Weaning Your Child Off Feeders and Diapers As They Grow Older

I’m a mom of a 2.6 years old girl.  I had a normal delivery, but unfortunately, I had some complications. Due to that, I had to serve my daughter top feed for about a year unwillingly. I was feeding her breast milk for six months at times with formula. A feeder,in my opinion, was a better option as compared to a spoon and bowl. I asked my doctor, and he said that if I give a good quality feeder and if it is placed in the perfect angle, I wouldn’t face any problem. I realised with time that if the feed is sufficient, babies get less cranky.

But I was now stressed out about how I would change her habit of taking milk in a feeder to a glass?

When she completed two years, I slowly started giving her milk in a glass, but she wasn’t drinking the same quantity of milk that she would drink with a feeder. Now it was again time to talk to her paediatrician. I was stressed a bit. He told me that my child was having milk in a feeder; not alcohol or any drug. It’s okay, and she will take some time.
The paediatrician also told me to start with some of her physical activities so that she could sleep due to exhaustion, and without a feeder.

I tried this, and it worked! I would serve her milk in a glass after her meal and workout. And the results were there to see. She would go to sleep by herself.
Meanwhile, I would inform her that we can’t always use feeders. Feeders are for babies not for big girls. She understood with time when this was said multiple times by me.

The same goes for diapers. When you regularly take them to the washroom, they realise that this particular thing has to be done in here. I also used a trick. I used to inform her whenever I would go to the washroom. Kids copy many things but might pick this point. Try to tell your child that you’re going to the washroom, and to wait. Your child might copy you and use the washroom by themselves.

I never shouted at my daughter when she peed in her pants. I would calmly explain to her that she should go to the washroom for this. She understood with time. Now too, she pees a little by the time she reaches the washroom, but I don’t scold her.
Mommies, being a mom is challenging, but at the same time, every child is different. Be a little patient with them. They are meant to make mistakes; so allow them. And every part of the body needs time to be controlled by the child. So ask them to learn to control by themselves, you don’t control them.

If we force them before time, their mental development gets affected. It would be best if you always were supportive instead of being bossy. Some parents stress out their child in order to make them do every single thing according to their wishes.
So stay happy and teach them every task of life happily.

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