Review: Babyhug U Shape Reusable Muslin Nappy for Babies

Review: Babyhug U Shape Reusable Muslin Nappy for Babies

It’s a great feeling when you have been blessed with a beautiful little girl. There are hundreds of things that we pre-plan for our baby during the pregnancy, out of which one is what kind of nappies we are going to use for our baby. I researched this, and we came to the decision that we are going to use cloth nappies for our baby. Parents choose reusable diapers for many reasons, which includes avoidance of exposure to chemicals that are present in some disposable diapers. They believe that reusable diapers are better for infants with sensitive skin.
My daughter is now one year old, and I still love using reusable nappies. There are many reasons that I decided to use this kind of nappy. Firstly, it is eco-friendly. These nappies are easy to clean, and are durable enough to withstand many wash cycles. These nappies are made of soft muslin fabric that protects the baby’s tender skin, and keeps it rash-free.
I ordered a few nappies from different brands, and soon discovered a favourite – the Babyhug U Shape Reusable Muslin Nappy, pack of 5 in multicolour. I have been using these nappies since my daughter was 2 months old, and I am still using the same. She is one now, and it still suits her completely!
Choosing the right nappy for your little one from a number of options can be difficult. I would love to share some pros to help make your decision easy. I am not completely against disposable nappies, as I use a combination of reusable nappies and disposable ones, depending on what’s happening. I use reusable nappies day-to-day at home, and disposable ones for outings.
Key Features:-
  • Cloth diapers are a one-time purchase.
  • They are better for the environment, as you wash and reuse them. With cloth diapers, you aren’t adding to landfill waste.
  • They are extra soft and comfortable for babies’ bottoms.
  • They come in various colours and with soft muslin cloth, which keeps your baby’s skin rash-free.
  • Cloth nappies are cheaper, and best for long term use. They can be also used for future babies, if you are planning.

Health Benefits:-

  • My infant can feel when the diaper is wet. It also supports early potty training.
  • Babies have less exposure to harmful chemicals, including pesticides and fragrances.
  • I observed that cloth diapers are more breathable, which helps reduces skin irritation. I have seen a few babies having skin allergy due to disposable diapers, so I feel that switching to cloth diapers is the best option.
I know people are put off by the idea of handling and processing reusable nappies, but honestly, I found it’s really not that bad. As for the washing, yes, it takes some effort, but once you’re in the swing of it, it’s no different from washing your little one’s inevitably mucky onesies at the end of the day.
For people who wish to try reusable nappies, they are available to purchase through the online app of FirstCry. I recommend the Babyhug U Shape Reusable Muslin Nappy!

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