10 Amazing Baby Hacks That Will Ease Your Life

Make Parenting Easier With These 10 Brilliant Baby Hacks

Being a parent is hard; nobody can dispute that. As a parent, you are responsible not only for your own well-being, but for the well-being of your child as well. The toughest part of parenting is not just that you are responsible for them, it is that every decision you make can impact their lives. What’s worse? There is no set guide or manner for being a good parent. You are on your own and figuring things out while carrying the weight of a child’s future on your shoulder. Finding your way forward is going to be tricky and more often than not, you will be second guessing yourself and turning to baby books to put your fears at ease. Parenting can be overwhelming and it can rarely be understood by ones who are not yet parents.

This is why every parent turns to another for parental hacks. These are designed to make your life easier with the express idea of getting basic jobs done quickly and easily. Hacks are supposed to minimise the fuss and also cost next to nothing to use. Most of the hacks use household items or need simple adjustments in the setup of your baby’s care. Here are 10 of these amazing hacks to make parenting a breeze.

10 Baby Hacks All Parents Need to Know

There are numerous types of hacks to help you care for your newborn baby, some are practical and some pay dividends after a period of time. Whether you are a new or old parent, recognising useful and effective tips and tricks that you can use to make your life easier is important. Here are 10 amazing baby hacks for new moms.

1. Rash Cream Application Hacks

When your baby has a rash, she’ll need diaper rash cream applied on them. This is going to be an incredibly messy and sticky task that can be challenging for new parents. There are numerous newborn baby care hacks but none as clever and useful as this. Use a cheap but soft makeup brush to apply the cream. This will keep you clean, keep the mess to a minimum and spread the cream evenly.

2. Diaper Duty Hacks

Every new parent needs good baby diaper hacks, and this one is going to make your life as a parent so much easier. Set up and establish a diaper changing station in multiple areas of the house. It does not have to be elaborate, you only need to keep a few diapers, wipes, and other essentials. This allows you to change the baby’s diaper in a jiffy without having to move too much especially during the night.

diaper duty hacks

3. Baby Oil

In the early days, your baby will be pooping meconium which is sticky, thick, and black. Meconium is particularly hard to remove and this where baby oil hacks come into play. Apply a thin layer of baby oil on your baby’s bottom before putting on a new diaper. This way the meconium will not stick to your baby’s skin and you can wipe it easily.

4. Sleep Time

There are plenty of baby sleep hacks that you can try in order to get your baby to sleep more peacefully and comfortably. One of the most effective hacks is to let your baby sleep with her upper body on a thin pillow which elevates her head. This will help with reflux when your baby is sleeping.

sleep time

5. Avoid the Pee Fountain

Baby boys have a tendency to pee on you as soon as you remove their diapers. A good hack is to keep face towels handy and cover their penis. You could also wipe their belly with a wet wipe before changing the diaper since your boy might wee when the cold surface comes in contact with them.

6. Find the Pacifier

One of the worst things is to try to find a pacifier in the dark. It might have fallen and bounced away and near impossible to find again. Instead of using a regular pacifier, use a glow-in-the-dark one that will make it much easier to find.

find the pacifier

7. White Noise

White noise is the perfect way to get your little one to sleep well through the night. A good night’s sleep also ensures that your baby is in a good mood in the day. You can use a white noise app or you could invest in a white noise machine.

8. Medicine for Medicines

A great way to get your baby to have their medicine is to gently blow on her face. This will make her swallow the medicine down faster and with minimal fuss.

medicine for medicines

9. Burp Better

There are plenty of baby burping hacks which you can try in order to get your baby to feel comfortable. But, did you know that your diet could be getting your baby gassy in the first place? If you are exclusively breastfeeding and your baby is prone to getting gassy, then you might want to reconsider your diet. One of the most common causes is the addition of dairy in your diet.

10. Warm Towels

Your baby probably doesn’t like shivering after taking a warm bath. Baby bath hacks are plenty and one of them is to put a heating pad into your baby’s towel before you give your baby a bath. By the time the bath is done, you will have a warm towel ready for your baby to keep her warm.

Bonus Hack: If you are looking for baby formula feeding hacks, then here is a great one for you. To heat up the bottle, simply dunk it into a bowl filled with warm water. You can check the temperature of the milk by testing it on your inner wrist.

warm towels

There are many baby hacks you can use when you are a young parent. Apart from looking for advice on the internet, you should also talk to other mothers in your friends and family circle. Don’t forget to talk to your own mother and grandmother for tried and testing hacks. Your paediatrician is also a good source for advice and things you can look out for your baby’s comfort. Have patience with the hacks as they will take time for you to master and find the right one to fit your baby’s personality and moods. Babies are excellent communicators if you know what you are looking for. Do not put too much pressure on yourself if you are unable to soothe or comfort your baby.

Being a new parent is not easy and nobody knows how to do it all. Allow yourself room for mistakes and trial and error with the hacks. A point worth noting is that you must also take care of yourself in the early days of your baby’s life. Not only does it allow you to be present and alert for your baby’s needs, but it is also good for your baby to know that self-care is important. It is also important to remember shortcuts can sometimes have unintended side-effects.

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