Top 50 Dutch Baby Boy Names With Meanings

50 Most Popular Dutch Baby Names for Boys

A person’s first introduction is their name. So, it is a very critical task for young parents or would-be parents to choose the best name for their baby boy. The name should be meaningful, contemporary and should not be something which loses its lustre as the kid grows up.  A cute name will be apt for a baby boy till he is just a baby, but as he grows up that name will not suit his adolescence personality or his career or adult life. So, parents should take extreme care while naming their son, so that he keeps up with the trend.

The Netherlands is a country of creative people and thinkers like painters, artists and philosophers. The Dutch names are a beautiful fusion of strength, eminence and nobility. The names are sometimes traditional with origin in the Bible or with a literary background or taken from Irish, Greek, Latin or English.

These are some of the best meaningful Dutch boy names that will help you choose the best name for your son. Be sure to go with your instinct as you weigh your favorite options!

Dutch Baby Boy Names with Meanings

A person will always be first judged by his name, so a meaningful name will always give a favourable impression of strong and intelligent personality. Choosing one of the popular meaningful Dutch boy names for the baby boy will ensure respect and friendliness by his friends and society.

Here are some great names descended from the Dutch for you to zero in for your son:

Name Meaning
Aart If you are looking for an artistic yet one of the traditional Dutch boy names, then Aart is the perfect Dutch name. The name means ‘strong’, ‘powerful’.
Abbe Abbe is a name with German origin and it means ‘nobleman’. This masculine Dutch name is very popular and unique.
Abel Abel is one of the most familiar Biblical Dutch boy names. It’s a Hebrew name of the younger son of Adam and Eve meaning ‘willing’, ‘capable’, ‘ready’, ‘competent’.
Adrianus The Dutch name Adrianus is the variant of Adrian. The name comes from Hadrianus, which is a Latin name meaning ‘from Hadria’.
Aldert The Dutch variant of the name Adelhard, Aldert. Adelhard is, in turn, the German name for English name Abelard. Aldert means ‘noble’, ‘resolute’.
Ambroos Ambroos is a unique Dutch variation of the name Ambrose. The original name Ambrose is derived from the word ‘ambrosios’ meaning ‘immortal’.
Andries This Dutch version of the name Andrew means ‘man’. The English name Andrew is taken from the Greek name Andreas.
Arnoud Arnoud is the variant of the moniker Arnold. It is a popular name not only in Dutch but in English and German communities too.
Bartel Bartel is taken from Bartholomew, a Biblical name derived from an Aramaic word meaning ‘having many furrows’.
Bas The fashionable Bas is the shortened version of Sebastian or Bastiaan. This name is one of the common names in the Netherlands.
Berend Bernard gets a new variation in Berend. The name means ‘brave’ implying a boy who will be fearless and brave when he grows up.
Boudewijin This is one of the popular and meaningful dutch boy names is a variation of Baldwin. The name Boudewijin means ‘brave’.
Bram This one-syllable Dutch name is a variation of popular Abraham. The name means ‘father of multitudes’.
Cas The diminutive form of Casper, this one-syllable Dutch name Cas means ‘imperial’.
Christoffel Christoffel is the Dutch word for Christopher, an old Greek name. The name means ‘follow the leader’ or ‘bearing Christ’.
Coen One of the popular Dutch male names, Coen means ‘bold advisor’.
Daan Daan is one of the popular Dutch male names meaning ‘God is my Judge’. The name has been derived from the Hebrew name Daniel.
Danique Danique in the Dutch boys’ name meaning ‘morning star’. The name is the alternative to Danielle.
Diederik Diederik is the Dutch name for Theodoric. The name means ‘ruler of people’.
Dirk Dirk has been the name of several Royals such as many counts of Netherlands. The popular name means ‘ruler of the people’.
Elmo Elmo is one of the most popular male Dutch names. It is taken from the common name of Saint Eramus.
Espen The one of the coolest of Dutch names for boys, Espen means ‘bear of God’.
