What Is it Like to Be a First-time Mom?

What Is it Like to Be a First-time Mom?

If you have recently embraced motherhood, I want to congratulate you! Congratulations on being a mother and stepping into the next phase of your life. Being a mom for the first time is not easy. You will feel awesome and awful at the same time. Almost all moms have similar feelings when they become a mother for the first time. Here are my experiences of being a first-time mom and what I felt almost daily while taking care of my little one.

1. The Feeling of Fear

After the first few weeks of my baby’s birth, I was on a rollercoaster ride. I had a weird feeling and I cried to my husband over the phone. My fear was that someday my daughter would get married and go away from me. I know that sounds stupid and funny now but believe me, I felt that (I think that was because of the postpartum phase!). So if any mother in her postpartum phase tells you something that sounds insane to you, don’t show that to her, just nod your head and console her.

2. The Constant Urge to Cry

Yes, when I heard about many moms cry in their postpartum phase, I felt it was because of the happy phase they have entered into and even I wanted to prepare myself for the same. But after my baby’s birth, in the second and the third week, I cried over spilt milk. Sometimes, I even cried after arguing with my husband. I am sure most new moms feel like crying. It is usually because of sleepless nights and tiredness.

3. Feeling Sad for Not Getting Enough ‘Me Time’

Our whole life goes in pampering ourselves. We indulge in junk food, spend on things and products to groom ourselves, hang out with friends, etc. This goes on for a while. All these years, we are used to living for ourselves but suddenly it changes and the me-time becomes a luxury. There will be no little time is left for us especially for a few days (and months) after having a baby. A woman’s life changes after becoming a mother and becomes hectic. This is a common feeling every mom experiences these things at some point.

4. The Feeling of Being Awesome

After birth, our body undergoes changes that can be felt physically and mentally. But when we look at our mini little creatures whom we have carried in our womb for months, makes us feel proud. Yes, you will feel awesome and proud of yourself.

This is what I felt after becoming a mother for the first time. I am sure you must have felt similar. Being a mother is challenging but we all learn with time and only get better at it!

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