Coping With "Pregnancy and Positivity" in this Pandemic

Coping With “Pregnancy and Positivity” in this Pandemic

Pregnancy comes with its own set of happiness, excitement and hopes. But it comes with its own stress, anxiety and big responsibilities too. Whether you are pregnant with the 1st baby or 2nd, the current scenario can double the anxiety and stress, and flood pregnant mamas’ with all kinds of thoughts! We surely can’t change the COVID scenario. This is a real cause for concern, specifically for the ones expecting their child to arrive among this pandemic.

Going through the same situation as other moms-to-be, I have jotted down my own experience in coping with the stress and staying positive.

  • Smile  – As simple it may sound, the small curve on your lips can do wonders. This is the first thing I do in the morning; rub my tummy with a smile and “good morning baby”. This helps to start the day on a positive note.
  • Health routine – I created a habit of eating soaked almonds and black raisins every morning as soon as I brush my teeth! Almonds and raisins are healthy, but above everything, this habit makes me feel I have started my day by providing good health to my little one
  • Read, Read, Read – I am not very keen about reading otherwise. But once I started reading, I figured out that it did not let multiple thoughts cross my mind! I recommend at least some spiritual reading every day. You can also listen to someone else read out to you. Reading is the most engaging activity you can do.
  • Bond, with womb talk- We want someone to listen to us. How we feel about the new phase. Clearly the little baby inside us is the best listener. Talk about your feelings of love and happiness to your baby. Make sure you keep your palm on the tummy, because the baby may respond with kicks and moves
  • Talk to your gynaecologist – The pandemic is here to stay for some time. So in your next visit speak to the doctor about your concerns. I spoke to mine over the phone and she completely understood my concerns and specified the dos and don’ts. It does make a huge difference when a professional speaks to you.
  • Pamper yourself:  I enjoy sitting in the balcony by myself, taking care of my skin or even just relaxing for a bit. It’s a must that I need some time out for myself.
  • Watch something funny- I love watching stand up shows. You can watch a series or videos you find hilarious and laugh all the stress away!
This will surely not change the complete scenario going on in the world outside the home. But worrying will not change it either. So, keep all the safety measures in mind and do follow them. We are going to look back at this challenging time and narrate it to let our kids know how strong their mom is! Being mentally healthy is our ultimate goal to raise a healthy and wonderful new generation for this world. Stay Home. Stay Safe. Above all, Stay Happy

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