Emotions of a Second-Time Momma!

Most second-time mommies out there, including me, may be struggling with adjusting to the fact that, while preparing to welcome a new member to the family, your time, love, and affection that you had for your first child will be divided.

In my case, for instance, even before the conception of my second child, I was consistent with my thoughts that there would be no one else with whom I can share the love and time I have for my daughter. And then, the moment I knew I was pregnant with my son, I was more sad and confused than happy. It was only because of the thought that my firstborn, my daughter, may be upset that I will soon be spending a lot of time holding, feeding, and caring for the newborn. These feelings grew over time, and added upon by pregnancy hormones, it was all taking a toll on my mental and physical health.
When the time came and I held my secondborn, my son, in my arms for the first time, his bright, shining eyes looking into mine, his tiny, delicate fingers holding mine, him trying to gain some warmth from me… It took me back, 3 years ago, when I first became a parent. It was that moment that made me understand that every child is special, and God makes a mother capable of caring and loving each child equally.
Today, when I see them growing up together, she being the reason for his laughter as he loves to see her playing and jumping around him and vice versa, and she believing that she is responsible enough to teach him to talk, sit, choose his outfits, etc., it makes me think that they would have been incomplete without each other. And, I know that in the years to come, I will gain fun and beautiful memories, watching them be best friends and partners-in-crime, probably much more than the memories of a life that would have been if my daughter was growing up as a single child.
So, all you mommies out there, relax, and try to keep at bay the mom guilt that builds when you think you are overlooking the elder one while taking care of the younger one who is more dependent on you, because you are doing what is REQUIRED!

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