My Experience Taking My Baby for a Vaccination

My Experience Taking My Baby for a Vaccination

The worst thing for a mother is to see her baby crying in pain. This is what happens every time Amaira has to get her vaccine. I took her to a government health care centre when she was three and a half months old. This is my experience.

The health centre was a small house; clean but dull. A few men in their 50s were sitting in one corner with a file and a desktop. They updated the records in Amaira’s file and showed me the way in. A few ladies who were gossiping earlier stopped as they saw us and resumed their work. One of them asked me to hold Amaira on my lap, checked her file, and then took out an injection with a long, thick needle. Another lady helped me to hold Amaira tight and started playing with her as a distraction. I, trying to show off my mental strength, still shivered as I stared at that needle. The lady held Amaira’s right leg and poked the needle in. Amaira jumped with pain. Her face as red as beetroot. She cried as loud as she could. My strength failed in front of her pain and tears started rolling my eyes. I consoled Amaira, but I could imagine how she might be feeling. She had a fever that whole day, which then went away.

Now it’s been almost five vaccinations and I have overcome my anxiety. But it’s still difficult to see her crying. People suggest giving her painless injections, but I have continued with government vaccinations. They are safer, more effective, and free of cost. I am not in favour of painless injections. Though it is a government health centre and the vaccination is painful for a day, it is effective for a lifetime. There are vaccination charts common for all.

Following a vaccination routine is a must, as being a parent, we have one biggest responsibility and that is our child’s health. So whichever you choose, it is important to keep a track about these vaccinations from time to time. 

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