Tips to Make Your Home Plastic-Free

As you may know, plastic waste is one of the major pollutants present on our planet, at the moment. The usage of plastic is polluting our planet, which is leading to various dangerous diseases and pollution of the air, water, soil and everything else. A plastic-free planet is made from plastic-free homes. Here are some ways that you can make your home plastic-free.

1. Cut down on plastic bags coming into your house.

Whenever you go shopping carry your own bag made of cloth so that whatever you buy can be stored in the cloth bags, rather than getting plastic bags from the shopkeeper. By saying no to plastic bags ad carrying your own cloth bag, you will cut down the plastic entering your house to a great extent.

2. Use steel or other material containers for storage.

Stop buying plastic storage containers from now onwards. Prefer steel or glass containers for storage purposes. Once you actually replace all your plastic containers, you’ll be shocked at the difference.

3. Stop using plastic utensils.

As we all know you should not eat hot things in plastic utensils.Avoid using plastic plates and spoons. Instead, go for glass or steel utensils.

4. Stop using plastic lunch boxes

Many people nowadays buy plastic lunch boxes for their children or themselves. Go traditional and carry lunch in steel boxes and steel lunch carriers instead.

5. Avoid using plastic water bottles

Stop using plastic water bottles that are very easily available in the market. Instead, go for glass bottles and steel bottles, which are also easily available in anywhere. You can also buy copper bottles, which are considered healthy. Store water in steel pots or clay pots or in glass jugs.

You can also carry lightweight, steel water bottles to your workplace.

By following these tips, you can help get rid of a lot of plastic from your house and do your bit in making this planet plastic-free.

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