Things a Husband Should Do for His Pregnant Wife

Things a Husband Should Do for His Pregnant Wife

We all know that becoming a mother is a beautiful feeling. After becoming a mom, I realised that it was the best feeling for me too. But it was because my husband supported me throughout my pregnancy journey. Yes, motherhood becomes even more joyful when you have a happy and healthy pregnancy, where your loved ones, especially your husband supports you.

When I was pregnant, I experienced a lot of health problems including cold and cough for almost two months. I felt like my abdomen would come out every time I coughed. I had severe ligament pain whenever I coughed or sneezed. I also had a mild fever all the time. When I visited my doctor, she suggested that I shouldn’t take strong cough syrup and take mild cough syrup instead. I followed my doctor’s advice as my baby’s safety was of prime importance. But I faced so much trouble handling all this. It took so long to get out of it. It wouldn’t have been easier to recover from all those health problems if my loving husband was not by my side.

Being a responsible husband and father-to-be, my husband became my greatest strength while I was going through the toughest phase of pregnancy. My husband is an engineer and works in an MNC. He used to wake up at 5 am to make soup for me. He made it sure that I get everything possible I need before he leaves for the office, as we were all by ourselves and our parents were not staying with us.

When he used to come back from the office, he took charge of everything and didn’t allow me to do household chores. When I asked him why he is always ready to do everything no matter how long his day was at the workplace, he replied, “The trouble you are going through cannot be compared with what I am doing.” He always said, “It is not just you who is becoming a mother, I am also going to be a father.”

My husband didn’t just do the physical things, he used to take me out for lunch or dinner every weekend. He used to talk about how lucky he felt as he was going to be a father. He made me realize every day that I am doing such a great job, which he can’t do. He always used to say that I looked so beautiful with the baby bump. That made me feel beautiful and special. Believe me, every day was so exciting for me because of him. I started enjoying my pregnancy and excitement was increasing day by day. My pregnancy journey was beautiful because of my husband.

This was my pregnancy experience, and I am sharing it will all the couples who are soon going to be parents, especially with fathers-to-be. To all the men out there who are soon going to be fathers, please spend time with your wives as much as possible. Let them know how strong they are. And tell them how lucky and excited you are about becoming a father. This will help your wife stay motivated and give birth to a healthy baby, and have a beautiful pregnancy.

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