Fabian The Latin name Fabian, is one popular name in the Netherlands. The name, with meaning ‘bean grower’ is known for its strong literary connections.
Finn Finn is the Anglicized form of the Irish Fionn meaning ‘fair’, ‘white’, ‘clear’.
Floris The name meaning ‘prosperous’ is the Dutch male variation of the name Florence.
Gerrit The name is a variation of Gerhard, a name associated with many Old Master Painters.
Hiddie Hiddie is one of the popular names in Netherlands and favourite Frisian name. The name means ‘battle’.
Isaak Issak is the Dutch name or variation of the popular Isaac. Isaac is the son of Abraham and Sarah, for they waited for 100 years.
Jacobus The evergreen Jacob gets a Dutch transformation in Jacobus. The popular name means ‘protector’.
Jelle William gets shortened in this Dutch male name of Jelle. The name means ‘sacrifice’.
Jesse Jesse is derived from Hebrew Yishai which in turn is derived from yishal meaning ‘gift’, ‘wealth’.
Joost Joost is one of the original and meaningful dutch boy names. The name which is pronounced as ‘Yoost’ is an adorable name for any young man.
Julian Julian is derived from the Latin Julianus which is a derivative of the old Roman family name of Julius. Julius is considered to be taken from Julus meaning downy-bearded or the first down on the chin. Hence, the meaning of the name Julian is considered to be ‘youth’.
Kees The charming Dutch name Kees is the variation of name Cornelius. The diminutive moniker means ‘calm’.
Lars The female name Lara gets a Dutch male transformation in Lars. The meaning of the name is ‘crowned with laurel’.
Levi Levi is the Dutch name derived from the Hebrew lÄ“wÄ« which means ‘joining adhesion’. The name is taken from the Bible, where it is the name of the third son of Jacob and Leah.
Liam Liam is the diminutive form of Uilliam, an Irish word for William. The name means ‘resolute protector’.
Lucas Lucas is one of the Dutch popular names taken from the Cleric Latin name derived from Lucius. The name is taken from the root word lux which means ‘light’.
Markus One of the popular Dutch male names Markus is the variation of Mars. Mars is the Roman God of fertility.
Meese Meese is the diminutive version of Bartholomeus, a popular apostle name. The short and crisp name is in vogue in the Netherlands.
Noah Noah is one of the most popular Dutch male names. The name is derived from the Hebrew word which means ‘rest’, ‘comfort’.
Pim Pim is a monosyllable popular Dutch male name. The name means ‘resolute protection’.
Ruben Ruben is the Dutch name with spelling variation of the name Rueben. The variation has become more popular than the original name and means ‘behold’, ‘a son’.
Sander Alexander gets shortened to this popular Dutch male name Sander. Other spelling variations of sander are Zander and Xander. The name Sander means ‘defender of mankind’.
Sem Sem is the Dutch male name variation of the name Shem. Shem meaning ‘name’ was one of the son’s names of Noah.
Stijn Stijn is the Dutch diminutive name for Constantin and Augustin. The name is very popular in the Netherlands for its uncommon spelling and pronunciation.
Sven Sven is an attractive and posh Dutch male name. The name is taken from ancient Swedish tribe, the Saviars, on whose name Sweden was earlier called Svealand. The name Sven signifies strength.
Thijs Thijs is an uncommon Dutch male name. It is the shorter version of Matthew, though it sounds nothing like it.
Timo Timo is a popular Dutch male name. The name is a shorter form of the classic name Timothy. Timo means ‘honouring God’.
Van One of the most popular Dutch male names, Van is equivalent of ‘de’ in French names.

Every parent in the Netherlands wants to name their baby boy with a meaningful and unique name. So while choosing a name for their baby boys, they give much prominence to the meaning of the name. An eloquent name which implies good qualities is timeless and will help the boy to ascertain a positive image. The boys with the significant names will be distinguished in their status in the society and career. Your little bundle of happiness deserves all the appreciation he can get. So, happy name hunting!

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