Top 100 Girls Names That Start With Mar

100 Names Starting With ‘Mar’ for Girls

Are you looking for “Mar”-based baby girl names? If so, there is no need for further search. Baby girl names with the prefix “Mar” have been popular for decades, if not centuries. This is primarily due to the charm and significance these names possess. When 12.441% of newborn girls had Mar- names, their popularity peaked in 1921. We’ll examine some of the most beautiful girl baby names that begin with “Mar.” These names are best suited for baby girls, and each has a beautiful meaning.

Girl Names Starting With ‘Mar’ With Meanings

Names beginning with ‘Mar’ are primarily feminine. These names were at the height of popularity in the 1920s. ‘Mar’ names are of various origins, such as English, Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian, Russian, and even Hungarian.

Here is the list of baby girl names beginning with “Mar”

1. Marjo

Marjo means “pearl” and is the Scottish variation of Margery.

2. Maris

This name has a Latin origin and means “star of the sea”.

3. Marni

The name Marni translates into “rejoice”, “from the sea”, or “a sea maiden”.

4. Marlo

You may mistake this for a baby boy’s name, but it means “daughter of Mary” in English origin.

5. Marcy

Those who watched “Man With a Plan” might find this name familiar. It means “warlike” or “rendered to Mars”.

6. Marj

A much-loved name in this list is Marj. It translates to “beloved of Amun”.

7. Marea

To make your baby girl much more special, you can name her Marea. The name translates to “destiny” or “time”.

8. Marah

is a beautiful name from the Holy Bible, meaning “fun” and “joy”.

9. Mary

Who wouldn’t recollect this classic baby girl’s name? Mary is always special, meaning “wished for a child” or “rebellion”.

10. Marita

Sometimes, you must go with the flow and pick a royal name for your child. And Marita means “Royal Lady”.

11. Mariya

This is a variation of the name Mary. It means “beloved” or “Mother of Christ”.

12. Mariasha

Another beautiful name translates to “the perfect one”.

13. Margot

This would be an apt choice for those who want a unique baby girl name with “Mar”. It means “pearl” or “child of light”.

14. Margey

This is another classic name that means “pearl”.

15. Marlee

Sometimes, you need to think out of the box and give your child a special name. Marlee means “high tower”, and there are many reasons a girl should get this name.

16. Marianthi

The name Marianthi hails from Greek origin. It means “beautiful flower” or “sea lily.”

17. Marri

This is a rare name for a baby girl mainly because it means “large red gum tree”!

18. Marry

Add another “r”, the classic name “Mary”, and you get “Marry”, which means “rebelliousness”.

19. Mariea

This is a variant of Maria. It means “beloved” or “purity”.

20. Marjy

The name Marjy is a diminutive version of the classic Margaret. It means “pearl”.

21. Margi

The name means “star of the sea” and has French or English origin.

22. Maren

Another beautiful name that maps to the oceans and seas would be Maren. It means “from the shore”.

23. Maral

As dear and near your baby girl is, you should pick this name. It means “female deer”.

24. Marali

This is a regional name which means “female swan”.

25. Marya

The name Marya means “beloved”, “limit”, “mark”, or “beauty”.

26. Markie

The name Markie means “warlike” or “gleaming”.

27. Marlen

Your baby girl might not be from Magdala, but it would be nice to name her Marlen. This name translates to “woman from Magdala”.

28. Marylin

Undeniably, this is a world-famous name. It means “star of the sea”.

29. Marium

The name Marium translates to honest, follows pride and is humble.

30. Marysol

Marysol means “sunny sea” or “wished for a child”.

31. Margaret

Once a classic, always a classic. Margaret is a name that has won the test of time. It means “jewel” and “pearl” and is even the name of a saint.

32. Margeree

Another wonderful addition to this list, the name also means “pearl”.

33. Marcella

The name Marcella means “young warrior” in Latin.

34. Marigold

This is the name of a flower and would suit any baby girl. It also refers to “Mary’s gold”.

35. Marnesha

The name Marnesha means “rejoice”.

36. Marthina

Once again, we have a clear winner that means “warlike” or “dedicated to Mars”. And that would be Marthina.

37. Maryjean

A modern and contemporary name for your little one. It means “gracious”.

38. Margarette

As long as it could be, this name means “pearl”.

39. Maranda

This name is another form of Miranda with a strong meaning, “worthy of admiration.”

40. Marcelina

To portray the tough nature of your baby, you can choose the name “Marcelina”. It means “young warrior”.

41. Margarita

Hardly would you come across a girl named after a famous form of butter. Yet, the name Margarita means “child of Light”.

42. Marvelly

You might consider this as a nickname for your baby girl. Well, it does mean “marvellous” or “one to marvel”.

43. Marquita

The name Marquita means “dedicated to Mars”.

44. Marliese

The name Marliese means “wished for a child”.

45. Marney

Marney is a beautiful, charming name for any baby girl. It also means “to rejoice”.

46. Marlin

The name Marlin translates to Falcon. It is a mix of Mary and Lynn.

47. Marnie

A slight variant of the very many names described so far. The name Marnie means “sparkling” or “shining”.

48. Marvel

Well, the meaning of this name is rather obvious. It translates to “wonderful” or “extraordinary”.

