Following a Healthy Diet Begins At Home - Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

Following a Healthy Diet Begins At Home – Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

Health! We are always worried about our kids’ health, what they should eat and what they shouldn’t. I must say that all of this comes from how you present the food to your kids. You don’t have to say ‘don’t eat this and that’; it may not always work. What you can say otherwise is that this is healthy and full of nutrients. You also say things like this if your child loves any superhero; Spiderman, for example – “Do you know, he also eats vegetables and drinks milk which gives him superpowers. Build muscle and help yourself from falling sick – now, the choice is yours.”One more thing is that you should always eat healthy food in front of your kids, like a bowl of salad, nuts, fruit juices, etc. because you should be his/her first role model. Kids learn from us, their parents. You can also try this – tell your child about the benefits of different foods. Tell him/her, “If you eat carrots, you’ll run like a rabbit, spinach is good for your shiny hair, milk builds your bones and you get great stamina to work hard and learn fast!”I have two kids – one is 5 years old and the other is 1.5 years old. You all won’t believe that my older son always wants porridge for breakfast, and fruits and nuts while watching TV. Date-flavoured milk is his favourite! I love Chinese cuisine but after I became a mother, I’ve never eaten noodles in front of my kids. No chocolate, no chips, no soda, nothing! My elder son also doesn’t like all of this. He never asks for bread, because whenever he feels hungry I make roti for him. For his tiffin, I always prefer giving him sabji-roti and one fruit. Now, all his friend do the same for their lunches. Influencing kids is simple; they may feel that if one of their friends do this daily, then they can also do the same. All these kids’ mothers thank me for introducing this habit. I should say, if you can, then you must concentrate on building your kids’ health.One more thing – you should always give them water in between duration. When they play, they will forget about drinking water, so you should always be ready with fruit juices, glucose water or any kind of drink. It’s very important for your kids to stay hydrated.

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