Important Things to Take Care of While Changing Your Baby's Diaper

Important Things to Take Care of While Changing Your Baby’s Diaper

Diaper rash is a concern for all parents.
You always need a diaper while going out or when someone is coming to visit your home, especially to see your baby. You also need a diaper during the night to let your baby sleep soundly. You just have to be extra cautious and should maintain proper hygiene.

You can take care of it if you follow some steps. Also, you can avoid the occurrence of diaper rashes to some extent. Select diapers according to the weight of your baby. Tight diapers can cause irritation and rashes. And loose diapers will let pee come out of them. So you need to take care in both the situations. Pant style diapers are always an added advantage.

Before putting the diaper, always apply a good amount of oil to the areas that will be covered by the diaper. Due to oil, the pee of your baby will not get absorbed into their skin which will avoid rashes. You can use any oil which you are using for your baby.

Keep checking the diaper for stools and pee. Change the diaper immediately if your baby has done potty in it. And if pee is also more, then change the diaper. Always select a diaper of good quality.

When you remove the diaper, clean it with cotton and water or baby wipes.  Put some powder before making your baby wear nappy. After removing the diaper, if you find a little redness, then apply diaper rash cream immediately. You can use any brand cream. There are many creams available in the market. Don’t wait for it to worsen.

Make sure there is cleanliness and hygiene while using diapers. Your baby will thank you.?

Products Used By Me

Oil – Johnson baby oil
Powder – Johnson baby powder
Baby Wipes – Johnson baby wipes
Diaper – Mammy Poko Pants
Diaper Rash Cream – Himalaya Diaper rash cream.

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