, fall, and spring. I miss you every passing second of the day.”
  19. “There is hardly any time of the day I don’t take a pause to actually think about you. You are always in my heart. Miss you, my darling king.”
  20. “Yes, we have spent every second and minute together, but I still miss you every day. I wish to have you forever, my love.”
  21. “If I don’t talk to you in a day, I could collapse from loneliness, my love. I want to hear your voice as many times as possible because I miss you crazily.”
  22. “Missing you starts from when I shut my eyes, and I just long to see you when I open it. Please make the latter a reality, my loving husband.”
  23. “I really miss everything about you, my love, from your smile, to your laughter, to your jokes and your hugs. Miss them all, can’t wait to have the full package back, dear.”
  24. “Spending time away from you makes me feel like a car without wheels – stuck on life’s highway at the mercy of oncoming traffic. I miss you.”
  25. “Wish I was holding you tight instead of missing you all the time. Hold me, my love, because my hands long for yours. Miss you always.”
  26. “When you see my text, just know I am missing you. When you see my call, I am already craving for you badly. I miss you so much, my husband.”
  27. “Now that you are not around, I love and miss you more. I wish I could turn back the hands of time to enjoy more of you, but since I can’t, I have to just miss and miss you more.”
  28. “I miss your breathings next to mine in the mornings. I miss your flat singing in the shower. I miss the ambiance your presence gives. I miss you so much, sweetheart.”
  29. “Life is incredibly short, and I value every moment we spend together. You and I are meant to be together forever that’s why I really miss you, my husband.”
  30. “That moment I said goodbye, my heartbeat increased its pace because I know I am going to miss you badly. I so much miss you now.”
  31. “I really wish to be there with you right now, and I mean right now. I just wish it is as easy as I say it. Miss you, my sweet husband.”
  32. “Initially, I thought I would just miss your voice, but now, as time tarries, I miss your entire being more than I thought.”
  33. “I miss you, my partner in crime or my better half, as they call you. I miss you so badly that I could run to you in your arms right now.”
  34. “My hubby, I really need your hug right now, I hope I am not asking for too much. I need it now, please hurry and come back soon. Miss you, my love.”
  35. “I could not do anything today but miss you, you have intoxicated my mind with your thoughts, and I can’t do without missing you each passing day. Missing you always.”
  36. “Right now, I don’t have much to say. I just want to let you know my heart misses you so much.”
  37. “The sun still shines in the morning, and the moon still lights up the night sky. But it’s your absence that makes my days incomplete. I miss you, dear husband.”
  38. “Caring for you is a habit, making you happy is a hobby, loving you is my life, but missing you is a punishment. Miss you, love!”
  39. “The day I met you was one of the blessed days of my life. I plan to cherish you forever. Come back home already.”
  40. “I wish to let you know how much I miss you, but I can’t. Do you know why? It is because missing you has taken away all my strength.”
  41. “Missing you is a huge part of loving you. If I were never far away from you, I would never have known the strong love I have for you. Miss you, hubby.”
  42. “When you are around, my heart flips and dances but now that you are not here, I miss every moment of that joy my heart feels. Miss you, dear.”
  43. “Hey hubby, I want to tell you a little secret. The secret is so personal, and I don’t want it to be said to anyone. This is the secret – I miss you like crazy.”
  44. “Missing you has become a beautiful song I sing every day, only that the lyrics and melody are so far away because you are far away. Miss you, my cute husband.”
  45. “Your clothes always remind me of your figure, your shoes remind me of your sweet feet, and our bed reminds me of your absence. Miss you, my beloved.”
  46. “In the coolness of the day, my eyes search for you, and in the quietness of the night, my heart longs for you. I truly miss you.”
  47. “You are my anchor, my love. Without you, it feels like I am sinking. Come back to me soon. I can’t bear this feeling for too long.” 
  48. “Far or further away, a mile or a thousand miles, I will always miss you until you come back to give me that special hug. Miss you so much.”
  49. “Wherever I go without you, I feel lonely and too quiet because the world is motionless and soundless without you.”
  50. “Lately, somebody asked me if I missed you at all; I smiled and said …terribly….”
  51. “You are my own star, but I miss you a lot.”
  52. “My heart, my mind, and my head are full of you. Little wonder my body needs a hug from you. Gosh! Cannot stop thinking about you. I miss you, hubby.”
  53. “I just want to demand three things – to hold you tight, give you a warm hug and kiss you deeply. Miss you, my love.”
  54. “Missing you is like dying daily, I cannot hold it anymore. I miss you sooooooo much, my husband.”
  55. “I hope the seconds, minutes, and days multiply quickly so that I can quickly count the days you will be here again. Miss you so much, dear.”
  56. “My dear, I am missing so much from you, not just your comforting words but every expression you make.”
