Babyhug Plant-Based Disinfectant Liquid Laundry Detergent - The Best!

Babyhug Plant-Based Disinfectant Liquid Laundry Detergent – The Best!

We all love our babies’ super soft and delicate skin. Since a baby’s skin is sensitive, using harsh, soda-based detergents to wash their clothes can cause irritation and other skin problems. As the mother of a baby girl, I always worry about her skin, and end up using natural and chemical-free products for her skin.

Often, babies suffer from rashes or redness on the skin from wearing clothes washed with harmful chemical detergents. So, here is the solution: Babyhug has come up with a plant-based, antibacterial liquid laundry detergent formulated especially for little ones’ clothes! It does not contain any harsh chemicals. It is free from dyes & bleach that cause irritation and other skin problems in babies. It ensures that the baby’s clothes are free from germs, and are sparkling clean! What else do we mothers want?

Babies are very delicate, as their immune system is still developing. Thus, they tend to get infected easily. Babyhug’s liquid detergent has antibacterial properties, which help to reduce bacteria effectively. The natural plant formula doesn’t roughen clothes, and makes them soft. It comes in an ergonomically-designed plastic bottle that is easy to handle, and is available in two sizes – 550 ml and 1 litre.

It has a concentrated formula, so a small quantity of liquid is enough. A tablespoon or two of liquid detergent is enough for nearly one bucket of clothes. So, it’s very economical. The 1 litre bottle will be enough for washing enough number of clothes a day for almost 2 months. It also balances the pH level, and has no artificial colouring. This liquid detergent dissolves quickly in water, and so does not leave any residues of detergent on clothes, like powder detergents, and thus saves time. Overall, it is a very good choice for your baby’s clothes.

What I really like about this product is that it’s a liquid detergent and dissolves easily in water. I’m fed up with the powder detergents, as they leave residues on the clothes, which can be harmful for babies, as they tend to chew on their clothes. Also, the residue of the powder detergent looks bad on dark-coloured clothes. This liquid detergent has a concentrated formula, so you don’t need to use much for washing those piles of your baby’s clothes. It’s a super saver!

Though it is good at removing stains, it’s not that effective at removing hard stains like food or oil stains .So, its performance, in terms of cleaning, could be better.

Here are my ratings of this product on the basis of:

  1. Features: As the company claims, it is antibacterial, has no artificial colouring, and is mild and non-stimulant. It contains natural plant formula, which leaves clothes feeling soft. So, I’m giving it a full rating – 5/5.
  2. Product Design: The design of the product is very ergonomic. The liquid comes in a vertical shaped plastic bottle. The colour of the bottle is white, and the cap colour is blue. This colour combo looks great. The bottle comes with a handle, so it becomes easy to use. It is available in two sizes, 550 ml and 1 litre. Rating – 5/5.
  3. Performance: It leaves clothes soft after washing, but it is not that effective on stains. It cannot remove oily food stains completely. However, it is good at cleaning normal dirt and stains, and has a mild, pleasant smell. Rating – 4/5.
  4. Value for Money: Yes, it is a complete value-for-money product! The 1 litre bottle can be used easily for up to 2 months. Plus, as mentioned above, it has many other good features that make the product worth its cost. Rating – 5/5.

I definitely recommend this product to other moms!

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