How to Inculcate Good Habits in Children

How to Inculcate Good Habits in Children

Being a young mother to a two-year-and-six-month-old daughter and being pregnant with another one is not easy. It feels that my life has taken a drastic change. I am 25-year-old and my career seems at stake.

But after the birth of my daughter, I have realised that being a mother is one of the most precious moments of a woman’s life. Whether a woman becomes a mother early in life or later, it doesn’t matter. As a mother, you eventually learn to take care of everything even if you were not being able to manage yourself at one point. Believe me, you can manage your little one perfectly.

This is parenthood, there’s no right or wrong approach to parenting. Whatever your instincts say, do it. As long as your baby is comfortable and happy, know that you’re raising him/her perfectly.

I have witnessed a lot of babies growing up in and around me so I knew how certain things were done but when you become parents, there are so many things you are unaware of. New parents often find it difficult to get their kids to adopt a new habit. But parents need to be patient with their children. You should keep on trying new things with your little ones as it will take them some time to form new habits. Your kids will learn by observing you too, so let them know that you also take time to get into a routine.

Once, a fellow parent asked me how I had trained my daughter to potty in the toilet as her son didn’t want to pee in the pot or the potty seat. I told her the reality that I used to take my daughter’s potty seat to my toilet and show her mine and ask her to pee in the little one. We have to be really patient with the little ones and have to show them everything repeatedly to get them to do things. On 4th-5th day, my daughter started using her own potty seat.

So be patient and whatever habits you want your children to develop, show them how to develop them, and they will learn and remember!

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