5 Facts About Your Baby's Skin We Bet You Didn't Know Before 

5 Facts About Your Baby’s Skin We Bet You Didn’t Know Before 

A newborn baby has to adjust to a drastic change in environment as soon as he is born. The world that lurks outside the womb can be harsh and the only barrier a baby has against it is his skin. His skin gradually toughens up over time but for the first few months, it is way too vulnerable! Special care is needed to make sure your baby is protected against skin infections and rashes.

As your baby grows up, his thin infant skin gradually becomes more resilient to irritants and germs. But this is a slow and gradual process. For the first few years of his life, his skin is unable to deal with conditions that older children and adults can easily handle, such as heat, cold, humidity, etc. This is mainly because baby skin is susceptible to drying out much faster than adult skin.

In order to protect your baby and keep him healthy, it is important to understand some crucial facts about your little baby’s skin.

Here are Some Facts about Your Little Baby’s Skin

1. Your Baby’s Skin is up to 5 times Thinner than Adult Skin

Unlike our adult skin, a newborn’s skin is ultra-thin and may not mature for up to 12 months. It absorbs and loses water fast which leaves it prone to dryness and irritation. If not cared for, he can even develop eczema or atopic dermatitis. The best course of action is to use a hydrating lotion after bathing. We recommend Himalaya BabyCare’s Baby Lotion mainly because it is mild, gentle and completely natural. It is a hypoallergenic lotion that does not contain any harmful chemicals but is instead infused with the goodness of olive oil, almond oil and licorice. These ingredients keep your baby’s skin moisturized and away from infection. If your little one has excessively dry skin, apply the moisturizer twice or thrice a day and avoid using soaps.

2. Baby Skin needs Essential Nourishment to Keep it Protected

Much like us, baby skin absorbs external agents easily. This means that germs too get absorbed easily! You need to protect your little one’s skin by ensuring that it remains clean and free from germs. At this stage it is recommended that your baby is bathed approximated 2-3 times in a week with lukewarm water. After the bath, his skin needs to be dried carefully, paying special attention to the groin, neck and armpits. Stay away from excessive bathing as it can remove natural body oils and dry out his skin too much. Also make sure to use a gentle bath product that cleanses without being harsh.

3. Cradle Cap is Normal and will Go Away

While we are on the subject of baby skin, the surface of his hair also assumes importance. You want his scalp to be clean and fresh and can’t help but be delighted as he sprouts more hair. But a really scary moment confronts many new moms. It is when they first notice cradle cap – her baby’s flaky scalp which looks yellowish or brownish. While this looks harmful and uncomfortable, the good news is that it is a completely normal phenomenon in babies. Do not panic. Cradle cap has nothing to do with lack of hygiene. It happens simply because your little one’s oil-producing glands are still maturing. More importantly, it does not bother your baby at all.

4. Babies can get Spots and Acne too

Babies have perfect skin! Or do they? While spots and acne are often considered adult problems, the reality is that they can affect your baby too. Baby acne is caused by the transfer of the mother’s hormones to the baby at the end of pregnancy. This transfer can happen through the placenta. This sometimes leads to excessive production in the oil glands and subsequently causes acne on your baby’s skin. What you must remember is that this too goes away in time without treatment.

5. Baby Massage can actually Work Magic on your Infant

Generation after generation has lauded the benefits of baby massage and the wonders it can do for babies. But did you know just how wonderful this can be? A gentle massage has been proven to improve blood circulation, trigger physical development, keep your baby reassured, and leave his skin hydrated and supple. After a warm bath, a gentle massage with your fingertips can help keep his skin in good condition.

Just remember to pick a massage oil that’s formulated to soothe your baby as well as keep his skin protected and moist. Himalaya Baby Massage Oil is enriched with Vitamin E and has antimicrobial properties to keep your little darling healthy. An added bonus is that it also strengthens your little one’s nails and softens his cuticles.

Now that you are armed with in-depth knowledge about your baby’s skin, you are well equipped to keep him hale and hearty. Rely on natural products that are safe to use and can get you some much-needed peace of mind. A bath, a massage and a gentle lullaby will soon calm your little angel into sound sleep!

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