How to Throw a Socially Distanced And Memorable Baby Shower

How to Throw a Socially Distanced And Memorable Baby Shower

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It’s impossible to have a baby shower in the conventional sense in the Covid-19 period. Many items must be adjusted, including the number of visitors, the available space, and how food is served; it can feel uncomfortable. But you get to see your guests and feel a little closer to how things functioned before the pandemic.

With the spike in the cases, it seems impossible to throw a great baby shower party. Still, there are ways in which you can enjoy a decent baby shower party.

Here are some tips that can come in handy while preparing your socially distant baby shower. Keep in mind: Check your city and state’s Covid-19 laws as well, as they tailor them to your community’s health and safety needs and can be more stringent.

1. Keep a Check on the Guests

I recommend that you limit/reduce the number of guests to help reduce the risk of community transmissions of Covid-19. Experts recommend the same. If you have a large family or group of friends, you’ll have to narrow it down to only your immediate family or closest friends.

However, the department advises that you only invite guests from the same group before sending out your invitations. If you have invitees who live in another city or state, having them attend remotely is the safest choice. To help them join in the game, make a FaceTime/Skype/Zoom call from your phone in the middle of the crowd.

2. Location

Even though you won’t have as many guests as a traditional baby shower, you’ll still need plenty of room for everyone to spread out. Household groups should be at least six feet apart, according to social distancing guidelines, so keep that in mind when deciding where to put your shower.

Although guests must be separated, it is appropriate for members of the same household to be close together so that you can assign seating to your guests by household. If at all necessary, have visitors carry their seating (such as lawn chairs).

3. Arrange Food and Drinks

Hand sanitiser, a water faucet/sink, and soap should be the only communal products so that you and your guests don’t touch the same stuff all the time. So, do you want to eat and drink family-style or at a buffet? Ignore them. Instead, opt for meals that are individually packaged. Consider school field trip sack lunches – each guest gets a sandwich, bag of chips, cookie, and drink. You may also offer guests the option of selecting their things from a pre-determined list on the invitation. If you’re preparing the food yourself (wear a mask, face shield, hair net, and gloves!) or order catering. In any case, follow food safety protocol.

How to Make Your Social Distanced Party Enjoyable

  • If you’re using someone’s backyard, have visitors enter through a side or back gate rather than the front door and restrict their time inside the toilet.

  • Invite visitors to bring their lawn chairs, if at all necessary.

  • Seats should be six feet apart, with families grouped.

  • Serve individually packaged meals and prepare food with gloves, a mask, a hairnet, and a face shield.

  • Include games that allow you to separate yourself from others in a social setting.

  • Get to know the city and state laws, as well as the CDC’s recommendations.

  • Guests can be limited to around a dozen people or six households.

  • Make masks a requirement (put that on the invitations).

  • They should keep different masks on hand in case guests forget theirs.

  • Keep the band outside.

  • If you can’t get outside, make sure your indoor room is big enough for social distancing and clean it thoroughly before and after your baby shower.

4. Games

Games are the most enjoyable aspects of baby showers, and just because visitors must remain socially distant doesn’t mean you can’t have any enjoyable activities.

Many conventional baby shower games, such as baby gift bingo and similar printable games, are ideal for social distancing, and they can also go for virtual baby shower games for in-person showers. You can play it as long as guests can engage from their specified six-foot-apart areas and do not have to come into physical contact with one another.

These are the tips you need to follow to enjoy a great baby shower party. With the pandemic going on, the would-be mother might not want to have a baby shower. She might feel that the pandemic ripped off the most beautiful day, but you must make sure that she gets all that she planned for. This will give her endless memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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