Common Anxieties and Fears during Pregnancy and Ways to Tackle Them

Common Anxieties and Fears during Pregnancy and Ways to Tackle Them

Stress is the biggest enemy of health. And in pregnancy, the health of two lives gets affected by this. Being a doctor, I found that the most common stress during pregnancy especially for first-time mothers is anxiety about childbirth. Most of the pregnant ladies keep worrying about how they are going to deliver. It really becomes a nightmare for some and affects both the mother and her baby adversely. Childbirth is the last stage of pregnancy. No one knows in advance what is going to happen at that particular moment. Both in case of vaginal delivery or cesarean, there is nothing to worry about. You choose the best hospital and doctor and they know their job well. That is just ONE Day. Why ruin all the beautiful experiences during pregnancy by bothering about something that is not at all in your hands.

One more anxiety is about weight gain during pregnancy. This is a common concern of most pregnant moms. You are going to lose all the weight you gained during pregnancy with very little effort. But the effort is a must. Only walking can do wonders. For some, losing weight might be a little difficult than others but it is not impossible. Try a little harder and you will be able to do it. It’s all about dedication.

First-time moms also worry about how to handle babies. Do not stress yourself over this at all. Even if you know nothing you will be able to do it all by yourself. You may take help of your loved ones but that’s completely up to you. Once the baby is in your hands, trust me, you will know everything about your baby. Try to be positive. Think about that moment when you will first hold your baby. At that time, you will forget all the hardship you have been through. Try to share your anxieties and fears with someone. Keeping all that stress to yourself is even more harmful. Stress will not make things easier for you, in fact, destressing definitely will. Eat healthy, think positive and stay happy. Enjoy your pregnancy. Every moment is special. Take care!

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