49. Maryjo

The name Maryjo means “rebellious woman”.

50. Marcail

Another charming name that is hardly used around the world would be Marcail. It means “pearl”.

51. Marcene

The name Marcene means “dedicated to Mars”. It was extremely famous between 1930 and 1930.

52. Maraya

The name Maraya means “admired”. It has a Latin origin.

53. Maranda

The name is carefully derived from “Miranda”. It also hails from Latin. And it means “worthy of admiration”.

54. Mari

The name Mari has both Greek and Latin origins. It means “star of the sea”.

55. Marsee

This might sound a lot like Marcy, but it is definitely different. The name means “dedicated to Mars”. It was a trending name in the year 2000.

56. Marcilynn

The name Marcilynn means “dedicated to Mars”. This variant of Marcy, or Marcia rose to fame in 2018.

57. Marchita

Yet another name that means “dedicated to Mars”.

58. Maravilla

The name Maravilla hails from Spain. It is commonly used as a last name. And it means “miracle” or “marvel”.

59. Marina

Marina means “Sea maiden”, “or from the shore”.

60. Marte

Marte is definitely a special name, which means “lady” in Norwegian.

61. Marann

As masculine as it sounds, this name can be given to girls. It means “beloved” and “grace”.

62. Marrim

The name Marrim represents a “Chinese tribe”.

63. Marlowe

This beautiful name means “lives in the hills by the lake”.

64. Maryse

Maryse is a beautiful name which means “drop of the sea.”

65. Marva

This name means wonder, lady, miracle or marvellous.

66. Marleigh

The name Marleigh translates to “meadow near the lake”.

67. Martine

This is a daring name which means “warlike”.

68. Marti

The name translates to “warlike” or lady.

69. Maralyn

Maralyn is a blend of Mary and Lyn. It means “beloved”.

70. Marvis

Well, this might sound like a name fit for a boy. But it does make a great name for girls too! It means “miracle”.

71. Marabella

Marabella is a variant of Marabel. It is a Latin name meaning “star of the sea”.

72. Marceline

Marceline is derived from the ancient Roman name Marcellus and is a variant of the French name Marcellinus. It means “young warrior”.

73. Marcie

Marcie is an elegant female name have English origins. It means “war-like”.

74. Marcus

Marcus is a Latin name, one of the most common throughout Roman history. It means “dedicated to Mars”.

75. Mardell

Mardell is a girl’s name similar to Marnell and Marvell. It means “meadow near the lake”.

76. Maree

 Maree is a cute female name of American origin, meaning “of the sea”.

77. Mareli

Mareli is a Mexican name having Albanian roots. The meaning of Mareli is “unlucky” and is a unique name for girls.

78. Margaretta

Margaretta is a cool name for girls having Latin origin. It means “pearl”.

79. Margaux

Margaux is a feminine name derived from French origin. It means “pearl” and is a variant of the names “Margo” or “Margot”.

80. Marian

Marian is a variation of the Latin names Maria or Marius. It means “rebellious”.

81. Marietta

Marietta is a girl’s name of French origin that means “drop of the sea”.

82. Marilyn

Marilyn is a delightful baby girl name of British origin. It means “the star of the sea”.

83. Marjorie

Marjorie is yet another female name derived from Margaret – an Old English name that means pearl.   

84. Markita

Markita is the feminine version of Mark. It means “pearl” in both Czech and Greek cultures.

85. Marla

With its old Hollywood charm, Marla is a very interesting vintage name for girls. It means “woman of Magdala”.

86. Marlena

Marlena is a baby girl’s name of Hebrew origin and means “rebellious”. This name is associated with Mary Magdalene.

87. Marretta

The name Maretta is bay girl’s name of French and Egyptian origin, meaning “drop of the sea”.

88. Marshe

Marshe originates from the Germanic word marah which means “horsekeeper”.

89. Martha

Martha is a popular name for girls derived from Armaic roots. It means “lady”.

90. Martina

Martina is a girl name have a Latin origin. It means “belonging to Mars”.

91. Marvene

 Marvene is a female name of American origin which means “great lady”.

92. Marvyl

Marvyl is a smart gender-neutral name have Spanish roots. It means “wonderful” and “extraordinary”.

93. Marwa

Marwa is primarily a feminine name of Arabic and Asian origin. It means “flint stone”.

94. Maryellen

Maryellen is a beautiful name for girls meaning “of the sea”. It is popular in the Christian religion and has Hebrew roots.

95. Marynel

 Marynel is a rare girl name Marynel derived from the Greek language. It means “Sun burst”.

96. Maryury

Maryury is a unique name that originates from the Old French word “deien”, which means valley.

97. Marzette

 Marzette is a unique name for girls that has French roots. It is the name of a medieval territory of Old France.

98. Marziya

Marziya means “Accepted” and has Persian roots. It is a popular name amongst Arab females.

99. Marguerite

This name has a french origin, which means pearl. Also used as a daisy’s botanical name in French, it gained popularity in the late 19th century.

100.  Marg

This name means the road or path to a location is the approach to that location.

This ends our list of baby girl names that start with Mar. Most of these names mean war-like. But yes, you have many classics to choose from.

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