10 Effective Tips for Baby Hair Care

10 Essential Tips for Baby Hair Care

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Your baby may have been born with a head full of hair, or may have been born with a significantly sparse crop! Either way, you need not worry as hair grows eventually, and keep growing for life. However, proper hair care is a must for hair to remain healthy and strong. Just like other aspects of taking care of a baby, hair care is something that needs to be looked into and we’re here to show you how.

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How to Take Care of Your Baby’s Hair

Here are our ten tips to maintain a clean scalp and the gorgeous lock of hair.

1. Shampooing

One of the main reasons for brittle, thin hair is a sweaty and dirty scalp. Make sure that you shampoo your baby’s hair and massage her scalp thrice a week. You can use a head to toe product or baby shampoo. You are not required to wash the baby’s hair every day.

Baby being shampooed

2. Oil Massage

An oil massage for the entire body, including the scalp is healthy as it is good for improving blood circulation to the hair pores and also helps in getting her to sleep. In addition, it helps to moisturise the scalp and avoids the formation of dandruff. Apply sufficient amounts on your baby’s scalp and massage in a circular motion but without applying pressure. You can use natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, etc.

3. Dealing With Cradle Cap

Cradle cap occurs due to an overproduction of sebum, the oily substance that keeps the skin moisturised. This may sometimes look like thick yellow or white scales on the scalp. It is common and usually clears between 8-12 months of age. The best solution is to regularly wash and comb her scalp to keep it clean. Avoid usage of talcum powder on the head during this time.

Baby with crusty scalp

4. Combing

Combing stimulates the porous openings of the scalp and helps in healthy sebum production. Make sure to be gentle while combing as a baby’s scalp is sensitive. Use a large tooth, soft-bristled comb. Do not comb ‘a hundred times’ or unusually many times a day. Just once or twice a day is sufficient.

5. Moisturiser

If your baby is bald, make sure to use moisturiser as it keeps the scalp soft, smooth and moisturised. This helps avoid dandruff that is caused by dryness.

Mother applying cream to baby's head

6. Trim Hair

One of the best ways to maintain healthy hair is by regularly trimming ends. This prevents split ends and dryness related issues. Also, it helps if you could keep it a short length from a comfort point of view.

7. Shaved Head

A shortcut method for taking care of hair is by removing it from the equation completely. This can be a time-saver if you are a working mom and every minute counts.

Baby getting hair shaved

8. Choose the Right Product

Do not use any product meant for adults as they can be harsh on your baby’s skin. Baby products are specially designed, keeping their skin’s sensitivity in mind. Buy only tearless shampoos as they do not cause any harm even if it trickles down to her eyes.

9. Extra Care for Long Hair

If you decide to let your baby’s hair grow, you need to be vigilant. Baby hair needs to be trimmed, oiled and kept clean. Do not leave the oil on your baby ‘s hair for a long time as this would attract dirt and dust. Also, avoid tight hairbands or tight clipping of the hair as your baby may not able to communicate any discomfort that she may experience.

Baby with long hair

10. Tangled Hair

This is a common problem that is experienced with babies who have long hair. A good way to keep her hair untangled is by using a baby-friendly conditioner. Also, regularly comb their hair gently without too much force.

Taking care of your baby’s hair is not rocket science. If anything, it is easier than taking care of adult hair as hair loss and hair damage is not a problem at such a young age. The only major issue you need to look out for is cradle cap which can be effectively dealt through regular brushing.

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