How Should You Parent Your Child?

How Should You Parent Your Child?

Each parent adopts different styles to bring up their children, be it in academics, discipline, health, etc. No parenting style is wrong. It depends on the way issues are tackled in the best interests of the child.

Something that actually affects the betterment of the child is when the parent wants their child to learn multiple skills at the same time. A lot of parents never ask the child if he or she is interested to enrol themselves for those classes. Discussion of the child’s interest is a must. Else, it can affect the psychological or the emotional well-being of the child. Parents must spend valuable time with the child to know their likes, dislikes and what they are passionate about. We shouldn’t force our desires on them. It is our utmost duty to provide our child with the best for their future but we do not have the right to force our desires on the child.

The next aspect I would like to cover under parenting styles is about pampering the child. Pampering the child is not wrong. But there is a limit to everything. Girl babies are pampered in a different way. So when it comes to girl babies or parents who have daughters, you can give them the freedom to be the way they want to be, but certain things like asking them to dress modestly should be told firmly and sternly for the safety of the child. Pampering should accompany authority. Many a time, parents do not allow the child to go out and play. Letting the child go out run and play is good for the health. Especially working parents must have a watch on their child. Just like how they force the children to study, they should force them to go out and play. Parents must refrain their child from using electronic gadgets like television, mobile phones, iPads, and video games.

Child using phone

Gone are those days where children used to run, play and sweat and then sit for studies. Now it’s rare to find children running and playing. It’s an exercise for the body. If sufficient exercise is not given to the children it leads to obesity. Obesity, in turn, leads to a lot of issues, affecting both the physical and emotional well-being of the child and the parent. A time frame should be fixed for the various activities that take place in the child’s life. For example, if the child wants to play a video game, parents need to fix a definite time and make sure they adhere to it. Liberty accompanied by authority is a good parenting style and helps the child to become good citizens in the future.

Last but not least, parenting is not just about the mother. The father also plays a pivotal role in the development of the child. Fathers tend to blame their spouses if the child isn’t progressing well in academics or sports. Parenting involves the mother and the father. If the father of the child doesn’t spend quality time with the child it can hinder the development of the child. The father should know what the child is studying. I have noticed fathers asking their spouses which class their child is studying in. Both the mother and the father should take part in the good and the bad aspects of the child’s life. Parenting is just not about giving birth; feeding the child with nutritious food but also feeding the child with good moral values, discipline, educating the child about the good and the bad, how a person should be and how a person shouldn’t be. We as parents have the basic responsibility of raising the child the right way so that we are good examples of parents when they become a parent themselves.

No parenting style is wrong, we all learn out of mistakes. Trials and errors keep happening but parenting is an art wherein errors aren’t repeated. Make sure you and your child stay connected in all matters.

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