It Is the Year to Heal Yourself, Dear New Mums!

Delivered a baby recently? You must be an anxious, sleepless mum already! You have done marvellously, by carrying and bringing a human being as good as you into this world. Now is the time to remember to take care of yourself too, along with your little one. 

With the arrival of your newborn, priorities and choices of your other family members will change drastically. The last 9 months were for you, all that extra care and pampering. You must be used to that extra dose of love from everyone in your family – from a caring husband, and maybe even from not-so-caring relatives! Because, what you are about to bring into the world and into your family, no one else can.

As soon as the apple of your eye arrives, that sudden shift of affection will be like the switch of an electric button. This can leave many new mums perplexed. As soon as you would deliver, expectations from you would rise manifold. You might be living a carefree life so far, but now, you will be expected to be careful, vigilant and mindful – a change that is expected to occur within the blink of an eye. On top of that, cluster feeding would leave you sleep deprived. And, for those mums whose babies dream feed, much love and hugs to you. And to mums with twins, I can feel for you, as we sail in the same boat. 

Ask, seek, arrange, and shout out for help. You are as normal a human being as every other person on Earth. There’s no need to be shy! Ask your helper, mother, husband, or any other responsible person near you to help you as much as they can. Pump, hand over the bottle of milk to them, step into the other room, grab some sleep, and step in back with some more zeal. I am sure your baby’s chuckles and family’s support will help you overcome this initial phase!

Happy healing, lovely mums!

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