Knock Knees in Preschoolers - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Dealing With Knock Knees in Preschoolers

If your little one struggles to walk, it is certainly a matter of concern. One of the reasons is often knock knees. The good news is that this can be easily treated with various knock knee correction methods.

Knocked knees is a slight deformity in children that happens when the legs of the baby are weak and unable to hold his weight. Babies with this problem bend their legs inwards when they stand up. Both the baby’s knees touch each other whereas the ankles are far apart.

1. When do Signs of Knocked Knees become Obvious?

The signs of knocked knee become obvious by the age of 2 or 3 years. The signs may worsen in the following years. However, doctors believe that as the child’s legs gain strength, the problem gets resolved. In most cases, knock knee treatment for preschoolers is not required as it tends to correct itself by the time the child turns 7.

When do Signs of Knocked Knees become Obvious

2. Signs of Knocked Knees to Watch Out for-

If you are concerned that your little one may have knocked knees, here are a few signs to look out for:

  • Knees that touch each other when the child stands
  • Knees bend at improbable angles and cause pain
  • The child finds it hard to walk like the children his age

3. What Causes Knocked Knees in Preschoolers?

  • Slow or abnormal growth and development
  • A disease of the bone like rickets, osteomalacia etc.
  • Injury to the shin bone
  • Obesity

4. How to Straighten Knock Knee Legs?

Generally, doctors ask the parents to be patient and keep a close watch on the child as knock knee correction occurs when the child gains bone strength. However, if the condition is severe, the doctor would recommend that you get an X-ray of your child’s legs to rule out any possibilities of bone diseases. In some cases the doctor would prescribe leg braces and special orthopedic shoes. In very severe cases, doctors might recommend a surgery to help your child.

5. How to Straighten Legs with Knock Knees at Home?

Health experts believe that the best way to treat knock knees is to give the child time to gain strength. In case knock knees are due to underlying problem like rickets, which is caused due to deficiency of Vitamin D, give your child vitamin D supplements everyday and encourage outdoor play. Also feed him calcium rich foods that make the bones strong. There are a number of exercises for knock knees in preschoolers. Your doctor can examine your child and suggest the best exercises for his condition.

A little care and lots of love will ensure that your child remains healthy. Knock knees is a problem that can be easily rectified. So, hang in there, support your child and imbibe confidence in him.

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