What Role Are You Playing as a Parent?

What Role Are You Playing as a Parent?

Ever since I have embraced motherhood, I have constantly been worried about being the perfect parent. My parents have been perfect. They raised me so smartly that today, I am independent and confident. To sum it up, I am a good Indian child that all parents prefer.

In fact, the people from my generation are really good with little imperfections. Maybe the reason for us being good is that our parents raised us so well. That era was completely different. Nowadays, we receive all kinds of parenting advice from other parents, relatives, the internet and we as a parent start worrying that we are doing something wrong.

The parents of 2019 are told to raise their children “the right way”. We are always under some kind of constant pressure. I think most of you reading this would be able to relate to what I’m talking about.

Recently, as my kids turned 2 and they had to start their preschool, I got a wonderful opportunity to attend a workshop on ” Parenting”.

The speaker said something very beautiful, “There are no perfect children, no perfect parents. There are only real parents and real children.”

Signs of great parenting is not a child’s behaviour but his parent’s behaviour. She said that the behaviour of a child depends upon the behaviour of the parent with the child. Don’t you agree?

Mostly, the reaction of parents is the same towards a child in different situations: confronting, advising, judging and criticising.

The result of this is that the child runs away from different situations and stops sharing his feelings with his parents. The child may also follow the wrong path as they will be guided by his peers as he would share his feelings with his friends who themselves are immature to take any actions.

Have you ever realised our role as a parent? Have you ever chosen a symbol to describe your responsibility as a parent?

When I was asked this during the session, I told that I have chosen a symbol of a magnifying glass. The magnifying glass shows the bigger picture of everything. Parents are their child’s first teacher and should remain the best teacher throughout life.

I choose the symbol of a magnifying glass and want to show my kids a beautiful world, I want to show a positive side to everything. A child sees through his parent’s eyes. So I want them to a good human being.

What symbol do you choose as a parent to guide your child through this roller roster ride of parenting?

I would like to share a quote by Bob Keeshan, “Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement and action have an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent.”

So be good to your child and enjoy your parenting journey!

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