My Baby Girl Ditya Is My Life!

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My little baby girl’s name is Ditya. She is far more resilient and assertive than I’d have ever imagined her to be. This new phase of motherhood is not easy, but it’s not difficult either. However, I can clearly say that it’s different. From being a completely careless woman to a cautious mom – the transition was not smooth. My husband and I were overwhelmed when we came to know that we were going to be parents. I had cold feet. The only thought that I had when I was pregnant was, “Will I be a good mother?” When I had my baby, I decided to go with the flow.
My pregnancy was worse than a nightmare. Dealing with bouts of nausea every day was no joke. I was living in a world of fantasy thinking that everything would go fine. But it was not – I am still not sure how I survived those difficult nine months. Delivering a healthy baby and not putting my health in jeopardy was a big concern.
But at the same time, we were excited and eagerly waiting for our baby. The day finally came, when our bundle of joy arrived. After battling 13 hours of labour and almost giving up on everything, my little girl arrived. She was tall and adorable. She was attractive in her own way and her features were more defined.
I started taking opinions and guidance from people and did whatever was right for my daughter. We named her Ditya, which means answers of prayers. Ditya is also another name of Goddess Lakshmi. Apparently, I had never heard of this name before. This name was Ramesh uncle’s first choice and we found this name very unique. Since he is the most admired person in the family, we decided to go for this name. We wish Ditya inculcates all the good qualities and the charm from him.
Motherhood has taught me a lot of things. Loving someone so unconditionally without any expectations is possible and that’s one beautiful thing I have learned from being a mother. I have learned to enjoy simple things and realised that not all the happiness in the world can be found in a dream job, a big house, or on a perfect holiday. My best moments with her are unplanned. Sometimes, it is just a deep nap together, a ride in her pram, a warm hug, her unexpected smiles, and just lazying around with her in our home.
She has made me patient. I didn’t know what it was before she was born. I have learned to tolerate (and ignore) sarcastic comments on my baby that people make. I avoid taking my little one to parties as taking her to huge gatherings will only lead to disappointments as she has stranger anxiety issues.
 Ditya or ‘D’ is pampered but she is not a brat so far. Most importantly, she is very lucky that she is being raised by her grandparents. She is their favourite and they are all best friends. ‘D’ is an attention seeker and they are always there for her without losing their calm.
She is a charming little girl and she knows how to deal with everyone just by giving one broad smile to her. She is very blessed that she is growing up with her great grandmother and grandparents who keep her engaged all day long, when I am busy at work.
Our little ‘D’ is a darling. She is delightful, delicate, and a doll. She is a little dramatic, different, and totally her daddy’s favourite.
I can sit and pen down all the adjectives that start with D knowing they would never suffice for my baby girl. My love for her keeps growing every single day. Her smiles, cuddles and that innocent face melts my heart. Our journey as parents has just begun and we have a long way to go. Each and every moment spent with our baby girl Ditya is the moment of learning something new. She is a treasure and we love her!

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