  57. “Looking out of the window, seeing couples and families moving together, I feel a mixture of jealousy and fury, wish that could be us. I sure miss you a lot.”
  58. “My weeks have no Sundays and Mondays. Every day is just another day without you! Come home and give my days some names. I miss you so much!”
  59. “I just want to lay close to your heart, hear the beat, feel your warmth and smell your fragrance. I miss you so much.”
  60. “You know what; Life can be meaningless and empty without you. Please hurry back to give it a sweet meaning, I really miss you, companion.”
  61. “I wish you were here, talking together, chatting like forever, taking selfies, and running around like we are kids. I miss every fun activity spent with you.”
  62. “I’m grateful that I can finally be myself with someone and that, that someone is also my best friend and husband. I miss you, bae.”
  63. “I already got our favorite drink in preparation for your return. I’ve missed you, babe.”
  64. “See how I’m glowing because of your love? I can’t wait to spoil you when you come back.”
  65. “Till death do us part, I will always love you. Till we get together again, I will always miss each passing day.”
  66. “I wish I could just fly down to your door, knock and surprise you with a big smile and then spend the night with you. That is how much I miss you, darling.”
  67. “If I was told to tell the simplest truth right now, the truth would be that I miss you deeply.”
  68. “The feeling I have as a result of the distance presently between us is enough evidence that we are meant to be together forever. Miss you, my love.”
  69. “I miss your every touch and cuddle, miss your kisses and warmth, my husband. Can’t wait for you to be back. Miss you so much.”
  70. “I miss you so much that it hurts that I cannot see you now.”
  71. “You always say you love me, but you never told me this is how much I will miss you when you go. I miss you so much, darling.”
  72. “I am tempted to blame you for being busy, but I won’t because I know it is for the best, I just want you to know I miss you so much.”
  73. “Nobody looks into my eyes the way you do, nobody holds me firm the way you do, and that is why I miss you so much.”
  74. “I have never experienced loneliness as much as this until you left, can’t wait to see you again. I miss you so much, love!”
  75. “If you ask me right now if I am okay, my response will be no, I am not because I miss you so much.”
  76. “If I don’t hear from you even for a single day, it feels like I have not talked to you in ages. Missing you so much. Where are you? Come to me, my man!”
  77. “When I think of you, it seems like it is raining heavily, but when I miss you, I am drowning already in the flood of your love, my sweet husband.”
  78. “Yes! I miss you! Anything short of that is an understatement.”
  79. “Painfully, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months have gone by, and I just have no choice than to miss you badly.”
  80. “The truth is there is nobody in this world that misses you more than I do, I truly miss you so much, my love.”
  81. “Today, I am just gonna hug my pillow so tight and imagine it is you I am hugging. Miss you, my darling husband.”
  82. “I frown when I start missing you… but then, I start smiling when I realize that you must be missing me too.” 
  83. “When you ask me, what has become part of me, it is missing you, but I need you now, and I mean now! Miss you so much, dear husband.”
  84. “Though you are far away, I feel you so warm in my heart, but now I wanna feel your warmth in my arms, miss you a lot!”
  85. “Missing you is like dying over and over again, I don’t wanna live one more day without you. Miss you so much, my love.”
  86. “Today, I just smiled to myself, I kept smiling throughout the day, do you know why? It is because I miss you, and I smile each time.”
  87. “Though the distance separates us, but our hearts will always be together till we meet again. Miss, you hubby.”
  88. “Do you know what? You are perfection in every sense of the word that is why I crave for you every moment of the day. Miss you, my perfect husband.”
  89. “I really want to spend every minute with you, I want to stay close to you till forever comes.”
  90. “The emptiness is getting deeper by the day, please hurry home, my love.”
  91. “Your thoughts linger in my memory every time I am alone, can you hurry back to kill this loneliness.”
  92. “Looking inside my heart, I see you. All I have to do is reach out to my heart, and I will feel calm though having you is the greatness calmness I desire.”
  93. “Do you know the day I will stop missing you? The day is that day I will be with you, and I really can’t wait for the day to come.”
  94. “I try as much as possible to keep my hands busy, but each time I take a little break, my heart is overwhelmed with you, and I can’t just control it.”
  95. “When I remember how we met and how this journey began, I am always full of smiles and end up missing you badly.”
  96. “It’s really hard to see you go and walk away, but I will console myself with the fact that I will see you soon.”
  97. “I feel like a fool each time I miss you because I don’t get to think straight. I am intoxicated by your love, and that is why missing you badly is so easy.”
  98. “When we’re apart, everything is in shades of gray. I miss you and think about you all the time.”
  99. “Saying goodbye to you is a temporal way of saying, I will miss you so much.” 
  100. “Wake up, take a deep breath, feel the morning wind, and listen to what it whispers in your ear. It says, “I Miss You!”

Get inspired by or send your husband some of these touching quotes the next time you miss him. 

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