I Followed the Do's and Don'ts While Pregnant for a Normal Delivery

I Followed the Do’s and Don’ts While Pregnant for a Normal Delivery

Pregnancy is a 9 months beautiful experience. There are lots of up’s & down’s, mood swings & situations come across which can affect the same so to avoid the steps & enjoy the period of your pregnancy, here are some Do’s and Don’ts Which I followed & they helped me out for a normal delivery & a healthy baby. Please go through the same and find if the following tips are useful for you as well during beautiful journey of pregnancy.

1.  Do stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water which help to avoid the constipation, headaches, dizziness  during pregnancy.

2. Eat lot of fruits & green leafy vegetables which are the good source of energy, vitamins and minerals.

3. Don’t eat raw or under cooked seafood and meats.

4. Do visit your gynaecologist & get health check-up’s at every month which help to know your baby’s growth month by month.

5. Do take the medicines which are prescribed by your doctor only.

6. Do have the right diet plan for all 9 months.

7. Do read positive, inspirational, cheerful, enthusiastic articles, stories to feel good.

8. Try to avoid stress, do get lots of sleep and rest. Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy with your family.

9. Do take 1 hour slow walk or yoga.

10. Listen the soft, soothing & peaceful music while to sleep.

11. Being sedentary ( sitting down a lot ) is not healthy for you or your baby. So keep yourself busy and stat active.

12. If you did the exercise before the pregnancy then you can continue it while pregnant but listen to your body, make it simpler and slower in some amount.

13. Do ask for help. Are you more tired than usual? Then ask your partner to help you out.

14. Don’t go for sauna.

15. Don’t drink too much caffeine. Caffeine can cross the placenta and affects your growing baby’s heart rate.

16. Don’t take a whole meal at once, but make a part of it. Eat every two hours.

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